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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Sims : Makin' Magic Expansion Pack, The

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Game Name : Sims : Makin' Magic Expansion Pack, The
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2004-08-17 15:15:06
Views : 29824

Free Magicoins
When you are on the house that you choose too have the magicoins type on your keyboard ctrl+alt+c then a grey box will appear in the left hand corner of your screen type in magibud then press enter.

Secret Ingredients
Sims are allowed to make spells but you have to mix in Special Ingredients to make the right charm. To find the special ingredients, go to Magic Town and talk to the vendors that sell charm ingredients: pixie dust, dragon tears, toadstools. There are three vendors throughout town, and if you talk to them they ask you to do special tasks. If you complete the tasks they will reward you with the secret ingredients.

Nude Sims
First, type and hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C. Then type "move_objects on" into the console box that appears. Now you can pick up your Sims. Tell your Sim to take a bath and once the Sim is in the bathtub without a blur over them pause the game, take the Sim out and put them on a chair. Then unpause it quickly and repause it to take the chair and put it over a table. Look at the Sim--it should disappear. Put the chair back and leave it there. Once that is done click the bathtub and delete it. Hit play and your Sim should appear naked just standing there.

Protect from Dragon
To protect your house from your naughty dragon simply put a fire alarm in every room. Your sims will not die trying to put it out and a fireman will be there shortly.

No Bills rating
Press ctrl, shift and c then type move_objects on, and delete the mailbox. Dont forget to turn it off by typing move_objects off.

Never Go To Work rating
Press ctrl, shift, and c then type move_objects on. Then when the car is outside, go to buy mode and click on the car and delete it. Or else you can move the garbage can in front of it. Let it wait for one sim hour in order for it to pass. Don't forget to turn the cheat off with move_objects off.

Easy Toad Swear, Toadstools, Butter, MagiCoins
When you evict someone from a house then buy a new one, you get a parcel from the Mystery Man. He will give you some Toad Swear, Toadstools, Butter and 35 MagiCoins Save the game and evict the Sim/family from that house, Move in to get those items again. Keep doing this to move into Magic Town or to get unlimited Toad Swear, Toadstools, Butter, MagiCoins.

Easy MagiCoins
Go to Magic Town and perform on stage all Sim day until your Sim decides by himself or herself to stop. The maximum number of MagiCoins possible in one Sim day is 675, with full logic. Then go home immediately, go green up, and then you can do the whole thing over again to make a lot of MagiCoins.

Winning Magic duels:
After your Sim is worthy enough to face other Sim opponents to test their magic, have them go to Magic Town. Show off their skills by challenging another Sim to a Magic duel. To do this (if you have not edited the original Magic Town) is to go to Clowntastic Land or A Spooktacular Spot, where there is a Diametric Dueling Device. Have the Sim you want to battle, and click on it. The word "Duel" will appear. Click on it and it will show all the names of people on the lot for you to challenge. Note: You can face the vendors. When you choose the Sim that you want to battle, the dueling begins when they arrive at their post. You get MagiCoins for defeating any Sim. You get more coins the better you defeat them.
The following is a list of weaknesses and strengths of the magical elements (White Lightning, Red Wave, Blue Tornado, Black Blizzard, Yellow Brimstone):

The same element against itself is a tie. Do not do this if you want to get MagiCoins from your opponent.

White defeats Blue and Red
Red defeats Blue and Black
Blue defeats Yellow and Black
Black defeats White and Yellow
Yellow defeats White and Red

Note: Facing some of the vendors will give you more MagiCoins than the normal Sims. The maximum number of MagiCoins you can get from dueling is 40 per duel, with a Sim opponent with full logic.

Have the best Magic
To get the best Magic and impress the entire Magic Town, have your Sim get full Logic. Logic is the key to having the best Magic.

Using your Magic wisely
Do not get caught using your Magic at home around more than one other Sim visitor or the Mystery Man will appear and fine you for exposing your magic. However, in Magic Town you do not have to worry about this, because almost everyone uses it.



Pay Attention To Your Dragon
If you don't pay attention to your pet dragon, or pay more attention to your dogs or cats, he will spit fire at them and kill them. It's because it's jealous and wants your attention.

Cost Of Pet Dragon
The Pet Dragon Egg Cost 49 Magicoins.

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