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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Hexen 2: Portal Of Praevus

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Game Name : Hexen 2: Portal Of Praevus
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2002-06-25 04:15:24
Views : 14202

Cheat :
Cheat mode:
Press ~ during game play to display the console. Type one of the following case-sensitive codes and press [Enter]. Text will appear to confirm correct code entry.

Effect Code
God mode and mana god
Level select1 map
Change weapon impulse <1-4>
Weapons and mana impulse 9
Weapon select, full mana impulse 10
Serverflags command impulse 11
Use Torch impulse 100
Use Quartz Flask impulse 101
Use Mystic Urn impulse 102
Use Krater impulse 103
Use Chaos Device impulse 104
Use Tome of Tower impulse 105
Use Summon Stone impulse 106
Use Invisibility impulse 107
Use Glyph impulse 108
Use Boots impulse 109
Use Repulsion impulse 110
Use No Peep impulse 111
Use Ring Of Flight impulse 112
Use Force Cube impulse 113
Use Icon Defn impulse 114
Weapon select, reverse order impulse 12
Lift object impulse 13
Transform into sheep2 impulse 14
Display serverflags (set developer cvar to 1) impulse 149
Change to Paladin impulse 171
Change to Crusader impulse 172
Change to Necromancer impulse 173
Change to Assassin impulse 174
Use selected inventory item impulse 23
Tome of Power impulse 25
Display "King Of The Hill" impulse 254
Fraglist impulse 255
Invisibility, boots, force cube, plus impulse 32
Switch to other friendly player view in cooperative mode. impulse 33
No monsters impulse 35
Freeze monsters impulse 36
Unfreeze monsters impulse 37
Toggle flying impulse 39
Increase your level by one impulse 40
Increase experience points impulse 41
View coordinates, plus (set developer cvar to 1) impulse 42
All weapons, mana, items impulse 43
Throw item impulse 44
All weapons, mana impulse 9
Restart impulse 99
Chase camera chase_active 1
0 - 999 health points give h <0-999>
Weapon 2 give 2
Weapon 3 give 3
Weapon 4 give 4
Toggle clipping noclip
Ignored by enemies notarget
Level select changelevel
Restart level restart
Enable targeting crosshair crosshair 1
Mouse controls camera +mlook
Player class change playerclass<1-4>
Adjust skill level skill<0-3>
Name change name
Alter gravity sv_gravity <-10000-10000>
Alter surface friction sv_friction <-10-10>

1. Select a level name from the following table.
2. Experience points are accumulated quicker when playing as a sheep.

Level name values:
Use the following level names with the map command.

Level Map name
Original Hexen 2, with new features: demo1
Eidolon´s Lair: keep1
The Village of Turnabel: keep2
The Duke´s Keep: keep3
The Catacombs: keep4
The Hall of the Dead: keep5
Tulku: tibet1
The Ice Caverns: tibet2
The False Temple: tibet3
Courtyards of Tsok: tibet4
Temple of Kalachakra: tibet5
Temple of Bardo: tibet6
Temple of Phurbu: tibet7
Palace of Emperor Egg Chen: tibet8
Palace of Inner Chambers: tibet9
The Inner Sanctum of Prævus: tibet10
Intro (EGO version): thomas
Silly level with monsters and no exit: monsters

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