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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Sherlock Holmes 2: The Case Of The Rose Tattoo

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Game Name : Sherlock Holmes 2: The Case Of The Rose Tattoo
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2002-07-27 14:25:45
Views : 1518

Walkthrough :
NOTE: There is a lot of flexibility in this game, allowing you to go to
various sundry locations in haphazard order. In fact, the order that I
went through the game when writing the walkthru is not the order in
which I played the first time - hindsight (or notes) is such a wonderful
thing. So, this is less a walkthru than a script of what to do to get past
a scene or puzzle.

Items that you can acquire are in bold, while poignant information or
new map locations are underlined.

You start as Watson, outside 221B Baker St. Mycroft, Holmes' brother,
was hurt in an explosion at the Diogenes Club.

LOOK at the scarf near the newspaper stand - Holmes ` messenger is never
far from scarf (that's who you hear snoring).

LOOK Stall

LOOK Wiggins, inside the stall

WAKE Wiggins

TALK Wiggins 1. "It's Late": Mentions Jonas. Mentions Lestrade and
Scotland Yard

TALK Wiggins 1 "help Mr. Holmes"

TALK Wiggins 2 "Mr Rigby": (this is Jonas) He's at home.

Go to right side, which takes you to The City Map. The only other icon
is .....

Scotland Yard

LOOK at the street vendor - Augustus Trimble, police-informer and con
man. Holmes frightens him.

TALK Augie 1 "Good word": He knows about explosion at club.

TALK Augie 1 "into Yard": Won't help

LOOK constable

TALK constable 1 "nip in": won't let you in

TALK constable 1 "friend's attention":

TALK Augie 2 "give them up": - Watson loses money for nothing

2 "Diogenes Club": not accident. Heard terrorists about
2 "bright ideas"
TALK constable 2 "call for help": nope, can't get thru

2 "colleague": nope, can't get thru

2 "explosion at Pall Mall": Fire brigade said Diogenes Club was gas

Fireman amazed at damage from so little gas.

Mycroft Holmes now at St. Bart's hospital

Now have map icon for Diogenes Club and St. Bart's

I strongly recommend going to the Club first, as I got stuck if I went
to the hospital first.

Diogenes Club

Police Constable Daley here

LOOK Fire wagon

LOOK debris on lower left

RUMMAGE debris - still warm

LOOK torch

LOOK sign

LOOK ceramic pot (broken)

LOOK Daley - competent and fair

TALK Daley 1 "look inside": only those with proper credentials.
Officials and club members

2 "fire brigade": fire brigade lit the torch...while looking for gas

3 "Lestrade": only club members get in

3 "Holmes is most concerned": Strangers' room completely shambles...with
no gas on

2 "peek inside": one geezer carried off, another in hospital

3 "begging": only members

St. Bart's Hospital

LOOK Morgue sign

LOOK Matron

LOOK sign on front of desk - this is where Watson met Holmes

TALK Matron 1 "recent arrivals": procedures

TALK Matron 1 "worked here":

TALK Matron 1 "Army Medical":

TALK Matron 2: "Mycroft Holmes":

TALK Matron 2 "entreat you":

LOOK Patient On Gurney - unattended for some time

TALK Patient 1 "how long":

2 "new patient ward": Special and terminal cases there. Morgue is close
by it.

TALK Matron 2 "Dr. McCabe": OK, but just the morgue

Enter Morgue passageway


LOOK Medical Examiner - McCabe is professional and competent

LOOK corpse - gash over eye, McCabe checking lungs

Talk Dr. McCabe 1 "Greetings" - this body from Diogenes Club. Sir Hubert

1 "lapel pin":

2 "examination": only at inquest

2 "cause of death": Can't say, but you may view his clothes.

LOOK cabinet - armoire

OPEN cabinet - garments

LOOK clothes - charred border-tweed suit

TALK McCabe 3 (circuitous passage): go left to.....

