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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Command And Conquer: Yuri's Revenge

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Game Name : Command And Conquer: Yuri's Revenge
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2002-06-21 03:44:43
Views : 2377

Cheat :
Hint: Free Brutes:
You will need a Genetic Mutator and Slave Miners. Use the Genetic Mutator to mutate Slaves into Brutes. Because Slaves are free, your Brutes will also be free.

Hint: Eliminating an enemy base:
Make sure you have a Cloning Vat built before attempting this trick. Build the Yuri Prime. Since you now have two, take them to an enemy base and systematically take over the base. If they have a Prism Tower (Telsa or Gatling Cannon) and it is too far in the base to capture, just take over their power plants and sell them. You can take out any base with this tactic.

This trick will only work with the Allies and Soviets. Build 2 Flak Tracks or 10 IFVs. Put as many engineers as possible in each (10 engineers). Build some Rhino Tanks, Tesla Tanks, or Apocalypse Tanks for the Soviets. For the Allies, build a couple Grizzly Tanks, Mirage Tanks, and some Prism Tanks. Send the army into the base and have the tanks go first. They will take the defense's attacks while your engineered vehicles enter. Unload near the Construction Yard and the War Factory. If there are walls, destroy them with your tanks. Capture the Construction Yard and the War Factory and you can sell or keep them. They cannot build any MCVs or structures, so slowly eliminate them. Destroy the Barracks so they have no access to troops.

Hint: Defeating the Elite Black Legion:
If playing as the Allies on the last mission, there are four 3-stripe Apocalypse Tanks as the last line of defense. These can easily destroy the largest of attacks from normal troops. Get about four Spies and go to the top right corner. You will find a base with Telsa Defenses. Get a few Harriers to the Nuke Power Station just below and across from that base to put them down. There may be some Dogs, so put in a few Grizzlies to kill them. Put a Spy into the Barracks, War Factory and Soviet Battle Lab. Also, put a Spy into one of their Ore Refineries below to steal many credits. Get a few Psychic Commandos, another Spy, and Mirage and Prism Tanks outside the final base. Send the Spy into the closest Power Station or Nuclear Power Station and the Telsas will be down. Crush the Red Soviets, but you should find that even your veteran units (due to the Spies going into the War Factories and Barracks) are no match. Get the Psychic Commandos to take them over and help you take out the rest of the forces.

Hint: Get rid of the Soviet Black Elite Guard around the Kremlin:
The most annoying part of any mission in the game is when the enemy stations tanks as guards. To get rid of them, build a Chronosphere. This strategy works especially well against the Black Guard. First, build a Chronosphere, then find a target (in this case a Black Guard tank). Once the Chronoshift is ready, select a vehicle that is stationary. Activate the first part of the Chronoshift, then scroll over to the lake and activate the second part of the Chronoshift over the water. The tank, in this case a Black Guard Apocalypse, will appear in the water and sink into the lake and never return. This reserves your tanks for a later attack.

Hint: Defeat Yuri quickly:
If playing as the Soviets on the second to last mission, build about four Close Sentry guns and a Telsa Coil powered by a lot of Telsa Troopers to the right top side of your base. Have some Apocalypse Tanks guard the left. Make a Service Depot for Terror Drones. You may also want to build four more War Miners. Make about 10 Kirov Airships and send them to Yuri headquarters, which you can see at the very left top side of the map. There will be many Flak Troopers and Flak Turrents, so expect to see many losses. At least one Kirov should get through and destroy the headquarters with a few bombs.

On the last Allied mission, build the Soviet Radar and Chrono in an Allied MCV. Once the MCV is Chronoed in, destroy it with the Prism tank and Grizzly tank and move the remaining forces to the left side of the screen. Repeat this until a sufficient force is built up and attack Yuri's bases. All of the tanks will be free. To make it easier, build a Nuke Silo and destroy the Psychic Dominator and Genetic Mutator. Alternately, use the nuke three times to destroy the Psychic Dominator and use six Kirov Airships to destroy the Genetic Mutator.

Hint: Build everything:
Note: The following trick only works for Yuri's side. First, you must have two allies, one Soviet and one Allied. Next, build everything you can build including Cloning Vats. Train a Yuri Prime. Since you have Cloning Vats, you will have two. Send one to your Allied allies and use Force Control to take control of their Construction Yard (hold [Ctrl] and click on it). While the Yuri Prime is still controlling the Construction Yard, build every thing you can with the Allies. Then, repeat the entire process again with the other Yuri Prime on your allied Soviets.

Hint: Keep construction yard:
In skirmish or multi-player mode, when you need a base and have a Yuri Prime, capture the Construction Yard, then click on it. After that, click anywhere on the map in the area. The vehicle is now permanently yours.

Hint: Devastating bombs:
When playing as the Iraqis, build a Terrorist and an Ivan. Have the Ivan put a bomb on the Terrorist. Also try having a Demolition Truck as the Allied and Soviets. First, you need a Crazy Ivan and an IFV. Load your IFV with the Ivan and have it attack.

Glitch: Nighthawk landing on water:
Select a skirmish level with water as the Allies. Build a Chronosphere and land your Nighthawk chopper on some land that is away, so that other units cannot accidentally be transported along with it. When your Chronosphere is done, select the Nighthawk and choose an area of water to put it on. Next, transport the Nighthawk onto it. If you have units in the nighthawk, it will not deploy them. If there are any ships in the water, they can destroy your Nighthawk if you cannot get it to take off fast enough.

Glitch: Squid with changing tentacle colors:
If a Squid tries to "sink" an Allied Robot Tank, its tentacles will change color and it pops up without traveling. After the Robot Tank is destroyed, the squid changes back to normal.

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