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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Labyrinth Of Time

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Game Name : Labyrinth Of Time
System : Macintosh
Date Added : 2002-10-11 23:59:22
Views : 19515

Walkthrough :
The game begins in the subway car and all you have in your inventory is a
single quarter. Don't use this coin in anything other that the pay phone at
the end of the hall in the 50's Diner on the upper level. Got that? Good. When
wandering around the various levels and areas of this game, click the eye icon
on the various walls and lights etc., there are some very nice pics in this


You'll begin the game in a subway car on the middle level. You can exit the
middle level in one of three ways; by using the elevator in the hotel, by
falling through the city street when you cross against the red light which is
through the south exit door in the subway, or by the stairs which you will
come to after making your way through the MEDIEVAL MAZE. As the exit door to
the south of the subway car is secured all you can do is bravely exit the
subway car by the west exit and walk into the hotel.

When you first enter the hotel there will be two doors, one you can open and
one is locked. Go into the one you can open and have a look around. Nothing of
importance happens here, but it is worth checking out. You will go back to the
locked one later, when you find the key.

The only other room of interest is Number 14, the other rooms you can't enter
anyway as they have do not dirturb signs on them. This is the room with the
wardrobe in it (which is locked) and the key to it is located in the western
town on the upper level. There is one other door you can enter on this level,
which is the door to the mirror maze which is located across from the elevator
which is in the south hallway of the hotel.

For now we will go to the western town and get the key for the wardrobe. To
get to the western town, go up in the elevator. The door you see straight
ahead of you goes to the theatre, go through there for now and walk through
the balcony section and out the other exit this will take you to a wall.

Notice the slider puzzle on the wall, the correct alignment for the slider
pieces is located in the construction site at the end of the hedge maze on the
upper level. When you eventually find this area you will line up the pieces in
the right sequence and the wall will open.

Now go back to the lobby by the elevator, the door to the detectives office is
locked, you will get this key later. Now turn right. you will be facing south
at this point, walk through the doorway and down the hallway. As you exit the
hallway, notice the temple floating in the air, this is your ultimate
objective. At this point turn right and head,across the crystal cliffs,
through the cave entrance and down the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel turn
left and go through the multi-colored doorway into the railway car.

Have a look around the railway car and the town. The locked door at the west
end of the railway car is never opened, I never found a key for it. The door
at the east end of the railway car gives you another view of your objective.
The only places of importance are the newspaper office, the sheriff's office
and the mine tunnel.

Nip into the sheriff's office and open the drawer on the desk, look in the
drawer and take the brass key inside. Oh, and while you're here, pop into the
saloon and grap the bottle of whiskey, you can take a drink from it
periodically if you wish.

Now head back to room 14 in the hotel when you are finished exploring. Open
the wardrobe, look inside and take the journal and the card. The journal has
an interesting story in it and will later reveal a clue when you have
accomplished a couple of tasks, more on that later. The card is used to turn
on the various teleporters in the game. For now we will head for a teleporter
which is located at the end of the mirror maze.


Go to the doorway across from the elevator and walk inside, now go through the
insanely laughing clowns mouth and follow the map below.

When you get to Morgan in the centre of the maze, do not use your quarter in
him unless you save your game first. If you put your quarter in before saving
your game, he will tell you, "You will wish you had that coin back" and then
you will have to start over as you can not finish the game without that
quarter. So save your game first and then plunk in your quarter and watch the

R -- Room
M -- Morgan
CR - Control Room & Teleporter
CM - Clowns mouth

\ N /

W | E

/ S \

[R]--[R]--[R] [R]--[R]--[R]
| | | |
[R]--[R] [R]--[R]--[R] [R]
| | | | |
[R]--[R] [R]--[R]--[R]--[R]
| | |
[R]--[R] [R]--[M] [R]--[R]--{CM} <- Entrance to mirror maze
| | |
| | | |
[R]--[R]--[R] [R]--[R]--[R]

Once you make it through the maze you can use the cardkey in the teleporter
slot, After using the cardkey you must press one of the buttons to teleport.
The green button will teleport you to the library, the blue button to the


Pressing the blue button takes you to the museum where you should pick up the
alien belt (I never found a use for this, outside of the fact it flashes).
There are also three levers here, pulling the levers will place or remove
bridge sections, they are also used in conjunction with some other levers
later in the game.