New Patient Ward

Mycroft Holmes is here

TALK sister 1 "so extensive": Holmes at bed 3 (left side of screen)

1 "said or done": being given morphine

LOOK at medical chart

READ medical chart - brain bruise that causes severe brain disturbances

LOOK Mycroft seems delirious, wearing his ring

TALK Mycroft - 1 "Hello":

2 "Sherlock in funk": rambles, sister interrupts, Watson requests

EXAMINE nightable - water and ampules of morphine

LOOK ring on Mycroft's hand - signet ring

EXAMINE Ring - symbol of Diogenes Club

REMOVE ring - sister admonishes you not to touch patients

TALK sister 1 "fetch water": she leaves

REMOVE ring - you get signet ring

Diogenes Club

SHOW signet ring to Police Constable Daley - you get inside club

Club Bar Room (room scrolls to right)

Look at portraits - one is Mycroft's

LOOK at small box on floor by bar banister

EXAMINE small box - snuff box

Go thru arch to

Club Lounge (room scrolls to right)

LOOK at grandfather clock lying on ground

EXAMINE clock - find small, round face from another clock

LOOK at clock face crescent "below" grandfather - encrusted with sandy

PICK UP clock face crescent

You get kicked out by Forbes, the club gendarme

TALK Daley - "return with Mr Sherlock": -

221B Baker St.

OPEN door and go inside

221B Inside (scrolls to right)

ANALYSE clock face on Lab Table

"Warm sample in Sulfite bath"

put distilled water in Empty beaker on tripod

use Sodium Sulphate (far left bottle on top shelf) on beaker on tripod

use Scraper (next to scissors) with clock face ( white disk to left of

use matches (box behind gas line) with Bunsen burner (under tripod) -

Explosion from fulminated mercury, an explosive

Now you play Holmes, not Watson.

TALK to Watson 1 "Scotland Yard":

2 "productive leads":

3 "assisted your own inquiries": bulls-eye (lantern)

3 "other evidence": too dark and Forbes about. Yes, he'll complicate

2 "Lestrade": his title might help

LOOK desk next to outside door - London Directory here

OPEN desk - hair trigger (gun), billy stick, and bulls-eye lantern

PICK UP bulls-eye lantern

OPEN door to exit

Scotland Yard

TALK to Augie 1 "Hello":

2 "Diogenes Club": we'll play card game for info
Click on the hand on the right - Augie cheats!
"Two Irish lads in city, who know how to make bomb. Looking for Boyd, or
some such"

TALK constable 1 "quiet watch": Can't let you in

1 "Augie schooling you": Yes

2 "secret of Augie's success": You can enter if you tell me

Yard Station House

LOOK Lestrade

LOOK young woman

LOOK desk sergeant - Duncan, likes gossip

LOOK library on wall - Encyclopedia Britannic

LOOK inmate - appears to be lunatic. Complexion changes when he pauses
for breath

TALK Duncan 1 "Lestrade": He's not free, you'll have to wait.

1 "When": brother wrongfully detained. Gregson watching him

2 "man being held": Nutty, but woman claims he's not - just sick

LOOK Inspector Gregson - a career man, always watching Lestrade

TALK Watson 2 "maladies": man is epileptic

TALK Duncan 3 "prisoner is ill": nuts, he is. Need more than your word
on it.

TALK Duncan 2 "Encyclopedia": - man freed and Lestrade free

LOOK Lestrade

TALK Lestrade 1 "ready"

1 "assist me": you get note, with Lestrade's permission to investigate
(LOOK at it)

Diogenes Club

Commissionaire Forbes blocks the door

RUMMAGE in debris on left - flash explosion causes such damage

LOOK Forbes - stickler for regulations

TALK Forbes 1 "go inside": Club is closed. Only constabulary get in.

2 "injured?":

2 "after explosion": No one on street except yourself

SHOW permission to Commissionaire Forbes - you are allowed inside,
followed by Forbes

TALK Forbes 1 "lurking about":

2 "We'll go in now":

Club Bar Room (room scrolls to right)

TALK Forbes 1 "working on gas lines?": checked last week

1 "idd about the entry":

EXAMINE small box on ground - snuff

SMELL box - Mycroft's snuff box

PICK UP snuff box

TALK Watson 1 "find Mycroft, exactly?": Here, beneath portrait

2 "travel": Must have fallen out when he was struck

Club Lounge (room scrolls to right)

TALK Forbes - 1 "mourning"

TALK Watson 1 "feline orbs":

LOOK grandfather clock

EXAMINE grandfather clock - brass handle looks out of place

TOUCH clock - Forbes warns you to touch nothing

TALK Watson - 2 "clock face" Yes, it was near the grandfather clock

2 "significance":

TALK Forbes 1 "guarding perimeter":

LOOK at Leather Chair - Sir Hubert Fortescue's chair

LOOK Lounge (right side)

LOOK chain

FREE chain - Forbes stops you

TALK Forbes 2 "fire brigade":

2 "bulls-eye":

3 "Sir Hubert": He was murdered, not an accident

4 "people been notified": No family

4 "own possessions":

LOOK Handle at bottom of grandfather clock face -

PICK UP Handle

Walk past chain to ....

