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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Lurking Horror

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Game Name : Lurking Horror
System : Macintosh
Date Added : 2002-10-12 00:03:49
Views : 14598

Walkthrough :
You're a student at G.U.E. Tech. It's late on a cold, winter night, but your
20-page report is due tomorrow. To work on your assignment, you make your way
to the Computer Center through the worst storm of the winter.

The game starts with you standing in the Terminal Room. There is a PC before
you, so have a seat and log on, please. Your user ID is printed on the Student
ID Card included in the game package. Your password is written in the back of
the "G.U.E. at a Glance Guide for Freshmen" (also included in the package).

Once you' ve logged on, you'll see a menu on the PC. Use the PC's mouse by
clicking on MENU then YAK. Read the strange document which has replaced your
paper. You'll faint and awaken in "a place."

Go down into the bowl, look at the platform, and take the small stone. Wait a
couple of turns and you'll wake up in the Terminal Room. Look at the PC's
screen. The hacker will attempt to fix the PC, but your paper will be lost. It
was mixed up on the file server with some files from the Department of
Alchemy. The hacker will suggest, "Maybe they could help you down there." Look
at the hacker and notice the keyring. Ask the hacker about the keys and he'll
show you one you haven't noticed -- a Master Key. Ask him about it and he'll
say, "It'll open three out of five doors at Tech." Then he'll complain of
hunger. That's your cue.

Go to the kitchen and get the Chinese food from the refrigerator. The hacker
won't like it cold so heat it in the microwave oven for about two minutes on
"HI." In case you have problems controlling the microwave, set the timer to
200, press HI, then press START. Give the food to the hacker in exchange for
his master key.

A NOTE ABOUT GETTING TIRED. When and where you start getting tired will vary
depending upon the number of moves you've made. For that reason, I could not
determine when or where to tell you what to do about it. Thus, this note: When
you get tired, drink from the bottle of Coke which you will find in the
refrigerator in the kitchen.

Go south twice to the elevator. Enter the elevator, open the panel, and take
the flashlight. Go down to the Basement then east to the Temporary Basement.
Take the gloves and crowbar then go up to the Temporary Lab. Take the flask
and return to the Basement then go west twice to the Aero Basement. Get on the
forklift and drive east until you reach Dead Storage. Use the forklift to move
the junk until you've cleared a path to Ancient Storage.

In Ancient Storage, open the manhole with the crowbar and go down to the Brick
Tunnel. Go north and down to the Altar. Take the knife, open the iron plate,
and look in the pit. Now you know what has been done with the missing

Return to the Brick Tunnel and go south. Try to open the trap door (this will
be useful later). Return to the Basement then go west, west, and up to the
Aero Lab.

Now go south to the Infinite Corridor. (NOTE: If the maintenance man should
block your path while you are in the Infinite Corridor, simply wait for him to
move on. Waiting will work until you have reached the end of the Infinite
Corridor.) Take the plastic container and go east in the corridor until you
reach the stairs.

Go up to the Great Dome, wear the gloves and climb rope. (It's not really a
rope but climb it anyway.) On the Catwalk, open the small metal door and exit
north to the Roof of the Great Dome.

Climb up to the top of the dome, remove the plug and take the paper -- it's a
suicide note. Go back inside the Great Dome. Take the ladder and put it on the
Catwalk. Go down the ladder and return to the Infinite Corridor.

Go east to the glass fronted cabinet, break glass, and take the axe. Go west
to the wall socket where the waxer cord is plugged in and cut the cord with
the axe. When the maintenance man starts toward you, open the plastic
container and pour the liquid on the floor.

Go east to the end of the corridor then north to Fruits & Nuts. Go down to the
Cluttered Passage and southeast to the Brown Basement. Take the rubber boots
and wear them. Go up to the Brown Building then up to the Top Floor.

Read the sign over the door then unlock it with the master key. Exit the door
(north) to reach the Skyscraper Roof. Go up to the Semi-Transparent Dome, look
in the tub, and take the hand. I had a little trouble concerning the hand and
the winged creature. It appears the creature always takes the hand away if
you're holding it when he enters the dome. My solution was to put the hand in
the plastic container before the creature entered the dome.

When the winged creature enters the dome, he will block your exit. Throw the
stone at creature, retrieve it and go down. The creature will be waiting for
you at the bottom, so throw the stone at him again. Both the stone and the
creature will go off the south end of the building. Go east, down, then south
to the Courtyard and get the stone.

Go north, down, northwest, and up to Fruits & Nuts. Then go south until you
reach the Department of Alchemy. The door to the Department of Alchemy is
locked and the master key will not unlock it. Knock on the door and wait. The
professor will open the door and usher you into the room.

Read the sign-up sheet, show the suicide note to the professor, then go south.
Oops! You're in a pentagram. Wait until the professor has entered another
pentagram and has begun his ritual.

Cut the line with the knife and exit the pentagram. Move the lab bench, open
the trap door, and go down. If you time your moves just right, the mist will
grab the professor just as you go through the trap door. Wait a turn below the
trap door then re-enter the lab through it.

Put the dead hand in the vat and it comes to life! Take the hand. You can put
the professor's ring on the hand if you wish; it fits nicely. Look for an
urchin slouching somewhere. I found one in the Computer Center. Show the
living hand to the urchin and take the bolt cutter which the urchin will drop.

Return to the Basement, go west twice to the Stairway and down to the
Sub-Basement. Now go northwest to the Tomb and read the graffiti. Unlock the
padlock with master key, and take the padlock. Open the hatch and go down. You
hear rats! Go east and open the pressure release valve with the crowbar.
Timing is important here for your objective is to scald the rats. When you see
them, open the valve. Examine the dead rat; it has a strange symbol branded on
its neck. Close the valve and go east until you reach the brick wall.

Move the loose brick with the crowbar and look in the hole. Use the crowbar to
move the second brick and you will have made a hole in the brick wall through
which you can see a reinforcing rod and a small room containing some
machinery. Think about the levels of the building and try to place where you
are now in relation to what's above you. You must be somewhere near the

Go back to the Basement and send the elevator to the first floor. Then open
the elevator doors in the Basement. Wedge the doors open with the crowbar and
go down the elevator shaft to the Concrete Box. Take the chain and put the
chain on the reinforcing rod. Put the padlock on the chain and go back up. Put
the chain on the hook, remove the crowbar and the elevator will start moving.
You'll hear a tearing, rending sound, then a rumbling crash. Open the elevator
doors again, wedge them open with the crowbar, and go down to the Concrete

The brick wall will have an enormous hole ripped in it. This is the opening
you need for those objects which will not fit through the opening to the Tomb.
You'll need the bolt cutter, the flask, the axe, the stone, the flashlight,
the master key, the boots, the gloves, and the hand for the puzzles that

From the hole in the brick wall, go north then west until you reach the Tunnel
Entrance then go down to the Muddy Tunnel. From the Muddy Tunnel, go down to
the Large Chamber and look at the slots; a wire goes to each. Cut the wire
with bolt cutter. Go down to the Wet Tunnel, the hand will start pointing the
way so go as the hand directs but watch out for the curtain of slime. When you
find it, open the flask and pour the liquid on the curtain. A wooden door will
be revealed. Unlock the door with the master key and enter the Inner Lair.

Reach in the pool and take the line. Cut the line with the axe and take the
line again. Open the box, unplug the coaxial cable, and put the line in the
socket. The huge mass will change shape. Wait until it becomes a winged
creature with its mouth open and the stone has turned red. Throw the stone at
the creature then take the stone again. The hacker will ask, "Can I have my
key back?"

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