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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Wii (Hardware)

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Game Name : Wii (Hardware)
System : Nintendo Wii
Date Added : 2007-02-11 20:18:43
Views : 17991

Moving Wii Channels around
Hold A + B when you move the Wii Pointer over a Wii Channel to move it to the left, right, or the bottom. Note: You cannot move the channel that you are playing games on.

Photo viewer
Enter the photo viewer menu. Wise the Wiimore to select the cat that appears on the top title bar before it runs away. He will tell you hints about the system.

News Channel: Cat
Use the Wiimote to select the cat that appears in the Photo Channel and press A + B to get hints about the News Channel.

Fireballs In Wii Shop
While a game is being downloaded in the shop channel mario or luigi will run across the screen. Sometimes they will have the fire flower outfit. If they do you can press [B] to make them shoot fireballs.

Hidden 192 piece puzzle
Press and hold 1 at the puzzle piece selection screen to reveal a hidden 192 piece puzzle option.

Photo Channel
Enter the photo viewer menu. Use the Wiimote to select the cat that appears on the top title bar before it runs away. He will tell you hints about the system.
Chris Hardewig.

If you do a mood change to a movie file, the sound also changes.

Press D-pad Down and select the eraser while doodling. This will undo some of your changes.

Press Plus or Minus during a slide show to adjust the volume. You have more volume options with MP3 files than you do with the default music.

When you have a lot of photos on your SD Card, you can press D-pad Up or Down to scroll through them.

If you hold some buttons down, you might be able to scroll faster.

To easily create composite photos first use the scissors to cut a piece out of one photo. Then just move to the photo you want to paste that piece onto.

The scissors in Doodle can do more than just cut. Press 1 while you cut or after you have cut.

Aim the pointer at a photo and press D-pad Up or Down. Something will happen around the pointer.

To easily move from a close-up of one photo to a close-up of the next, press D-pad Left or Right.

With a picture selected, press D-pad Up or Down and a censor-like blur will appear over the picture. It either gets smaller as you move the Wiimote farther back or larger as you move it closer to the screen.

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