Stranger's Room (room scrolls to right)

LOOK Wreckage - illumination is needed

SIFT Wreckage - Forbes warns you off

LOOK Beam - support beam holds up wreckage

SHIFT Beam - could, but would be crushed if I did

TALK Watson - 2 :"bulls-eye": Light would be useful

TALK Forbes 2 "a man entered": average young man, flat eyes, only came
in a minute

Club Lounge (room scrolls to right)

OPEN Dutch doors

TALK Forbes 1 "who relieves you": Goes off for tea

1 "strangers": a few guests

TALK Watson 1 "impressions": uneven nature of damage.

2 "to eager":

3 "will you distract him": I'll start jabbering

Stranger's Room (room scrolls to right)

TALK Watson 2 "intractable dunce":

5 "enshrouded":

3 "let's carry on": -- you must say this to get the next dialog line

5 "have a word": dislodge beam, Forbes must be distracted

4 "embalmed armadillo": Forbes leaves

FREE chain

DISLODGE beam with chain (over to the right)

ILLUMINATE wreckage with Bull's Eye (lantern) - tiny sparkle glitters in

SIFT wreckage - you get small spring

PICK UP Bull's eye lantern

LOOK at spring - chemical residue on spring of small alarm clock

Go to left and TALK Watson 3 "exhausted the possibilities"

This location is done

ST. Bart's Hospital

TALK Matron 1 "brother": no official standing, so move on

SHOW permission to Matron - nope

TALK Matron 2 "only relation": Watson, it's war!

TALK Watson 2 "throttle" How did you bypass her, Watson?

TALK Matron 1 "prejudice" -- must ask this first, for next line to
show up

2 "coroner":No, that trick won't work again

LOOK patient on gurney

LOOK patient up on balcony, coughing

TALK Watson 2 "influenza": must ask this to get next option

EXAMINE patient on gurney

TALK patient 1 "ailment"

2 "how long"

TALK Matron 2 "languish"

TALK Watson 2 "disposing of the brute?": a diversion

TALK patient 1 "pushed your gurney":

MOVE gurney - Matron goes running after


LOOK Medical Examiner

TALK McCabe 1 "moment of your time": need authorization

SHOW permission to McCabe

TALK McCabe - 1 "cadavers":

LOOK corpse must do this to ask next question

TALK McCabe 1 "Sir Hubert": brain trauma. Laceration on head before

1 "examine the body?"

LOOK body

TURN body - blisters on neck and shoulder

EXAMINE body - laceration over left eye

SMELL body - explosion smell

TALK McCabe - "clothes" Help yourself

OPEN cabinet

LOOK clothes - jacket scorched, but Mycroft's shredded

TALK McCabe 1 "burns on back": first degree. Flash fire burns

TALK Watson 2 "further along":

New Patient Ward

LOOK medical chart by bed

READ medical chart - receipt is exposed

LOOK receipt - keys

TAKE receipt

LOOK Mycroft. -devoted to word games since childhood

TALK Mycroft 1 "Hullo, brother."

TALK sister 1 "repeat":

TALK Watson 1 "made anything": He can talk in riddles, symbols and

TALK Mycroft 2 "Clifford, Ashley...": (i.e CABAL) He understands ok

1 "What is it?": water....light "who died but was never born

TALK Watson 1 "at his digs": gets you map location of Mycroft's

2 "armed to do battle": we'll get Mycroft's effects

ST. Bart's Hospital

GIVE receipt to Matron

TALK Matron 2 "receipt is in order": you get key ring to Mycroft's

Dorcester Arms (Mycroft's Flat)

LOOK at driver standing by cab - familiar, possibly law officer

TALK driver and he walks off

LOOK plant in urn tropical flower from South Africa

EXAMINE plant - well tended....by guard?