Pulling the left lever will remove a bridge section from the mine and the one
under the subway causing the subway car to be crushed but don't despair as it
can be 'pumped up' with the bicycle pump which is found in a toolbox at the
construction site on the upper level after you solve the slider puzzle. You
have to crush the subway anyway to get an item you need. After the car has
been crushed and you pump it up, check out the legs sticking out from under
the subway car, it ain't Kansas anymore. Also as I mention later in the solve,
I have played two complete games and one time the subway was crushed and one
time it was not. I'm assuming that pushing the left lever back up causes the
subway car to be crushed as you replace the bridge section when you do this
and it is sitting on top of the subway car. When you leave here make sure all
levers are down.

Next press the green button to teleport to the library, the orange button
takes you back to the control room. The cave and the mountain road can be
reached by teleporting from the southern-most room of the library. The first
time you exit the cave and walk across the road, you will narrowly dodge the
falling rocks and they won't injure you. However, to cross back you must be
wearing the helmet which is found in the south-east corner of the medieval
maze. You will not be able to pass the rocks if you aren't wearing the helmet.
Safety first.


After crossing the mountain road and dodging the falling rocks you will be
facing east in a Cretan hall. Walk down the hallway and go through the
doorway. You will be in another Cretan hall, there are two exits from this
hall. If you turn left you will end up on a bridge platform, this is were you
will cause pieces of a bridge to appear to get to the doorway in the temple.
For now turn right and go through the doorway, you will be in the Cretan
Palace, have a quick wander round and take the Labrys which you can find in
the central room inside the large circular well. Also note the design on the
door in the palace, you need to place an artifact there from King Minos tomb.
Below is map of palace.

R -- Room
CH - Cretan Hall
W -- Well with Labrys
C -- Courtyard to Medieval maze
TR - Throne room of Minos

\ N /

W | E

/ S \

| | |
| | |

Now on to the medieval maze.


The maze is located on the middle level to the east of the cave and
the Cretan palace. To navigate through the maze to get the helmet
and exit maze follow map below.

R -- Room

C -- Courtyard from Cretan Palace

H -- Helmet

WC - Wierd Cave, to 50's Diner

\ N /

W | E

/ S \

| |
[R]-[R] [R]-[R]-[R]-[R]
| | |
[C]-[R] [R] [R]-[R]-[R]-[R]
| | | |
[R]-[R] [R] [R]-[R]-[R]
| | | |
[R]-[R] [R]-[R]-[R]-[R]
| | | |
[R]-[R]-[R]-[R]-[R] [H]

After getting the helmet make your way to the upper level and the 50's diner
through the northwest exit from the maze.

50's DINER

Upon exiting the Medieval Maze you will be in a wierd cave, go through the
doorway in front of you. After climbing the stairs, the first object you'll
find is a can of paint. This is very important so be sure to take it.

Now turn to your right and enter the diner. Have a look around check things
out but do not use your quarter in the jukebox. After checking out the diner
exit it were the sign is for the telephone and head down the hall to the pay
phone (another view of the Temple), drop your quarter in the slot on top of
the phone. After inserting the coin in the slot, thirteen coins will fall onto
the stool underneath the pay phone.

Pick up the quarters. Use a coin on the jukebox, and get the silver key from
the coin return. After retrieving the silver key, go back to the pay phone and
put a quarter in the coin slot for the pay toilet. Now enter the hedge maze.


