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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Alone In The Dark 3

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Game Name : Alone In The Dark 3
System : Macintosh
Date Added : 2002-10-11 02:42:48
Views : 16292

Walkthrough :
[ THE BEGINNING ]-----------------------------------------------

After you get on your feet from the impact of the explosion, head to the
saloon. Get the gas can found at the right porch before entering. Once you
are in get the oil can, the key on the table, & the maraca on the theatre.
Use the gas can on the cinematograph to watch a short movie. There is a
matchbox hidden in the small room just left of the bar. Go behind the
counter at the bar and a gunman will appear above you who will try to shoot
you. To avoid his shots stay under him until he leaves. Search the shelves
to find a flask, a bottle, & some wood alcohol. Throw the bottle to break
it and reveal a token. Insert the token in the side of the harpsichord
which is facing the bar to learn more about the history of Slaughter Gulch.
Then take the lamp. Push the right horn of the bull's skull (the one
pointing to the left) to open the trapdoor. Kill the guy who comes up &
take the gold bullet & an ace of diamonds. Fall through the trapdoor into
the wine cellar. Fill the lamp with oil & light it with a match. Take the
cane at the end of the room & read the poster on the wall. You will get a
clue to which barrel to open ("Lefty"). Open the left barrel. Some
rattlesnakes will block your way so lure them out with the maraca & climb
up the ladder.

[ CHAPTER 1 ]---------------------------------------------------

You are now inside a cellroom. Take the stone lying on the bed & throw it
to reveal an indian amulet hidden in it. Take down any skeleton goon who
come up after you. Go to the celldoor & use the cane to get the key to the
celldoor. Get out & run up to the end of the corridor & enter the room
there. Put the wood alcohol on the ground infront of the drunkard & with
stupidity he will pick it up, drink it, die, & leave you a flask. Go back
to the corridor & walk through the small entryway which has a pentacle
(without the amulet, you couldn't cross it.). Enter the sheriff's room.
Search the desk & get the sheriff's badge & some Winchester bullets. Use
the key to open the lock to the gun case & take a Winchester. Read the
posters to get some hints. Exit the room. The opposite room has nothing of
interest. There's just a fireplace & when you open it, a big thug will drop
down & you'll have to kill him. Now go to the main hall with the wardrobe.
Push the wardrobe into the door to prevent one of the Elwood Brothers whose
trying to get in to kill you. Open the wardrobe & take the shotgun. Then
just climb up the rope ladder.

[ CHAPTER 2 ]---------------------------------------------------

Get the whip. Move along & go down to the small area that has a floating
block shooting down beams. There's a voodoo hangman's rope under the block,
so you have to time your run to get it without being killed by the beams.
After you get the rope, keep moving until you come to a door with a cast
iron plate infront of it. Take the plate & wear it. Leave the door for now
& keep going past the chimney (you could go down the chimney from its left
side, but you'll die if you hadn't opened the fireplace, or, if it's opened
you'll meet three skeleton goons in that room.). Take the cartridge belt.
In the next room, you'll see the "Lone Miner". First take out the whip, and
give him a quick snap & get a bag full of gold coins (ammo for the shotgun).
Load your Winchester with the gold bullet & kill the "Lone Miner" with it.
Pick up the bag of scorpions he drops. Go into the room & take the gatling
gun & flask. Now go back to the door you've left & open it by shooting at
it (stand away from the door for the shot to connect.). Go inside & light
up the lamp. You'll see a hangman using voodoo to suffocate you ,so use the
voodoo hangman's rope. Walk to the trapdoor & drop the scorpions over him.
Now push the lever to close the trapdoor & get the dynamite stick & dried
meat on the other side. Get out of the room & two skeleton goons will
appear. Take them out & return back to the room with the barrel. The door
will close & somebody will try to take potshots at you. Just hide in the
corner behind the barrel until he stops. Get the short fuse in the crack on
the wall just beside the barrel. Put it in the dynamite stick. Put the
dynamite stick in the crack, light it, & hide again behind the barrel.
After the explosion, enter the new area, step on the tile on the ground
which has an arrow picture & go in the corridor that has just opened. Move
along & don't fall out through the crack in the wall. Finish up the
skeleton goon & then walk up to the strange machine.