LOOK man at door -

TALK man 1 "your name" - Bob Colleran

1 "brother summoned me": ID might get you an explanation

SHOW keys to man

SHOW card to man

TALK Watson 2 "that driver": Watson goes to check him out...

TOUCH cab - wheels are cold

LOOK cab -

TALK to Colleran and Watson comes back

TALK Watson 2 "learned anything": ex-Lestrade lackey, named Tallboy

TALK Bob - 5 "returned from South Africa":

4 "government official"

3 "go in now?"

2 "Diogenes explosion": Still not certain who you are!

Tallboy, the driver, comes back

TALK driver 1 "Constable Tallboy":

TALK Colleran 3 "we are not disturbed"

OPEN door

Mycroft's Digs

LOOK at books in case

LOOK at bible

Mycroft's Bedroom

LOOK desk

SEARCH desk -

LOOK candlestick on desk -

MOVE candlestick - was under foolscap paper

LOOK foolscap - white wax on it


PICK UP foolscap

THUMB dictionary

LOOK pen - fountain pen

TEST pen - no ink shows when used, but paper is damp

TASTE pen - starchy. Sympathetic (invisible) ink. Rice water

TALK Watson 3 "precautions":

221B Inside

SOLVE foolscap BOOMZ off by 1 letter i.e APPLY
HIJKLMNO H to O or H2O i.e water

BTU British Thermal Units i.e heat

ANALYSE foolscap on Lab Table

Use beaker of distilled water on lab tray to fill it

Put blank foolscap (on left) into lab tray

Use matches on Bunsen burner

Use wet foolscap on burner

EXIT - "See books in Greek"

TALK Watson 2 "more than prudence": must return to source of Mystery i.e

Mycroft's Digs

PERUSE BEG. of bible

PICK UP parchment in bible - no writing visible

TALK Watson 3 "We have what we need

This location is done!

221B Inside

ANALYSE parchment on Lab Table

"rice water? The proper vapor should prove it"

Use distilled water with empty beaker

Use iodine with beaker

Use matches with Bunsen burner

Use parchment with beaker and lines will appear

Formula missing, then turned up again

Committee inexplicably tried to squash investigation

Committee members:

Lord Lawton

Sir Avery Fanshawe

Mr Horace Silverbridge

Mr Phillip Bledsoe

4. Possible other suspects:
Minstry clerk Thomas Pratt

Ministry clerk Eldrige Whitney

Charwoman Mrs. Agnes Ratchett

5 Dewar is hidden away

TALK Watson 3 "know any of them?" -

4 "lazy" Dewer is chemist. Involved in making of formula. We'll need to
check on him

3 "Kelly's might locate":

PERUSE directory on rolltop desk - get new map icons for Lawton,
Silverbridge, and Pratt

Lord Lawton Antechamber

Jenkins the butler is here

LOOK Jenkins - powder on trousers and blue stains on thumb and

TALK Jenkins - 2 "I am Sherlock Holmes": I'll see if he's at home

He leaves

HIT settee - very dusty

LOOK album on table - brass clasp.

BROWSE album - locked. Scratches around lock

LOOK piano - regular use. Red box

LOOK red box on end of piano - empty. Used by jewelers

LOOK music stand

LOOK music on stand -

LOOK carpet under piano stool - old and dirty

LISTEN at door - billiards being played

TALK Watson 2 "gone to seed": decline quite quick

3 "Jenkins devoted to billiards": use his devotion to the game

1 "infuriating and idiotic":

Try to exit and Jenkins will return

He tells you Lawton is not at home.

GIVE card to Jenkins

TALK Jenkins 1 "good run at the table": "if I knew the diamond system"

Jenkins goes off again

Try to exit again and Jenkins comes out and announces you

Lawton's Billiard Room

LOOK Lawton - series of financial problems. A lady's man

TALK Lawton 1 "brother's request":

1 "Mycroft has been injured":

1 "purposely offensive"

LOOK portrait over fireplace

LOOK bookcase

TOUCH bookcase - fake books. Originals sold?

