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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Resident Evil 4 : Wii Edition

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Game Name : Resident Evil 4 : Wii Edition
System : Nintendo Wii
Date Added : 2007-11-20 23:45:54
Views : 17360

Avoiding enemies
After you use the chief's false eye to open the door, walk up the hill until the truck comes at you. Shoot it as usual and get back. Once it explodes walk back up the hill, but go backwards. Keep going all the way to the castle and you will avoid facing the enemies that would usually appear.

Defeating Regenerators
If you find your rifle is empty, you can also defeat the Regenerator by shooting a mine into the spot around the parasite. If it is on its back, just shoot out its legs with your handgun then fire a mine into its back. If this does not work, scout out where the parasite is on the Regenerator and try again.

Defeating Milita
Instead of shooting for their head, shoot them in the knee then walk up to them. Instead "Kick", "Suplex" will appear. This will usually kill them instantly. This will not work if their head is armored.

Mercenaries: Bonus characters
Get a four star or higher rank in the indicated Mercenaries mode level to unlock the corresponding character in Mercenaries mode.

Ada Wong: Pueblo
Albert Wesker: Waterworld
Hunk: Island
Jack Krauser: Castle

Easy money
To earn easy money while playing through the game again, carry an empty Handcannon. It costs no money to have, but you will pick up ammunition for it occasionally. This is worth more than any other type of ammo in the game. After collecting the ammunition, sell it to the merchant. Try using the Chicago Typewriter as your main gun while doing this.

Defeating the Chainsaw Ganados
Use the following trick to defeat the Chainsaw Ganados on the mine cart easily. Make sure you have a Rocket Launcher and the Broken Butterfly Magnum from the castle. Also, have over six magnum rounds. When the first Chainsaw Ganado appears, shoot the Rocket Launcher at him before the other Ganados get in the way. For the second one, pump all your Magnum rounds into him. If that does not kill him, then use your Striker or Riot Gun. Note: You might get damaged during all of this; make sure that you have at least three First Aid Sprays, and two Herb Mixes (Green, Red, or Green, Red, Yellow) to use if your health gets too low.

Go to the inventory screen and select the Stricker. Exit from the inventory and press the B button and then quickly press the minus button. Equip any weapon besides the Stricker and leave the inventory screen. Now the glitch is activated and you can move twice as fast and shoot twice as fast but once you select the Stricker, the glitch will be deactivated.

Wii Edition credits
Beat the main game once, then check the Bonus option in the Extras section of the main menu. You'll see an option for Wii Edition credits and can view the people responsible for porting Resident Evil 4 for the Wii.

Defeating U3 (It)
You can maneuver around U3 while you are in the giant crates. When you get to the gate it will follow you. Run around and shoot it, bringing it closer to explosive barrels. When you run out of barrels, fire either your shotgun or magnum.

Reticule feedback
Equip your handgun and aim the on-screen reticule at any torch or suspended light. Often times the reticule will turn red and deliver a slight jolt in the Wiimote to indicate ammo or a treasure that you can shoot from the light and retrieve. This is a slight advantage not available in previous versions of the game.

Open doors faster
Tap A(2) when the "Open" command appears by a door to kick it open quickly. Doing this will also damage any enemies behind the door at the time you kick.

Save ammunition
If you find yourself surrounded by some parasites of Los Ganados or Los Illuminados and do not want to waste ammo, quickly throw a flash grenade. Once it explodes it should make the parasites explode and die, saving your other ammunition.

Ashley is indestructible
When Ashley is wearing her alternate armor suit she is indestructible. If anyone tries to pick her up they will fall down. When knives, bows, or chainsaws hit her, she is unaffected. When you play as Ashley and a zombie grabs you by the neck, he drops you immediately. When the movable armor suits swing their swords down on her she never gets hurt. When Leon has to catch Ashley he catches her and nearly falls over then holds his back in pain. When Ashley crawls on his back he grunts in pain.

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