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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Math Blaster Episode 1: In Search Of Spot

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Game Name : Math Blaster Episode 1: In Search Of Spot
System : Macintosh
Date Added : 2002-10-12 00:06:31
Views : 15325

Walkthrough :
Episode 1
In Search of Spot

After the intro sequence that shows the trash alien capture Spot and
Blasternaut's mission
to save him, you will be in the first place where you need to do something.
Before we get into
that, let's look at the menus on the top. You can select the level, which alters
the difficulty of the
math in the game. You can also choose the subject to work on. There's also a
menu that lets you
play an individual activity instead of the mission. Or you can choose from a
long or short
mission. Those are the most important menus. But there are others, so feel free
to look up there.

Trash Zapper

You'll be in a spaceship, looking into a starry sky. A round panel will
float up and a math
problem will appear. Type in the answer and hit enter. To erase a number, hit
backspace. After
five correct answers the tractor beam gauge is powered up. The panel disappears
and pieces of
trash float around on the screen. Move the cursor (now cross hairs) to a piece
of trash. Click to
fire a tractor beam. If it hits a piece of trash you will collect it and it
appears in the cargo hold.
The beam fires immediately, so be sure it is on a piece of trash. If you miss,
the beam is wasted.
If all five beams you fire hit a piece of trash, you earn 1000 points. Each
piece of trash collected
is itself worth 100 points. Once you fire five beams you must solve more
problems. Continue this
way until you have enough trash (15 pieces for a short mission, 25 for a long
mission). To find
out why you're collecting trash, just look around the corner to...

Number Recycler

Please don't run away when you see the length of my tips. They are very
long only to be
very clear.
To pursue the trash alien, you'll need fuel. The ship can turn trash into
fuel if you make
correct equations. You'll see five cells with eight numbers each. Below them are
three chambers,
the top one red with numbers in it. On the right is a chute with the trash you
collected, and on the
left the fuel gauge. Okay, look at the equation in the red chamber (called the
equation chamber).
If it is correct, click OK. The equation will disappear, the next strip of
numbers will slide down,
leaving an open space at the top of the number cells, and you get one unit of
fuel. If the new
equation is correct, click OK again. Continue this way until you reach an
incorrect equation.
When this happens (or if the original equation was incorrect) you'll need to
make it correct.
Above each cell is a panel. Click on a panel to move Blasternaut onto that
cell. If he's
already on it, clicking it will push all numbers in that cell down. The number
in the equation
chamber under that cell will be pushed into the chamber below, and the number
just above the
equation chamber will be pushed into it. Now, if the equation is correct, click
Example: The equation in the equation chamber is 5+4=8. But, in the cell on
the far right
the bottom number is a nine. So, I click the panel above the far right cell to
move Blasternaut to
it. Then I click the panel again to push the numbers down. The eight falls into
the chamber below
the equation chamber and the nine falls into it. Now the equation is 5+4=9,
which is correct, so
I hit OK.
But what about the eight? It is in the chamber directly below the equation
chamber, called
the recycling chamber. Any numbers in this chamber when I make the equation are
recycled and
appear at the top of the cell from which they came, and can be reused.
Suppose, however, that I need to push a number in the recycling chamber
down again. It
goes into the bottom chamber, the zap chamber. Any numbers in this chamber when
I make the
equation will be zapped and removed from play. If a number in the zap chamber
needs to be
pushed down a third time, it will be zapped immediately.
Sometimes the operating signs are mixed up as well and you need to push
them around to
make an equation. You can make equations backwards, like 12=3+9.
If at any time the game knows that no more equations are possible it will
inform you and
make you start over. There are also some special options in number recycler. If
you go to one of
the menus it lets you start over with the same numbers, start over with a
different set of numbers,
or undo your last move. These options are only available on number recycler.
And for extra help, select math tips for one of the menus. Some of the
numbers will be
color-coded to show five equations. Do this when you start playing or after you
start over. When
you make your first move the colors disappear, so do this: write down all the
numbers of one
color down on a paper. Then do the same with the other colors. Now, look at the
equation in or
nearest the equation chamber. Find it on your paper and write a number 1 next to
it then find the
equation second from the bottom, and write a 2 next to it on your paper, and so
on. Now when
you are wondering what equation to make look on your paper.
If you already have two equations look at the third one, and make it
easily. Once you have
five equations a chamber of the fuel gauge will be full. You'll get a new set of
numbers to try to
fill the next chamber. Once you fill three chambers on a short mission or five
on a long mission
your tanks will be full and you'll be able to chase the trash alien!