[ CHAPTER 3 ]---------------------------------------------------

Put the sheriff's badge in the mechanism to replace the missing gear. Then
whip it to turn a handle on top. Go through the door & pick up the flask.
Walk up the plank & get the Winchester bullets. Go back into the room, face
the plank & run along it to leap into the glass window of the opposite
building. Move down the main hallway & pick up the costume ring which is
near the hole in the floor. Ignore Emily for now. Go back to the first door
on the left (there is a map between the two left lanterns showing the
layout of the rooms.). Light up the lantern beside the door using a match
to open the door (lighting the opposite lantern will reveal the ghost of
the indian shaman who'll give you a message.). Enter the room & pick up the
sheet of newspaper. The door will close behind you & the Kid's ghost will
appear. Put the piece of dried meat into the clock to shut up the squawking
vulture & win a token. After that, the Kid will jump into his picture.
Follow him, but don't forget to take the nightvalet & a flask.

[ CHAPTER 4 ]---------------------------------------------------

Search the dresser & get a 30/30 bullet, a pearl, & a bulb. Push the mirror
of the dresser to reveal a key behind it. Check the pouch of the lady
statue on the bed & take the arrow you find to the angel statuette. Put the
arrow in its bow to open the door to the main hallway. Go back to the main
hallway & use the key to open the door next to the hole. Go in & pick up a
flask, an instruction sheet, & Emily's diary. Take out the diamond from the
costume ring & insert it as the missing eye of the small dragon statuette.
Your reward is a box of Winchester bullets. Now go out to the balcony. Walk
to the strange-looking green tile on the floor. As soon as you step on it,
a gunman will start to shoot at you from behind the shutters. Just put the
night valet directly infront of the shutters. The gunman will get a little
suspicious so he'll approach it & then fall to his doom. After that, push
the loose standing shutter to make a bridge over the small gap & then enter
the room. Get the key on the table & the instruction sheet, the shutter
release, & the flash on the floor. Check the photos on the wall. Now go
back into the balcony & back to the hallway. Open the right door at the
window you came through using the key & go in. Don't get near the screaming
two-headed monster. There's a some kind of a circle drawn on the floor
besides the closet to the right. Stand on it & use the bulb then the
shutter release to assemble the flash. Use the flash to flash the monster
out of existence. Get the oil can fill the lamp with it. Shoot or hit the
target on the closet & take the war stick & flask inside. Insert the token
in the side slot of the harpsichord. After watching the story, go down the

[ CHAPTER 5 ]---------------------------------------------------

Light the lamp. Run out to the archway before the bats get you. Stand below
the arch & jump (a new ability that will appear in the inventory screen) to
the pillar in the lava. To jump safely from one pillar to another, jump
from the center. When you reach the fifth pillar, an indian will block your
way, so show him the war stick. Get the small key & Winchester bullets
& continue jumping the pillars. Jump the four pillars in the center in a
clockwise direction as shown by the circle drawn. When you get to the
pillar with the circle, jump to the one on the right first then continue
upwards. When you get stranded on the last one, use the indian amulet to
summon your friend, the indian shaman. Now you'll ride up the pillar to a
building. Kill the star-throwing cowboy & the top hat guy & get the flask,
the top hat, & a key. Use the key to open the left door. Search the three
bookcases to find a book in each. Open the locked book with the small key.
Search the statuette for a pocket watch. Light the match on the table to
read the white book. Get the printing plate & use it on the printing press
on the right of the table & read the newspaper. Exit the room & go to the
right door. Open the door using the pocket watch. As you go in, you'll get
beaten up by Morrison, thinking you're a bad guy. Just calm him down & take
the story-board from him. Then he'll stand guard on the door. Go to the
marble bust on the left & put the top hat on it. You'll receive two boxes
of Winchester bullets. After a short while, Morrison will shoot a bullet
out of his revolver which will distract some ghouls. One ghoul will pull
the curtains off the stained glass window of Captain Pregzt which will slow
down your movement. Then Morrison will get killed by the ghoul & then it'll
come after you. Kill the ghoul & go to the staircase leading to the window.
Stand infront of the staircase, take a little step back, & shoot at the
glass window to break it. Next go up the stairs & fall down to the cemetery.
After a few seconds, two undertakers will rise from the graves. Put the war
stick at the center of the round stone of the dead to take them out. Walk
to O.E.J.'s grave & use the ace of diamonds to open it. Get the message
from One-Eyed Jack & go up to a new floor.

