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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Doom 3

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Game Name : Doom 3
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2004-08-09 07:36:12
Views : 61804

Cheat mode (alpha version):
Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat

Effect - Code
God mode - god
Disable AI (non-functioning) - notarget
No clipping mode - noclip
Machine gun - give weapon_machinegun
Shotgun- give weapon_shotgun
Plasma gun - give weapon_plasmagun
BFG- give weapon_bfg
Chainsaw- give weapon_chainsaw
Rocket launcher- give weapon_rocketlauncher

Cheat mode
Press [Ctrl] + [Al + ~ to display the console window. Then, enter
one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat

Effect - Code
Save demo in AVI format- avidemo
Game benchmark - benchmark
Skip to last level - doomhell
Freeze everything on screen - freeze
Display graphics card details - gfxinfo
God mode[1] - god
No clipping - noclip
Ignored by most enemies - notarget
Show frame rate - com_drawfps 1
Full weapons and ammunition - give all
Classic 1995 version - give doom95
All keys - give keys
Machine gun - give weapon_machinegun
Shotgun - give weapon_shotgun
Plasmagun - give weapon_plasmagun
BFG - give weapon_bfg
Chainsaw - give weapon_chainsaw
Rocket launcher - give weapon_rocketlauncher
Display game status - status
Spawn indicated model - spawn
Play indicated map - map
Benchmark test - timedemo demo1.demo
Set gamma level - r_gamma <0-3>
Set brightness level - r_brightness
Toggle sound level display - s_showlevelmeter 1
Set sound volume; default is 0 - s_volume_db
Toggle third person view - pm_thirdperson <0 or 1>
Toggle hit % to HUD - g_showprojectilepct 1
Exit game - quit

[1] This code must be activated after each stage loading sequence.
Please submit any information regarding the unknown codes.

Map names:
Use one of the following entries with the map code.

Effect - Map name
Administration - admin.map
Alpha Labs Sector 1 - alpha1.map
Alpha Labs Sector 2 - alpha2.map
Alpha Labs Sector 3 - alpha3.map
Alpha Labs Sector 4 - alpha4.map
Caverns Area 1 - caverns1.map
Caverns Area 2 - caverns2.map
Communications Transfer - commout.map
Communications - communications.map
CPU Complex - cpu1.map
Central Processing - cpuboss.map
Delta Labs Level 1 - delta1.map
Delta Labs Level 2A - delta2a.map
Delta Labs Level 2B - delta2b.map
Delta Labs Level 3 - delta3.map
Delta Labs Level 4 - delta4.map
Delta Complex - delta5.map
EnPro Plant - enpro.map
Hell - hell.map
Primary Excavation - hellhole.map
Mars City 1 - marscity1.map
Mars City 2 - marscity2.map
Mars City Underground - mcunderground.map
Monorail - monorail.map
Monorail Skybridge - recycling1.map
Recycling Sector 2 - recycling2.map
Site 3 - site3.map

Additionally, the following test maps can be extracted from the
pak000.pk4 file and played with the corresponding console command:
map testmaps/testmaps_lotsaimps.map
map testmaps/test_box.map
map testmaps/test_boxstack.map

Model names:
Use one of the following entries with the spawn code.
Effect - Model name
Cyber - demonmonster_boss_cyberdemon
Guardian - monster_boss_guardian
Guardian's Seeker - monster_boss_guardian_seeker
Sabaoth - monster_boss_sabaoth
Vagary - monster_boss_vagary
Archvile - monster_demon_archvile
Cherub - monster_demon_cherub
Hellknight - monster_demon_hellknight
Imp - monster_demon_imp
Maggot - monster_demon_maggot
Mancubus - monster_demon_mancubus
Pinky - monster_demon_pinky
Revenant - monster_demon_revenant
Tick - monster_demon_tick
Trite - monster_demon_trite
Wraith - monster_demon_wraith
Zombie wth flashlight - monster_zombie_ maint_flashlight
Flaming Zombie - monster_zombie_bernie
Commando Zombie - monster_zombie_commando
Commando Zombie with chaingun - monster_zombie_commando_cgun
Fat Zombie with wrench - monster_zombie_fat_wrench
Fat Zombie - monster_zombie_fat2
Zombie in jumpsuit - monster_zombie_jumpsuit
Zombie eating - monster_zombie_jumpsuit_eating
Zombie in labcoat - monster_zombie_labcoat
Zombie missing limb - monster_zombie_limb
Zombie - monster_zombie_maint
Bald zombie - monster_zombie_maint_bald
Zombie with no jaw - monster_zombie_maint_nojaw
Skinny zombiemonster_zombie_maint_skinny
Zombie with Wrench - monster_zombie_maint_wrench
Zombie - monster_zombie_maint2
Zombie with a pipe - monster_zombie_pipe
Chainsaw zombie - monster_zombie_sawyer
Skinny zombie - monster_zombie_skinny
Bloody mouthed zombie - monster_zombie_suit_bloodymouth
Headless zombie - monster_zombie_suit_neckstump
Skinny zombie in suit - monster_zombie_suit_skinny
Bald Zombie in T-shirt - monster_zombie_tshirt_bald
Zombie in T-shirt - monster_zombie_tshirt_blown
Z-sec Zombie with machine gun - monster_zombie_zsec_machinegun
Z-sec Zombie with pistol - monster_zombie_zsec_pistol
Z-sec Zombie with shield - monster_zombie_zsec_shield
Z-sec Zombie with shotgun - monster_zombie_zsec_shotgun

Nightmare difficulty setting:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "doomconfig.cfg" file in the game folder. Locate the line: "seta g_nightmare "0" and change it to: seta g_nightmare "1"

Enable player shadows:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "doomconfig.cfg" file in the game folder. Locate the line: seta g_showPlayerShadow "0" and change it to seta g_showPlayerShadow "1"

Easy third person view:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "doomconfig.cfg" file in the game folder. Add the following line to the file, the press P during game play: bind "p" "toggle pm_thirdperson"

View credits:
Go to the Excavation Site level (final map) and get just before you enter the halls of Cyber-Satan. Walk to the left in the lower dungeons just before you reach the location where the wall breaks open and the intermission sequence of you discovering the final Boss starts. You will reach a dead end. Crouch and face the wall of the dead end. Look directly above the floor under a few protruding bricks to see the iD logo in the stone wall. Place your cross-hair on it. The same sound played when you use a computer will be heard. Click the iD logo. The brick it on will push into the wall with a scratching sound. A new path to your left will appear. Follow it to find a chamber lit by red light that has a huge horned skull on the back wall. Below the skull is a bloody pentagram with a PDA positioned in the center. Download the data from the iD PDA into your own to read . You will find e-mails from the game developers.

Programmer message:
Enter codes from the original Doom (for example, iddqd or idclip) at the console window. Along with the "invalid" message, you will get a message stating that you have a good memory.

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