TALK Watson 2 "Lawton doesn't want to talk":


Lord Lawton Antechamber

TALK Jenkins 3 "allowed to deteriorate": Present Lord has impoverished

Thomas Pratt Loft

LOOK Mrs Mason - widow

TALK Mason - 1 "Mr Pratt available?": out too often

1 "recent callers": No. He's very moody

1 "recent word": abusing body and mind

LOOK canvas to right of Holmes

LOOK easel

LOOK wardrobe to left of easel

LOOK deal table - no momentos. A long straight pin is here

LOOK hat pin on table - blackened tip has been sharpened and put over a

LOOK grey dustbin by table

TALK Watson 1 "immediate attention": "protecting her rights as a
landlady". She's vain

LOOK archway -must do this before next dialog line shows up

TALK Mason 1 "May we examine the premises?": Mr Pratt being evicted

2 "decor is rather eccentric": Civil servant, born in India

ST. Bart's Hospital

TALK Matron 2 "as a courtesy":

New Patient Ward

TALK Mycroft - "what about professor Dewar":

TALK Watson - "I know where Dewar is": ----- new map location for

Dewar's Lab

LOOK Stove

TOUCH Stove - cold

OPEN stove - folded sheet of paper inside. Mycroft put it there

PERUSE paper - a copy of the formula

CLOSE stove

LOOK chemicals

LOOK Dewar - first class brain.

TALK Dewar 1 "Mycroft is my brother":

3 "Is that a copy":

2 "Mycroft has been injured":

3 "Can the cause of an explosion": should be timing or other evidence at
the site

1 "unwanted visitors?"

2 "Professor Able?"

4 "Could you analyze this spring": He'll send note when he has results

1 "subject of formula": new explosive

2 "replicate formula?":

Silverbridge Residence

Hepplethwaite the butler is here

LOOK butler

TALK butler 1 "a word with" - butler leaves

LOOK at portrait

LOOK at blankie and hoop and train

TALK butler (when he returns) 1 "What is the problem":

TALK Watson 1 "woman in the painting":

2 "a child" :

3 "active lad":

TALK butler 2 "read the newspapers":

3 "where is the child": Master Virgil is of no concern to you

TALK Watson 3 "Talk of the boy": more than just duty in his eyes

221B Inside

Knock at door - telegram from Lestrade asking for help with civil
servant's body pulled from Thames, at Cleopatra's Needle --- Now have
new map icon for Needle

TALK Watson 5 "That a corpse":

5 "intuition tell you": we should investigate the corpse

Scotland Yard

TALK to Augie 1 "anything that might interest me":

2 "corpse pulled from the Thames": Yard thinks it's a wallet gone wrong.

TALK constable 1 "Which is more bother":

Yard Station House

TALK Lestrade 1 "I need details of the corpse": middle-aged. Shot in
head. No witness, but body pulled

out by riverman.

1 "Where can I find this worthy?": Body's at Bart's. Face is gone.

Riverman is Needham.

Constable at scene has the particulars


TALK McCabe - 1 "stop meeting" Lestrade asked for help with Thames body

LOOK body on vertical slab (rightmost) - face is missing. Legs covered
by blanket. Very thin male.

TALK Watson - 1 "anything of significance?"

2 "Observations?" white, 30-40 no recent history of manual labor. Oil

smoked but no nicotine. Pipe?

SHOW Telegram to McCabe

TALK McCabe 1 "victim's cause of death": point-blank shot in face.

3: "one bullet":

1 "examine the body"

EXAMINE body - rose tattoo on butt

EXAMINE body - face gone

SMELL body - just water and cordite

TALK McCabe 4 "tattoo": Tudor rose, emblem of England.

1 "victim's effects": no shoes and empty pockets

OPEN cabinet

PICK UP hat on bottom

LOOK at hat in inventory - made in South Africa

TALK Watson - 2 "two bullets": killer wished to punish as he killed.

3 "hat": hat belongs to the murderer

2 "unique design"

Cleopatra's Needle

Constable Roach is here

LOOK Roach - dimwit

TALK Roach 1 "survey the scene"

SHOW telegram to Roach

TALK Roach 2 "I will examine"

LOOK stairs

EXAMINE stairs: spattering on stairs and wall

LOOK stain - blood

LOOK gaff hook

TALK Roach 1 "Lestrade would be stupefied": better light would be
better. Roach goes on tea break soon

1 "the crime": wherryman fished it out

1 "the wherryman?": Jesse Needhem ---- get new map icon

TALK Watson 5 "Goethe" more light!