CS - Construction Site
H -- Hedge path
D -- From 50's Diner

\ N /

W | E

/ S \

[H]-[H]-[H]-[H]-[H] [H]-[H]
| | | | |
[H]-[H] [H]-[H] [H]-[H]-[H]
| | | |
[H]-[H]-[H]-[H] [H] [H]-[H]
| | | | |
[H]-[H]-[H]-[H] [H]-[H] [H]
[H]-[H] [H]-[H]-[H]-[H]-[H]
| | | | | |
[H]-[H]-[H] [H]-[H]-[H]-[H]
| | | | |
[H]-[H] [H]-[H]-[H]-[H]-[H]

After dashing through this maze you'll enter a construction site. Take the
screwdriver lying on the workhorse and jote down the numbers on the west wall.
These numbers are the solution to the theatre slider puzzle.

You also have the silver key, it's now time for a long walk back to the
detective's office on the middle floor. On the way through the Mirror maze you
can plunk some quarters into Morgan and he will give you some advice in the
form of riddles.
See below.

Whatever will be will be, Doris Day
It's all done with mirrors
If one could speak to the past, how would it answer
Some doors were never meant to be opened
Sometimes a closed door is greater than an open one
You will meet a tall dark stranger
The future is what the past has made it
If you cannot reach your goal, you must learn to build bridges
A blank piece of paper, is full of potential
Beep Beep - Harpo Marx
Great power hides behind the thrones of Kings
Morgan the Magician says you should figure it out yourself

Use the silver key to open the detectives door and take the iron key which
will open the jail cell in the sheriff's office. I never found a use for the
Falcon statue or the notes.

Just hang onto the key for the jail cell right now as you do not really need
it until later on near the end of the game, but if you want you can check out
the jail cell and get the gun under the blanket. The gun is never used in the
game. You can also do this later near the end of the game.

So where to next? Go to the slider puzzle on the wall outside the theatre, and
line up the slider puzzle like it was on the wall in the construction site.
Ah, forgot to write it down did you, here it is.

7 2 9 10
1 11 5 13
8 15 14 12
3 4 6

Once you solve the puzzle the wall will open reveailing another entrance to
the construction site. Look inside the toolbox to get the gold key and the
bicycle pump. Never got the spigot to turn in the keg.

Once you have the golden key you can open the locked door in the hotel across
from the washroom. Note the door in the rock wall with the combination lock.
In the servant's room note the message on the wall.

There is a blank sheet of paper in the closet which you must use with the
printing press in the western town on the upper level. I never found a use for
the broom, bucket or teapot. Once you have printed the newspaper, return it to
the servant's room and place it underneath the sign on the wall. Also while
you are in the Western Town, go into the mine and push the mine cart down the
tracks, it will crash through the door as the bridge section has been removed
by pulling the left lever down in the Museum. While there get the lantern
behind the door and you can get the sword in the stone if you want and become
the King of England. I never found a use for it.


Next you're going to need the shirt so return to the subway car and pump it up
with the bicycle pump. Hm, I re-played this game as I wrote the solve to make
sure it was correct and the subway car was not crushed. There was still some
legs sticking out from under the subway car, but this time there was a
different message when you looked at the legs. With the subway car crushed and
pumped back up the message said "You don't seem to be in Kansas anymore". This
time the message was "You wonder if Minos will get your little dog to". The
only thing I can remember doing different in the museum was to leave all three
levers pulled down. My original game I did not leave all three levers down,
also if you pull the left lever down and then push it back up you will see the
bridge section lying on the crushed subway. Though this could be what crushes
the subway, by pushing the lever back up the bridge section does in the

Once the subway car is restored go south to the locked door. The door can be
opened by unscrewing the screw in the latch with the screwdriver and then
taking out the screw. Once you remove the screw you can open the door and
enter the city streets. If you still have a quarter left you can buy a
newspaper, but I never found a use for it. Nor did I ever find any keys for
the doors on the street. Actually all you can do is walk down the street and
attempt to cross the intersection. Whereupon you fall down to the bottom of a
well. Now walk ahead and you will be in the main room in the Surreal maze. You
will be facing the chair and the TV. Follow the directions below exactly and
you will make it to the Ziggurat.