[ CHAPTER 6 ]---------------------------------------------------

Get the oil can from the table, the roll of film, & the bag of pemmican on
the cupboard. There's a secret passage just right of the cupboard going
behind it & leading to a door. Leave that door for now & walk up to the
barbecue at the fireplace. Soften the mechanism by pouring the oil over it.
Enter the ballroom & keep moving up to the middle area. Search the fat man
for a hammer & the lady opposite for some Winchester bullets. Next move up
to the band & avoid the gunshots of the guitarist. Search the gramophone
lying there & take the guitar string, a musical score, & a safe key. Exit
the ballroom, killing the shooting midget & evading the spinning one. Open
the door in the secret passage. Move to the door infront of you. Put the
30/30 bullet in it & use the hammer to burst the lock open. The other two
doors in this corridor are just blocked, so just enter the room. Move
forward to the small train station model & take a light bulb, a blasting
cap, & a map. Go to the other side of the room to the mounting table. Fix
it with the guitar string & put the light bulb. Now watch the roll of film
you have then use the musical score to reveal the code "806". Go through
the doorway into the bank. Pick up the book on the table. Open the picture
at the end of the room & keep using the code entry device to type in the
code "806". The code will deactivate the trap behind the glass counters. Go
to the safe door & use the pearl then the safe key to open it. A bank clerk
will come out from the safe & steal your amulet. Kill him & retrieve the
amulet. Take the Winchester bullets & the bag of money from the safe then
open the window & slide down to the shack.

[ CHAPTER 7 ]---------------------------------------------------

Take the message from your fat friend & the flask on the crate at the
corner. Stand infront the mine cart & search it to get the detonator box &
some Winchester bullets. Then you'll get in the cart & your friend will let
it loose. After your short ride in the mine cart, the goons will murder
McCarthy. You could kill them all or you could simply enter the train
station which will be on your right. Enter the station & the doors will
close behind you. Walk to the standing sign that has the word "station".
Push it to make the blue bucket tilt & drop the key to the suitcase. After
seeing this, the clerk will stop whistling for help. Search the bench for
an eye-bolt. Use it to ring the bell beside the door three times. Exit as
the door is ascending upwards slowly. As soon as you get out, put the
blasting cap at the fence to your left. Cross the railroad track & go to
the wall at the opposite side & use the detonator to blow up the train
station. Otherwise, the train clerk will come after you & steal the money
bag which you can't continue without. Next walk in the direction opposite
of the station & go to the water tank. Jed Stone will order you to drop the
suitcase & its key. Do as your told & in the end you'll get killed.

[ CHAPTER 8 ]---------------------------------------------------

The indian amulet will bring you back to life but you'll retain the
lifeform of a cougar. In order to regain your original form you have to
retrieve the golden eagle. So first run out through the low vault & out
through the cemetery gates. Enter the saloon & go to the broken staircase
which the cougar could easily jump. Walk to the hole in the floor & jump
over it (new ability). Run to window to leap over to the roof. Again run to
the crack in the wall to jump & land on Jed's statue. After retrieving the
golden eagle, follow the mine cart tracks leading to the shack. Go behind
the shack & cover your paw with tar from the barrel. Enter the building
between the shack & the cemetery & run to the right door. Put your paw in
the cask of silver salts to have a silver paw. Head back to the cemetery
& on your way the two tortured men will turn into werewolves. Kill the two
werewolves using your silver claws & return back to the chamber through the
vault & walk to the fireplace to put the eagle in it.
After jumping out of your grave & giving the metallic-arm guy a fright,
move over to the railroad track & pick up the Colt he dropped. Take the bar
of soap behind the cross of your used-to-be grave. Head to the water tank
& you'll meet your double. Whatever you do, you can't kill him so simply
drop your Colt, walk up to him, & you'll transform into a cowboy. Pick up
your Colt & climb up the water tank. Drop off the platform & use the bar of
soap to kill the man with the metallic brush & then get it from him. Take
the flask nearby. Insert the brush in the small hole of the peg protruding
from the water column. Go down the shaft. Get the notebook at the corner &
the dead leaf at the opposite one. Check out the map of the area on the
wall. Use the leaf on the small indian bust. Climb up the ladder.
Knock out the two big thugs inside the room. Search the opening in the wall
to your right for a pick-axe & the one just left of the exit for a flask.
Exit to the next chapter.