LIGHT stairs with bulls-eyes - later, when Roach is gone

Needham's Abode

LOOK Needham - eyes stop near bed

LOOK shoes on floor in front of fireplace - black leather, out of place

TALK Needham 1 "the corpse": face down in water, after hearing shots

2 "took the corpse's shoes": what else did you take, I wonder

1 "army service":

2 "you witnessed a crime":

2 "no personal effects": Go ahead and search

OPEN Sea Chest

RUMMAGE sea chest - find wet blue cravat (tie)

EXAMINE tie - Cambridge University, Maudlin College crest

TALK Needham 2 "tie belongs to the victim":

2 "lose your family":

TALK Watson 2 "hidey hole": he wouldn't leave anything here

TALK Needham 2 "You are a thief": He puts a watch on the mantle

LOOK watch and chain - a watch fob is missing at end of chain

GIVE watch to Needham

TALK Needham 2 "return with us to the Embankment":

Cleopatra's Needle

Constable Roach is now gone

TALK Needham 1 "witnessed a murder": flashback of murder, killer named

German kicks gun into water.

1 "argument":

1 "about the men": third man had big hat and cape, yellow beard. mark on

1 "find the object":

1 "be specific":

USE gaff hook - Holmes puts object on stairs

LOOK pistol

POCKET pistol - you get pistol Needham is dismissed

LIGHT bulls-eye with stairs - shiny disk and button exposed

EXAMINE shiny disk - you get watch fob with illegible writing.

EXAMINE button - get button "might mean something to Stitch Rumsey" --
-- get new map icon

PICK UP bulls-eye

TALK Watson 3 "writing on fob"

This location is done!

221B Baker St.

TALK Rigby 1 "early bird"

1 "kindness to Wiggins"

Since Wiggins isn't here, OPEN door and go inside

221B Inside

ANALYSE watch fob on Lab Table

gold is old - use acid

use Nitric acid on beaker

use fob with beaker

use hydrochloric acid with beaker

use tweezers with beaker

use magnifying glass with white dish - Commemorate your majority 23.6.76

You now have map icon for Cambridge


221B Baker St.

TALK to Wiggins 1 "your lads available": not now

TALK Rigby 1 "dubious goings on": this triggers man buying paper

PURCHASE paper ---- new icon for Daily Telegraph and name "Freeman",

Rumsey's Haberdashery

LOOK Ethelbert Rumsey - ex-counterfeiter

TALK Stitch 1 "spare me a moment"

LOOK woman - horrid clothes.

LOOK counter

LOOK needle - sharp, but broken awl

TALK Watson 1 "racket":

2 "I'll grow grey"

TALK woman 1 "brief word"

TALK Watson 2 "strategy": woman with immense sense of propriety

TALK woman 2 "fabric of your frock": she leaves

TALK Rumsey 1 "I'm sorry"

2 "move to Jermyn"

1 "needle"

PICK UP needle

SHOW hat to Rumsey - Big, younger man. Style and quality. Imported from

SHOW button to Rumsey - tortoise shell, Dutch (so probably from killer)

(Train to) Cambridge

Fleming - porter at Maudlin, likes to drink

LOOK photographs (any of them)

LOOK cabinet

INSPECT cabinet

LOOK cricket equipment

LOOK book under Fleming - Britannica

LOOK Fleming

ROUSE Fleming

LOOK cup

SMELL cup - ale

LOOK books in case

EXAMINE books - portraits of Maudlin's classes

TALK Watson 1 "hair from the dog" - Watson goes after ale. Step by cup
and he should return

ROUSE Fleming - he wakens

TALK Fleming 2 "oblige us":

1 "my recollection":

2 "excavate" tattoo is badge of Tudor Rose, a drinking club

3 "drew its membership": recognize most of Maudlin men

4 "my corpse was a Maudlin man": if after 1860, might be in album

combined with date on fob, Fleming mentions Lawton and Pratt

TALK Watson 2 "Our corpse is ex-Thomas Pratt": Cambridge can reveal no
more. On to Pratt's

This location is done!