Cave Runner

The trash alien has taken Spot to a cave inside a moon. When Blasternaut
comes out of
the door, he'll be holding a number. Look at the two openings above you. On each
side is either a
number or equation. If it's an equation, solve it and write the answer on a
piece of paper. Now,
the number\equation answer on each side make a range. Find out the range of both
openings. The
range is the difference between the numbers. Blasternaut must have a number
between the two
numbers to fly through an opening. If you try to fly through the wrong one a
laser will stop you,
you'll fall to the ground, and lose 100 points.
To move, move the mouse to where you want Blasternaut to go and he'll
follow the
mouse. To fly, move Blasternaut under on opening, then click and hold the mouse
button directly
above the opening and Blasternaut flies through it. To control his flight move
the mouse to where
you want him to fly. Once you get through the first opening repeat the process
again to go to the
next level.
Now you can fly to the water drops to change your number. Each drop will
show what it
will do to the number (add 3, divide it by 4, etc). Don't touch drops that push
your number out of
the range, just touch the ones that help your number get in the right range.
Drops fall after a while
and new ones replace them. Once you get past a level you can't go back. There
can be more or
less then two openings now. A short mission has seven levels, a long mission
fifteen levels. If
you see a gem grab it for 5000 points.
There are also nasty creatures in the cave. Bugs and bats knock you down to
the lower
platform and rocks and spiderwebs block openings. If one of these things is
present there always
is a treasure chest. Touch it and a math problem appears. Type in the answer. If
it's correct,
you'll get the tool you need to get past the menace. Tools appear in the bottom
left corner and
can only be used once. You can go around the menace but it's generally better to
get rid of it.
You can reopen a treasure chest to get all the tools. Scissors cut
spiderwebs, a hammer
breaks rocks, flashlights scare away bats and bug spray vaporizes bugs. (Bug is
a nice word for
them. They look more like weird monsters). There are seven levels in a short
mission, fifteen in a
long mission. At the top level fly through the opening at the top (without
numbers) to go on to...

Math Blaster

This is it. You've cornered the trash alien's ship and are able to smell
victory. A math
problem appears on the trash alien's ship. Each porthole has a different answer.
To move and fly,
see Cave Runner. Fly into the porthole with the right answer. Watch out for
flying trash! Hitting
a piece knocks you down and costs time. Also avoid the lava bombs falling out of
the ship. They
can't reach the ground, so stay on the ground until a break in the trash, then
fly like mad into the
porthole. In the upper left corner the big planet is eclipsing. If it
disappears, or if you choose the
wrong porthole you lose a jet pack.
The jet packs are shown in the bottom right corner. You start with five jet
packs in a short
mission, ten in a long mission. If you lose all the jet packs the trash alien
gets away with Spot.
That means you have to start the whole game over. Needless to say, avoid this at
all costs. (Don't
worry, the planet doesn't eclipse too fast).
After five answers, right or wrong, you play a bonus round. There are no
math problems,
but there is flying trash and lava bombs. Gems appear in the playing area. Blue
gems are worth
100 points, red gems 200 points, and green gems 300 points. Get as many as you
can, avoiding
the trash as it takes away time. When the big planet eclipses the bonus round is
over and we go
on to the next phase, the next set of math problems. You'll earn a jet pack for
every 1000 points
you get. After three phases in a short mission or six in a long mission...
No, I won't tell you the ending, you'll have to find it out for yourself.


Episode 2
Secret of the Lost City

While searching for a mysterious lost city Blasternaut, Spot, and Galactic
Commander get
attacked by Dr. Minus, wanted for attempted domination of the galaxy. Their ship
is destroyed
and they crash land on a strange planet. They happened to land right in front of
the lost city. Dr.
Minus sent some of his minions to the city to prevent them from uncovering its
secret powers.
Click on the building you want to play first. The only order rule is that you
must play Creature
Creator last. Before you start, check out the menus at the top. The math level
menu alters the
difficulty of the math problems. The subject menu allows you to choose the
subject to work on.
The game level menu alters the difficulty of the puzzles. The levels are space
rookie, space
captain, and master blaster.