[ CHAPTER 9 ]---------------------------------------------------

Get the sheets of paper on your left. Stand to the left besides the door
you came through & walk towards the pit. As you walk off the edge, a square
platform will appear under your feet. From then on, walk left, down, left,
left, up, left, up, left, up, & left to get to the other side. Then a fat
miner "needle man" will block your way, so run up to him & start slashing
at him with your pick-axe. Next go inside & kill the other guy. Take the
book he was reading then go to the lighted candle & search there for a
scorched book. Walk to the candlestick embedded in the round pillar & pull
it out to open the door. Pick up the water pitcher hiding behind the pillar
(don't drink it) & the needle at the door. Exit the room & enter the small
corridor. Pour the water over the rifle-man & go into the elevator. Get
the piggy-bank, throw it, & take the microscopic glass plate. Push the
lever & go up to the next level. Enter the room & push the colored buttons
on the walls in this sequence: White, Green, Blue, then Red (using the
glass plate at the microscope will show you this sequence). Go into the

[ FINAL CHAPTER ]-----------------------------------------------

Move forward to the end of the room & search the table for a vial of poison.
Use it to poison the needle. Move over to the distilling coil besides the
prison cell & use the poison to shrink yourself. Enter the cell from
between the bars. Use the poisoned needle & then punch the mad doctor to
inject the poison into him. Pick up the key, a straw, & a bottle of ammonia.
Open the cell door using the key. Use the poison on the distilling coil to
shrink again. Move to the small passage in the wall under the table. Use
the straw & run straight into the passage. When you're halfway, hold down
the spacebar to use the straw & pole-vault over the chasm. Get the vial of
potion & get out quickly since you only have a few seconds until you regain
your original self. You'll meet up with an arachnid creature. Just pour the
contents of the vial over the glowing food & get out of the way to let the
creature eat & the potion will shrink it. Get the pot of glue near the
cobweb but don't get stuck in it. You could open the eye-figure on the wall
to see what's happening to Emily but Jed Stone will get a cheap shot at you.
Just go to the corner that has an opening in the ceiling & climb up the
wall using the glue. A headless guy will come after you. To get rid of him,
get his head that is on the counter & throw it down the opening you came
through. Get the lead ingot on the boulder, then push the boulder away &
take the flask & the Winchester behind it. Go into the next room & meet
Cobra. Kill him (if he's giving you a hard time, try standing at one side
of the room & shooting at him with the Winchester. Once he gets close to
you, run to the other side & start shooting again) & get his wig & a silver
dollar. Get the flask in the room. Insert the dollar in the slot in Jed
Stone's picture to open the door. Go down the ladder & take the matchbox at
the bottom. Open the door & go in. Leave Jed run, you'll get him later.
Don't get anyway near the red engraved skull where Emily is in. Take the
parchment, the bullets at the corner of the room, & the scorched newspaper
at the opposite corner. Go to the crucible & put the lead ingot in it. Then
use a match to melt the lead. The molten lead will conceal the green gem
& Emily will be freed. Take the hardened lead which is now an evil wand.
Leave Emily & go into the door Jed ran in. The door will close behind you &
a spiked metal wall will start to move towards you. Kill the thug & take
his knife. Now face the door you came through, stand a few steps away from
it, & throw the bottle of ammonia. Emily will wake up & rescue you. Move up
towards the the metal door. Unlock the door by using Cobra's wig on the
chain dangling from the wall. Open the door & go in for the final showdown
between you and cyborg Jed & the Elwood Brothers. Run along & enter the
room on the left that has two arched doorways. Stand infront of the totem
pole, put the evil wand in it, & kiss the Elwoods goodbye. Get the flask in
the room. Now run out of the room & head for the water reservoir. Open the
faucet & let the water drain. Take the rubber glove that is just to the
left of the reservoir & put it on. Go to the electricity wires & cut one
off using your knife. Go back to the totem pole room. Wait for Jed to step
on the water & get himself electrocuted to dust. Follow Emily but don't
forget to take the sack of coal that was lying beside the metal door. Go up
to the train engine, feed the furnace with coal, then light it with a match.
Push the lever on the right & enjoy the ending sequence.

---- THE END ----

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