Thomas Pratt Loft

TALK Mrs Mason 3 "Mr Pratt has been murdered"

1 "look at Mr. Pratt's effects": No

2 "Mr Pratt's haunts": just painting

2 "weekly ablutions": Neville's ---- new map icon

3 "Cambridge"

3 "special friends" - Mr SpaceMaker, pretty as any girl

3 "likeness"

2 "identify Pratt"

TALK Watson 3 "Material methods: no personal items here. More possibly
in bedroom

5 "Neville's Bath. Mrs Mason is a prig

TALK Watson 5 " occupy" - Appeals to vanity may work

TALK Mason 2 "lose your husband":

2 "he though highly of you":

3 "like to freshen up" Mrs Mason rushes off

SEARCH dustpin by table - paint stuff

SMELL hat pin - opium residue

TAKE hat pin

ENTER archway

Pratt's Bedroom

SIFT Fireplace - red cloth exposed

PICK UP red cloth

TOUCH fireplace - last fire was exclusively paper

EXAMINE bookcase - erotica

OPEN Coal box between books and fireplace - many small boxes here

EXAMINE small boxes - matchboxes

PICK UP small box from The Weary Punt ------ new map icon

LOOK photograph on desk - "-ove Studios"

PICK UP photograph

EXAMINE papers on left side of desk - bills, including Nevilles. And a
note from A. Ratchett (char lady)

PICK UP papers - you won't but Holmes points out the Neville's bill and
Ratchet letter are relevant

RUMMAGE in wicker basket by doorway - wrapping paper and crimson sealing

PICK UP sealing wax

SMELL reddish hookah by statues - opium - tube recently reamed

CLEAN hookah with hat pin

TALK Watson 2 "know this odor": Opium

2 "remnant of red cloth": Government ribbon that goes on official
documents. Pratt

had formula

2 "Wax sealed Dewar's document": Where's other half of seal?

3 "suggestive": Want to know why stolen, and who killed Pratt

2 "photo of": In German, Spassmacher means The Joker

This location is done!

Neville's Bath

LOOK counter

SMELL counter - mildew. Authorities would see it as less than hygienic

LOOK Hookah

SMELL Hookah - cheap tobacco

MOVE pillow on right - muck

TALK Watson 1 "habitus": young clerks from WhiteHall

2 "wasting away":

LOOK attendant - he protects the clientele

TALK attendant 1 "Thomas Pratt": attendant is Adrian Russell

2 "amenities":

2 "become members" can inspect, but don't annoy guests

TALK Watson 4 "visit the baths": hygiene is the key

EXAMINE right radiator - mold

TALK Russell 4 "now ready to inspect the baths":


LOOK boiler

LOOK valve on railing in front of boiler -adjusts temperature

TALK Russell 1 "know nothing of Pratt": Eldridge Whitney use the

MOVE towel - Mr Whitney

LOOK Whitney - fattish young man, sweating

TALK Whitney 1 "meeting"

1 " formula missing":

1 "gather information"

EMPLOY squeegee at bottom of sweat box to lock Whitney in

TALK Whitney 2 "share your observations"

TURN valve

TALK Whitney 2 "not trifle with me": No part in initial disappearance

Question char, Mrs Ratchett - she's an internationalist

1 Where might I find Mrs Ratchett - in East End. Ask Sir Avery. Reads
all the time

1 "last see Thomas Pratt": usually only at Neville's

1 "found dead": indulged in drugs.

1 "connection":

2 "difficult nor painful":

3 "Lied to"

TURN valve

Lord Lawton Antechamber

TALK Jenkins 1 "I need to speak"

2 " tragic news" - Jenkins knew Pratt. Often at Lawton's in the old days

Try to exit to Jenkins to come back

Lawton's Billiard Room

TALK Lawton 2 "Sorry to inform"

2 "Sir Avery Fanshawe?" -------new map icon

Bledsoe at Grey's In

Whitney visits bath, which we already knew

3 "connection"

3 "terminated" GO to Ministry yourself --------- new map icon

Silverbridge initiated call for termination

Lord Lawton Antechamber

TALK to Jenkins 2 "let me look about" Lord out with Lady Cordelia later.
But you must win at billiards

mentions "academy"

3 "music aficionado"

TALK Watson 2 "stand in my place" Jock Mahoney at St Bernards's
Billiards ----- new map icon

St Bernard's Billiard Academy

LOOK dartboard

LOOK barman

LOOK at drunk by Holmes -- bartender won't answer questions if don't

TALK barman 1 "Attractive redecoration"

2 "Large brandy" ----- bartender won't answer questions if don't

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