Number Hunt

This activity is in the front building. When you start the three crew
members will be in a
room with floors, walls, numbers and operating signs. To move Blasternaut or
Commander click on them to activate them and move the mouse where you want them
to go.
Move Spot the same way, but remember that he can fly. To pick a number or
operating sign up
move a crew member to it and click on it. To activate an object move a crew
member to it and
click on it. To de-activate a crew member click on them while activated.
To leap over a hole move your mouse to the other side. To drop down a hole
move your
mouse below it. To move a crew member up a ladder move the mouse to the spot
above the
ladder. To go up an elevator, click on the crew member you want to move and move
directly in front of the elevator. Now click on the elevator and the crew member
will jump on.
While they're on the elevator click on them again to de-activate them. Then
click on another
crew member and activate the object that moves the elevator to send the first
crew member up.
They must be on the elevator or they won't move. All crew members can press
buttons. Here are
the crew members and their abilities:

Blasternaut—He is the only one heavy enough to activate pressure plates. Because
of this ability
use him to press pressure plates to see what they do, then step on them to move
elevators or open
doors leading to numbers. However being heavy has disadvantages, he can't jump
over holes. He
can climb ladders and use elevators.

Galactic Commander—She is similar to Blasternaut except that she is the only one
tall enough to
pull chains. So use her to pull chains to find out what they do or to help crew
members. She can
use elevators, climb ladders, and jump over gaps.

Spot—His weakness is that he is only strong enough to push buttons. His strength
is that he can
fly and need not bother with ladders and elevators. He is also the only one
strong enough to fit
through small doors and holes. Use him to pick up numbers after the others clear
the way. Also
use him to reach buttons behind small doors.
A few more points: if a crew member is stuck in a small area use the other
crew members
to get him out. There's bound to be something that will open a door or move an
elevator which
will help them. If you can't reach a number try everything and get crew members
to where they
can use their abilities. Also, on master blaster level there's one number in
there you don't need
somewhere in there.
After getting all the numbers and operating signs you must solve the
equation at the
bottom. Click on the number you want to go first and move it to the first box.
Then move the
thing that was already in the box to the empty box where the first number came.
Now find the
operating sign you want next and put it in the second box. Continue this way
until the equation is
solved. Then click done. If the equation is wrong three times you have to start
over. If you collect
the extra number on master blaster place it in the box to the left of the
equation. If you click done
and the equation is correct, the building will be activated!
Scoring: 50 points for each number or operating sign you get, 100 points
for avoiding the
extra number on master blaster, 200 points for getting the equation right on
your first try, 500
points for getting the numbers and operating signs in the correct order so you
don't have to move
any numbers around to make the equation.

Maze Craze

Note: I strongly recommend staying on space rookie for a long time here.
This activity is in the building on the left. When you start you'll be in a
room with blocks
sticking out of the wall behind you. You'll start with one of the characters
jumping around from
block to block. Move your mouse to where the character is to make them stop
moving. To
change characters, jump onto the block with the other two and you'll get a new
one. All the
characters here are the same, so it doesn't matter who you have. Now look at the
math problems
on each block. At the top in the center it will give you a range, like 7 to 13.
If the answer to the
problem is not within the range, go to another block until you find one that is
in the range. Then
move to it.
The character will follow the mouse, so you could just move the mouse to
the block you
want to go to. But, if you fall off the bottom of the screen the character will
be ejected from the
building. Another character will take over. If they all get ejected you start
over. So it might be
better to just move the mouse to a block next to you and do it one block at a
Watch out for blocks that sink into the wall, especially near the bottom.
There are also
two transporter blocks. They zap you to the other transporter. If one is near
the bottom be careful,
you don't want to be there.
Once you reach the block you want click on it. If it's correct a green
globe at the top will
rise, if not, a red globe will rise. Then look for another block with the right
answer. Continue this
way until you get five green globes. Then the building will be activated. But if
you get five red
globes you'll have to try again.
On space captain things are much worse. A negatron (one of Dr. Minus's
minions) will
chase you around on the blocks. If he catches you he'll eject your character
from the building.
And if he falls off the screen another comes in from the top. Now you can't sit
there thinking and
looking for a correct block. You have to jump around and be constantly moving or
he'll catch
you. So you've got to move and think at the same time.
The transporter blocks can help you escape but you can still fall off the
screen, of course.
The blocks that move in and out aren't much help either. But there is one ace in
the hole. If you
get to a block with a red power circle your character will be powered and glow.
Now the
negatron runs away from you. If you can catch him you'll knock him out. But
instead of going
after negatrons sit there and look for correct blocks. Power wears off, so think
fast. And be
careful. You'll lose the power if you fall off the screen or change characters.
And when you do,
the negatrons won't hesitate to chase you. Oh, and what's worse then a negatron?
negatrons—and that's what you deal with on master blaster.
Scoring: 200 points for finishing with no red globes, 500 points for each
negatron you
knock out.