Okay go S,S,S,S,S,W,W,W,S.

On the third south you will be in the main room again, but that is okay, after
all it is a surreal maze, on the fifth south you should be in the room with
the red brick wall and pulsating black doorway. Also the frame around the
doorway should be wood curved at the top. When you turn to the west you should
be facing the stone doorway with the curved top. After three wests you should
be back in the red brick room facing the stone doorway. Now if you did it
correctly turn and enter the Ziggurat. If it didn't work try it again. This is
the most reliable way I found to find the Ziggurat.

Now head west and go up the stairs and push the column you find there. After
the column is moved it will open the two doors halfway down the stars. Go down
the stairs and enter the lefthand door. Hm, kind of dark, time to turn on that
lantern, and follow map below. For now do not move the red switch as you will
be teleported after moving any switches in the Ziggurat and you might as well
have the shirt with you. The three switches you find here operate different
parts of the bridge in conjunction with the ones in the museum. So go to the
yellow lever pick up the dirty shirt and push the lever. Also on the map were
it shows there is an entrance to another room, I never got in there. If you
left any of the two right levers in the museum up, not sure which one there
will be a bridge section leaning against the wall.

W -- Well
SM - Surreal maze
Z -- Ziggurat outside
M -- Mayan Ziggurat inside
R -- Red Lever
Y -- Yellow lever + dirty shirt
P -- Purple lever

\ N /

W | E

/ S \

| |
| SM |
| |
-[M]-[R]-[M] |______|
| | |
[M]-[M] [Z]-[Z]-[Z]-[Z]
| | |

You will now find yourself on the bridge platform with one section of the
bridge in place, the dirty shirt must be taken to the laundry chute on the
upper level in the hotel and dropped inside. The shirt will appear, clean and
pressed, later in the servant's room under the sign.

Now what do I do about the combination lock - how do I open it? Well, the
combination to the lock can be found in the journal which you found in the
wardrobe in the hotel on the middle level. However, the combination will only
appear after you have cleaned the shirt and put the newspaper you printed
under the note in the servant's room. The locked door will allow access to
King Minos tomb.

Now at this point when I read the journal it turns out the number was wrong.
The combination is the date for the last entry. In my game the date was
4/8/12, which is obviously wrong as the year does not follow the rest of the
journal. The correct combination is 4/8/72, don't forget zeros in front of the
4 and 8. Open the door and enter King Minos tomb and wander down to the
sarcophagus and open it and pick up the Cretan ornament. There is also a pith
helmet that you can pick up but I never found any use for it. I wonder were
this ornament goes, look familiar, no? You place the ornament in the door in
the Cretan palace, once opened move the throne and take the other can of

Now you will have to return to the Ziggurat and pull the purple lever to place
another section of bridge, after pushing the lever you will be back on the
bridge platform with two sections of the bridge in place, with one more to go.
Now once again make your way to the Ziggurat and pull the final red lever.
Hurray you are once again on the bridge platform with your bridge completed.

Now head to the museum and look inside the broken display case. There will be
something there. It appears only after the bridge is finished. Take the Mayan
Talisman and head for the bridge. Oops, ended up in jail for theft did we,
never fear you have a key. If you haven't been here before check out gun under
the blanket. Now release yourself from jail and head for the bridge yet again.
Once there cross over and enter the maze centre. You will be facing the
minotaur. Notice the light shining on him, well do something about it. Get rid
of the light, how you say, well paint over the mirrors. Now place the Labrys
in the indentation were the minotaurs head was and then use mayan talisman on
the pyramid keystone. It will be blasted to pieces. Now sit right back and
enjoy the ending animation. To the best of my knowledge Labyrinth II
never came out.

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