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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Mega Man Legends 2

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Game Name : Mega Man Legends 2
System : Playstation
Date Added : 2008-05-24 12:37:44
Views : 43047

How to get Zenny:
In the snowy level you will be able to find two cans and two trashcans. One of the trashcans you kick a can straight into will give you 200 zennies, but the second trashcan you kick the can into will grant you a 1,000 zennies

Easy Mission:
The first mission of the game can be very easy, if you do it this way. When you start just die, and you will have complete the first mission.

Tons of zenny:
In the potkey village sub ruins, if there is a chest in the begining, enter the door and go to the right. Go through the door and go right, left, and left again. Go through the door and there will be a gold bird. Destroy it and get the 8,000 zenny it gives you. leave and come back and it will be there again.(Repeat)

Jonny, Birdbots, and cannon people overboard:
When doing the first and second missions on Nino Island, you can pick up the birdbots and Jonny an throw them over the railing. And if you destroy the cannons, a person will fly out and land. You can also throw them over the railing.

Buster stats maxed out:
Beat the game the first time you play it and the the option of choosing your difficulty level and when you go to the equip screen you get an acessory pack Q that maxs out every single stat for the Buster Weapon.

Megaman Legends music
Go to the Manda Island ruins (not caverns) to hear music from the original Megaman Legends ruins. For music from the Sub-Cities go to the Digout in Nino Island and enter the elevator.

Hard and easy modes
After completing the game in normal mode, both hard and easy modes will be unlocked. In easy mode, you do not need to bother updating your digging license; your first license will allow you to go into all ruins. Additionally, the lady at the Digger's Guild will not let you take the test. Also, Zenny found when destroying Reaverbots are worth more, while shop prices are less and Bosses are easier.

Rapid fire
Hold Square and rapidly press Forward. This is very helpful in acquiring the Class S License, against the time consuming purple things. One disadvantage is that you will have difficulty dodging against the fast ones. However, overall this is very good against slow and immobile ones. You will not need to upgrade your energy and rapid after learning this technique.

Side roll
Press R1 + Jump to roll to the right or L2 + Jump to roll to the left. This is the most useful way to evade an enemy's attack.

Jet Skates/Hydrojets
While skating, hold Up to increase or Down to decrease the speed. Press L1 for a medium left turn or R1 for a medium right turn. Hold Down + Left + L1 for extreme left cornering and Down + Right + R1 for extreme right cornering.

Invincible to electricity
If you wear the Hover Shoes, you will be invulnerable to electricity.

Very Hard mode
Acquire the Class S License and successfully complete the game.

Jet Skates/Hydrojets
While skating, hold [Up] to increase or [Down] to decrease the speed. Press [L1] to for a medium left turn or [R1] for a medium right turn. Hold [Down] + [Left] + [L1] for extreme left cornering and [Down] + [Right] + [R1] for extreme right cornering.

Getting the Jet Skates
Use the following trick to get the Jet Skates quickly. In the first ruin where you have to save Joe, get the old hover jets. When you first go down, take the path on the right, then go straight into the room. The jets should be in that room. After you save Joe and go to the surface, go to the Junk Shop and buy the Roller Board. Take this to Roll and she will make you the Jet Skates.

Getting the Drill Arm
Get the Heavy Gear from the box to the right of the Sulfur-Bottom when you head to Bluecher. It is directly in front of the door to the right. You also need the Blunted Drill from the pottery barrels to the right of the building next to the ruin with the first key.

Drill Arm in combat
Use your Drill Arm on Bosses, such as the three jellyfish or Bola and Claymore. A fully powered up drill can destroy them in seconds, and works against any enemy that you can reach at point blank range. It also destroys tough normal enemies with one hit, and uses little to no power. It is also incredibly cheap to upgrade.

Lifter Arm in combat
The Lifter Arm is an extremely useful weapon if used correctly. If you are weak, pick up an enemy (the larger, the better, as the enemy weight and size determines the damage given), such as a Shielder, and throw it into any enemy of equal or lesser size. It will kill them both on contact. Also, if you throw a Shielder into a second Sheilder, when they explode they will drop a lot of Healing Blocks and some Zenny. If you throw a Sheilder at a group of smaller enemies, such as a few of Frog robots, the Sheilder will kill every Reaverbot that it comes in contact with. This makes it a useful way to clear out rooms, especially under hard or very hard difficulty settings.

Getting the Cleated Shoes
Complete the Train level then go back through the train's entrance. You should run to an area with one box and will get the Spike Chip.

Getting the Zen-Blade (Zero's Blade)
After answering the mayor of Manda Island's set of questions, talk to her again. She will offer The Zen Blade for an amount of Zenny or answering 100 questions. After doing either task, you will receive a tool that Roll can change into the blade. This weapon is only good for close attacks but is not very powerful .Press [Triangle]x3 to perform the Z blade three hit combo. Note: This requires a lot of energy.

