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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Reckless Drivin'

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Game Name : Reckless Drivin'
System : Macintosh
Date Added : 2002-10-12 00:44:32
Views : 8126

Cheat :
Level select:
Hold [Command] + [Option] when clicking the "Start" button at the main menu. A box asking for a starting level and vehicle will appear. Any level from 1 to 10 can be selected. If you select a higher level, it will use the last number to decide the track. For example, track 125 would be track 5. Note: Enabling this cheat will disable high scores. Car numbers that can be used include the following.

128: Standard Car
129: Red Pickup
130: Pink Convertible Cadillac
131: Gray Sedan
132: Yellow VW Bug
133: Yellow Convertible
134: Grey/Brown Station Wagon
135: Blue Sedan
136: White Van
137: Yellow Sedan
138: Black Sedan
139: Orange Sedan
140: Black Motorcycle
141: Brown Motorcycle
142: Blue Tractor-Trailer
143: Purple Semi Tractor
144: White Transport Truck
145: Yellow School Bus
146: Bush (does not drive)
147: 4 Wheel ATV
148: Military Motorcycle
149: Tree (does not drive)
150: Winter (Dead) Tree
151: Military Covered Jeep
152: Another Tree (does not drive)
153: Military Gunner Jeep
154: Military Transport Truck
155: Police Bike (crashes game if used)
156: Police Car (crashes game if used)
157: Police Helicopter (crashes game if used)
158: Power-up Box (does not drive)
159: Bonus Multiplier (x4) (does not drive)
160: Large Finish Line (does not drive)
161: Oil Patch (does not drive)
162: Missile Landing Explosion (does not drive: dies immediately)
163: Deer (does not drive)
164: Pedestrian? (does not drive: dies immediately)
165: Sign: "Curve Left" (does not drive)
166: Sign: "Curve Right" (does not drive)
167: Sign: "Start Two-Lane Traffic" (does not drive)
168: Sign: "End Two-Lane Traffic" (does not drive)
169: Sign: "Roadwork Ahead" (does not drive)
170: Sign: "Road Narrows" (does not drive)
171: Sign: "Winding Road" (does not drive)
172: Sign: "Speed Limit 55" (does not drive)
173: Sign: "No Passing" (does not drive)
174: Sign: "Route 66" (does not drive)
175: Some kinda of road kill? (does not drive: dies immediately)
176: Construction Barrier (does not drive)
177: Construction Barrier Getting Hit (does not drive: dies immediately)
178: Construction Barrier Getting Hit (does not drive: dies immediately)
179: Bulldozer (does not drive)
180: Construction Truck (does not drive)
181: Semi Fuel Tank (does not drive)
182: Semi Fuel Tank (does not drive)
183: Military Tank (does not drive)
184: Finish Banner (does not drive)
185: Tumbleweed (Actually drives)
186: Palm Tree (does not drive)
187: Splatter of some sort (does not drive: dies immediately)
188: Jump Ramp (does not drive)
189: Lane Pointers for Toll Booths (does not drive)
190: Sign: "Toll Bridge" (does not drive)
191: Toll Barrier Raised (does not drive)
192: Toll Barrier Extended (does not drive)
193: Toll Booth (does not drive)
194: Toll Barrier Smashing (does not drive: dies immediately)
195: Grey Blob (does not drive: dies immediately)
196: Small Finish Line (does not drive)
197: Line Across Road (does not drive)
198: Explosion (does not drive: dies immediately)
199: Hole After Explosion (does not drive)
200: Open Powerup Box (does not drive: dies immediately)
201: Boat from the water world: Fast and durable (drives on land)
202: Glimmering Star (does not drive: dies immediately)
203: Cargo Ship (drives on land)
204: Coal Freighter (drives on land)
205: House (does not drive)
206: Mine (does not drive)
207: Tire Spikes (does not drive)
208: Don't know, but it crashes the game
209: Sail Boat (drives on land)
210: Blue and White Ferry (drives on land)
211: Small White Slow 2-Seater Outboard Boat (drives on land)
212: Don't know, but it crashes the game
213: Sign: "Start Two-Lane Traffic" Square Sign (does not drive)
214: Sign: "End Two-Lane Traffic" Square Sign (does not drive)
215: Field (does not drive)
216: Little Dune Bump (does not drive)
217: Don't know, but it crashes the game
218: Military Helicopter: Flies off track if desired
219: Missile Explosion (does not drive: dies immediately)
220: Mine Explosion (does not drive: dies immediately)
221: Torpedo Moving Through Water (does not drive)
222: Torpedo Explosion (does not drive: dies immediately)
223: Wave for Background (does not drive)
224: Frieghter for Background (does not drive)
225: Small Cargo Ship for Background (does not drive)
226: Military Base with Heli Pad (does not drive)
227: Crater after Explosion (does not drive)
228: Brake Lights (does not drive)
229: Gas Station (does not drive)
230: Ambulance
231: Banner Shadow (does not drive)
232: Bigger Banner Shadow (does not drive)
233: Lane Pointer Shadow (does not drive)
234: Medium Finish Line (does not drive)
235: Desert House (does not drive)
236: Snowy House (does not drive)
237: Cow Skelleton (does not drive)
238: Boat Ramp (does not drive)
239: Swimming Mark (does not drive)
240: Tunnel (does not drive)
241: Tunnel Shadow (does not drive)
242: Invisible Wall (does not drive)
243: Another Gas Station (does not drive)
244: Small House (does not drive)
245: Little Green Star Blob (does not drive)
246: Plant (does not drive)
247: Turns into green star blob (does not drive: dies immediately)
248: Fuel Truck
249: Covered Military Jeep (does not drive)
250: Military Fence (does not drive)
251: Military Fence Shadow (does not drive)
252: Gas Station Exploded (does not drive)
253: Mine (does not drive)

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