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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time

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Game Name : Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time
System : Game Cube
Date Added : 2004-09-13 15:53:02
Views : 11327

Unlimited Bottles
Equip a bottle to any button. Swing the bottle at a bug/fairy/fish. Before you catch the bug/fairy/fish, equip an item you don't need to the button of the bottle. The item will be transformed into a bottle, and will never return to it's original state. Do not replace items required for gameplay with a bottle, for you can not get it back. Replace items such as Masks, or the Trade Item after you complete the trade.

Unlimited Gold Skulltula Tokens
First, you must be young link and already have bombs, the boomerang, and the Song of Storms. Then go to hyrule castle, sneak past the guards, and go by the tree next to entrance of the castle(it's past the moat). Play the Song of Storms and a hole will open appear on the ground. Go into the hole and you'll see three bombable walls. One of these has a gold skulltula inside. You must kill the Gold Skulltula, then stand in front of the circle pad that transports you back up. Now, throw your Boomerang at the token and as soon as it hits the token step back on the pad(before the boomerang comes back to you). You will be transported back to the surface with a new Gold Skulltula token. The Gold Skulltula should reappear down in the hole if you did this right, so now you can easily get 100 tokens!

Gold Rupee
In Goron City equip the MEGATON HAMMER and go to the room with lots of rocks. Smash your way through the red rocks using the MEGATON HAMMER. At the end you will find a chest containing a Gold Rupee.

First Boss Tips
At the first boss, after you stun her and she runs back up onto the ceiling, she will drop three eggs. Before they hatch, kill them. This will avoid having to beat them and lose health.

If you get low on health cut down some grass along the edges to look for hearts. Do this between when she runs up the wall and when she drops the first egg.

Not have backround music in Kakariko Villiage
To get no backround music easy, get your orcarina or orcarina of time and play Sun's Song and wait for the rooster to crow and then head to the place.

Forward Flip
When you get the Hover Boots, equip them. Remember that the Hover Boots have little traction, so you will slide when you run and stop. Begin running, quickly release the Analog-stick, and hold R + Back + A. You will be in a backflip stance, but will go forwards instead of back.

First Boss Password
In the room before the first Boss, hit the enemies in this order: 2, 3, 1. In Master Quest, use 3, 1, 2.

Defeating The First Boss
Shoot her in the eye when it is red. If you do not, her babies will attack you.

Angry Man
In the castle garden, shoot the left window. A man will throw a bomb at you.

Charge Your Spinning Blade Technique Without Wasting Magic
During the game play, switch to your sword, then repeatedly rotate the Analog-stick while repeatedly pressing B. Eventually, Link will do his attack.

Mario And Friends
Go to the garden in the castle. Go to the right and look in the window.

Freeze Game
In the Dodongo Cavern, there is a room containing three Dodongos. Destroy two Dodongos. On the third Dodongo, kill it but do not let it explode. Before it explodes, begin climbing the ladder on the pillar in the center of the room. The Dodongo will explode and there will be an intermission sequence of the door opening. The screen will return to you climbing the ladder. If done correctly, you will not be able to move and cannot press Start.

Freeze Zombies
As an adult, go to Hyrule Market and kill a zombie to make the other zombies move towards you. hit one of the other zombies until there is only one hit remaining until it is killed. Then, try to get another zombie to get close to the one you are about to kill. They should be close enough where you can hit both zombies. When this happens, hit both zombies with one sword attack. As one zombie dies, the other one freezes. This is easier to do with the Big Goron's Sword.

Fall Through Forest Temple
Go to the Forest Temple. Inside, go to the second twisty hallway (with the green flying skulls) and cast Faore's Wind. Return to the red/blue switch for the first twisty hallway (the one immediately after the blue flying skulls) and hit it. Return to your warp point and backtrack to the first twisty room. Go through the door, but do not walk after he goes through the door. Turn left and walk through the hole in the wall. You will end up below the level. Turn right and you will fall for a long time and be placed back where you can do it again. Reset to get out.

Fall Through The Spirit Temple
As a child, go to the Spirit Temple. Go up the stairs and turn right to see water gushing through the floor. Walk up to it and go all the way left. Then, go straight into it. When you get to the top, do a sword jump attack. You will hit the wall and bounce up to the top of the water. Next, go left or right to fall off the Spirit Temple. After a little while, Link will appear at the beginning again. Also, after you are up on top of the water, you can go forward to enter a few rooms you are supposed to enter as an adult. However, when you try to get back, you will be stopped by the wall; cast Farore's Wind before doing this trick. Do not do this as an adult. Doing so may cause your game to freeze, or you may die.

No Music In Kakariko Village
Wait in the Hyrule Field until the music ends, and wait for the rooster to crow. You then have about a five second gap where no music is played. If you enter Kakariko Village during this gap, there will be no background music playing.

Take No Damage From Bomb
Place a bomb down. Roll through it immediately before it explodes and Link will get hit, but will not take any damage. You can also do this on a wooden box. Jump on the box, place a bomb on top of it, then jump off the box. Just before the bomb explodes, roll into the box.

Bowser's Face
Look at the object on Malon's neck.

To stab things, hold L + Up and attack.

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