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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Need for Speed: Underground

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Game Name : Need for Speed: Underground
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2003-11-26 10:28:13
Views : 3029
Submitted By : Joshua

Start game as usual. Prior to entering each of the following cheat codes, go to the [Main Menu], go to the [Statistics] sub-menu, go back again (pressing BACKSPACE), and finally enter your desired cheat:

Code - Result

gimmesomecircuits - Unlock Circuits
gimmesomesprints - Unlock Sprint Circuits
gimmesomedrag - Unlock Drag Circuits
gimmeppablo - Unlock Petey Pablo
gotcharobzombie - Unlock Rob Zombie
havyamystikal - Unlock Mystikal
needmylostprophets - Unlock Lost Prophets
119focus - Unlock Car
893neon - Unlock Car
899eclipse - Unlock Car
371impreza - Unlock Car
222lancer - Unlock Car
922sentra - Unlock Car
667tiburon - Unlock Car
334mygolf - Unlock Car
777rx7 - Unlock Car
350350z - Unlock Car
111skyline - Unlock Car
221miata - Unlock Car
2000s2000 - Unlock Car
889civic - Unlock Car
228supra - Unlock Car
342integra - Unlock Car
239celica - Unlock Car
973rsx777 - Unlock Car
allmylvloneparts - Tune Car w/ Level 1 Parts
allmylvl2parts - Tune Car w/ Level 2 Parts
slidingwithstyle - Unlock Drifting Physics
seemylvl2parts - gives you level 2 body kits for you cars and other level 2 parts to make your ride look good (Submitted By : josh)
driftdriftbaby - opens all drift trakes (Submitted By : josh)
givemenismo - Unknown Effect

Use rims that normally will not fit
Submitted By : Ante Markic
Some cars cannot use rims that are too big.If you get a car like the Skyline put 20s on it and then trade it for the Miata. The Miata will now have the 20s that the Skyline had.

1988 Nissan Skyline GTR34
Submitted By : Ante Markic
Select underground mode and complete at least the first 80 missions. A recommended car to use is the Acura RSX. You will then challenge Samantha. Beat her using medium difficulty and win the next drag race to unlock the 1998 Nissan Skyline GTR34.

Eddie's: Nissan Skyline:
Submitted By : Ante Markic
To unlock Eddie's car in the end, keep winning style points. Note: It is faster to win them in drift. When your style meter maxes out, a message stating that you have won Eddie's Nissan Skyline will appear.

Easy drift points:
Submitted By : Ante Markic
Simply stay behind a car and watch the points rack up.

Easy wins:
Submitted By : Ante Markic
If you are having trouble winning circuit, sprint, or lap knockout races, take off all of your engine performance mods. Note: This works for every car, is most useful for the Nissan Skyline. You do not need to take off the handling mods.

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