Cheaper Final Buster upgrades
Mega Man can buy his Final Buster upgrades cheaper in Pokte Island if you do not allow the buildings to be destroyed or if you paid to have them be rebuilt.

Saving Data
At the start of the game, when you have to save Data in the fire, allow the fire to hit you until your life gauge turns red. Roll will turn on the sprinklers and you will not have to do any work.

Defeating Bosses
For any Boss, a good strategy is to equip a special weapon that you can run with while shooting, such as the Machine Buster. If possible, take a Hyper Cartridge. Run around them using the sideways run, turning to adjust your path every once in a while. Along with jumping, you should be able to avoid most of the attacks. Shoot the special weapon to wear them down, and use your Buster to finish them off. Note: If you have the Laser, it is much more useful than any other weapon. Note: If you are fighting Sera, wait until it is in the second form to use the special weapon.

Defeating Jellyfish
In the ruin in which you acquire the second key, take Drill Arm with you. If you are having trouble with the Jellyfish, get close to them. A full Drill Attack should kill one. Do this on all three of them. If done correctly without any setbacks, you should defeat them. You can also use the Drill Arm on . You should be able to defeat him easily if you use the Drill Arm correctly.

Defeating Reaverbots
Successfully complete the game under the very hard difficulty setting. Start a new game and look at your Buster parts. You now will have the Accessory Pack Omega, which maxes out all of your abilities.

Defeating Shielders
If you shoot a Shielder with any high impact weapon, its shield will be blown away allowing it to be hit more easily.

Shark tactic
Lock onto an enemy by holding [R2] (or whatever is configured) and hold [Square] (fire) or [Triangle] (special weapon) while holding either [Left] or [Right], This works best on Bosses -- most of their attacks will soar past. If you see a homing projectile soaring your way, roll and/or jump and then continue to perform the "Shark tactic". It is recommended that the special weapon "Homing Missile" or "Shining Laser" be ysed when fighting a Boss. Every now and then a Boss may bypass this trick and fire directly in front of you -- for example, during Tron Bonne's first attempt (Crab Bot). Note: This tactic does not work on Crab Bot when she is performing her "Machine Gun Spray" attack (when she spins and keeps firing). Also, it will not work on Sara in either form.

Black Mega Man
Find a pig near the home of Shu and her brothers on Carbania Island. Keep on kicking the pig and Mega Man will get darker, then the pig with a couple of kicks/throws later. Note: If you do this you will not be able to take the Mayor's Quiz on Manda Island.

Mega Man can turn black by killing the two running yellow animals in Yoshyokne Town, at the location with the broken train station and the house (at the beginning of the game) outside the city. Mega Man cannot aim at themm but his shots can hit them. They can be killed with a couple dozen of shots.

On Nino Island in Danger Room 2, shoot the cannons until they explode. People will be lying on the ground. Pick them up by pressing [Triangle] and throw them off the edge. Do the same to the person who does not have a cannon that says "Hot".

Cure Black Mega Man
People will not like Mega Man as much when he is affected by his dark armor gained by going bad things. To fix this, go to the church on the first island explored. Ask the priest to give a donation, and offer a large amount of Zenny. If it is large enough, he will bless Mega Man and his darkness will be gone.

White Mega Man
Give 1,000,000 Zenny to the church to turn white and get a 20% discount at all shops.

After destroying Glyde's base, Shu will give you a pig. Sell it for 5000 Zenny. Do not give it to the girl on Nino Island, as she will eat it, which is what Shu told you not to do.

Picnic Lunch
Talk to Roll on the Flutter and pay the 4,000 Zenny to fix the kitchen and other areas Data burned in the fire at the beginning as soon as possible. Not only can you get the Broken Motor after it is fixed, but you also can talk to Roll and she will say "There's something I want..." She will ask for a new refrigerator. Buy it for her, then exit the Flutter and re-enter. Go to the second floor and to the kitchen area. Check the refrigerator and you will get a Picnic Lunch, which refreshes all of your life gauge. After you use it, you can return and get another. This way you can always have a secondary Canteen available. Use the Picnic Lunch first, so you do not have to use the expensive Canteen. Remember to use it only after down to nothing.

Cut down trees
After the train event in Yokeshstone, go to where the explosion is located. Look for trees. Equip the Drill Arm and hit the tree. It will either blow up or fall down.

Energy level
Do not panic when you have about three hits left on your life bar. No matter how low you are, until your energy bar is flashing red, you are good to go. As long as you have even less than half an energy "click" left in your life gauge you still have two hits, and not one. This should prove helpful during long levels and Bosses

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