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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Ryuusei no RockMan : Dragon

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Game Name : Ryuusei no RockMan : Dragon
System : Nintendo DS
Date Added : 2008-02-25 00:42:37
Views : 14140

Low time record for Pegasus, Leo and Dragon SP
The only recommended way to ever get a low time on the SP Admins (possibly about six seconds) is to create a perfect "elemental best combo" that is a weakness to the Admins. The way to do this is as follows. For example, with Leo element is Heat, weak is Aqua. The best combo would have Aqua based cards to eliminate Leo. First, fill the folder entirely with the elemental weakness of what Admin you have. Fill it with entirely with Aqua cards for Leo, Elec cards for Pegasus and Heat cards for Dragon. Then, fight an EX or SP enemy in order to create a best combo. It is recommended to fight either Cancer Crab or Wolf Woods to create a best combo quickly. Next, try making a combo on exactly the first turn of the wave battle. Then, try getting counters when the enemy attacks. Counters are the perfect way of getting large amount of cards into one combo in just one turn. Try to get seven or hopefully ten to thirteen or more cards into one combo. Hopefully the amount of counters you made will increase the amount of damage plus the 2x time damage of the Admin's weakness. This will greatly increase your chance for a low time record.

Position freeze
After you have finished the tutorials, immediately after you defeat the first corrupted human in the Wave World (200 hp, and has a brown and black complexion), wave out and go back into your house. Once in your room, turn your goggles on and look for a yellow robot. Memorize his position and turn off your goggles. Move to the exact location where he stands and turn your goggles back on. If done correctly you should be overlapping with the yellow homework bot. While your goggles are still on, try to move. You will be stuck in that location. You can run in place and not get anywhere. Once you take your goggles back off, you will be able to move again. Note: This only works until after you defeat the Minotaur Boss.

Title Screen Star Marks
Accomplish something in-game to recieve these different icons on your New Game/Continue screen. Getting them all will also result something new to appear on the screen. One will also be able to fight the Infinity Version of the Final Boss at the end of the game which has 4000 HP.
Unlockable:How to Unlock:
G Comp StarBeat all 5 Giga Cards
Leo StarDefeat LeoKingdom
M Comp StarBeat all 30 Mega Cards
Rockman [Megaman] StarFinish the Main Story
S Comp StarBeat all 150 Standard Cards
SP Comp StarObtain all SP Cards

Unlocking Kizamaro
After beating the game, you can add Kizamaro to your Brother Band. He grants MegaClass+1, HP boosts, and his final Brother Force selection includes TripSong, GravityStage, MagicCrystal3, CancerBubbleSP, WolfForestSP, and CrownThunderSP. To unlock Kizamaro, speak to him at the Denpa Udai in Kodama Town and then head to the school gym. Wave into the Piano network and speak to the leader Jamminger you find to begin a 10-in-a-row battle sequence. After you win, speak to Kizamaro again to add him to your Brother Band.

EXE Blaster weapon
Have one of the following the Game Boy Advance games in the cartridge slot.

Mega Man Battle Network
Mega Man Battle Network 2
Mega Man Battle Network 3 White
Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue
Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge
Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun
Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon
Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Blues
Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Colonel
Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar
Mega Man Battle Network 6 Cybeast Falzar

There will be a new intermission sequence in the dog house near Gonta's house. When it ends, go to the statue near the stairs. Defeat the enemy in the middle of the map then return to the dog house. An intermission sequence with Rockman EXE will start, and you will get the EXE Blaster War Rock Item.

Slow movement
When you have to go find Gemeni at the dump, go back to your hometown. Run behind the Big Wave building behind the vending machines. You will notice that you are running slower than normal.

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