Positron Splash

Note: Again I recommend staying on space rookie for a while.
This is the building on the right. It has one character in the center who
moves left and
right to follow the mouse. To change characters move to the character you want
to become. It
doesn't really matter who you have since they're all the same. Above you are
three tubes coming
out of the floor. Above them is a maze of platforms, and at the top, three more
tubes. The higher
the level of play the more tubes will be open.
Solve the problem at the bottom. You must do it very fast because negatrons
will fall out
of the ceiling tubes almost immediately. Look at the number above the first
negatron. If it is the
answer to the equation, ignore it and let it fall into a floor chute. Negatron
movement is
completely random although negatrons can fall down if they hit another negatron.
If its number is
not the correct answer, you must stop it.
What's that? You haven't solved the problem yet? That's what makes this so
hard. If a
negatron with an incorrect answer falls into a floor tube a red light on the
right lights up. If one
with a correct number falls in, a green light on the right lights up (and a
strange voice says
"Yeah"). You must get five green lights before there are five red lights to
activate the building.
Whenever a negatron with a number falls into a floor tube the math problem
changes, so you
must figure out the next answer and know whether stop the next negatron—in a few
Sound hard? Well, guess what—it is hard.
To stop a negatron with an incorrect answer you must hit them with a
positron pod. Click
a little in front of the negatron to fire. One pod usually won't hit and there
is no limit to the
number you can use, so barrage directly in front of the negatron. If there is
more then one
negatron in the area be careful. You don't want to hit the one with the right
answer. Once hit a
negatron will fall down and lose its number. When it falls into a floor tube
nothing happens. It
only influences the movement of other negatrons. Eliminate any and all negatrons
with incorrect
To prevent someone from just hitting all the negatrons that appear, right
or wrong
numbers, until you solve the problem at the bottom, there is this rule. If you
hit the negatron with
the right answer you will hear a strange gagging sound. Now you're in big
trouble. This
numberless negatron will give you a taste of your own medicine by throwing
purple negatron
pods at you. They are fast and deadly. One hit ejects your character. Another
character takes over.
If all three characters are ejected you go back to square one. To avoid them run
back and forth
along the floor. The negatron continues throwing pods until he falls into a
floor chute or is hit by
another positron pod.
Scoring: 100 points for each negatron with an incorrect answer you stop,
200 points for
finishing with no red lights.

Creature Creator

This is the building in the center and must be played last. It has a single
creature at the
beginning of a track on the right. You must fill up the track with more
creatures according to
certain rules. If there is one arrow connecting the first creature to the next
empty box you must
create a creature that is the same with one difference. To create a creature
click on the feature's
you want him to have. If you want him to have three eyes, click on the box with
three eyes. If
you want him to be blue click on the box with a blue blot of paint.
Once the creature is assembled (make sure it has the right number of
differences) click on
the finished creature and drag it into the next box. If you don't like it drag
it onto the machine to
get rid of it. The number of different features you need is the number of arrows
connecting the
boxes. Continue this way until all the boxes are full.
On space captain there are a lot more arrows. On master blaster there are
two creatures on
the track at the start. Begin with either one. You must end the line of creature
s with the other
one. The diamonds are the same thing as arrows. When you have filled all the
boxes click done.
Any creatures that don't follow the rules will disappear. Replace them with
creatures that do
follow the rules. If it still isn't right the third time you click done you get
ejected from the
building. I forget the scoring, I think you get points for doing it the first
time you click done and
for playing on higher levels. If you click done and all the creatures remain the
building will be
activated—but you don't see that because the secret of the lost city is
revealed! Of course, I can't
tell you the ending.



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