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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Onimusha 3 : Demon Siege

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Game Name : Onimusha 3 : Demon Siege
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2007-03-04 21:11:59
Views : 16957

Kill all Genma onscreen
This can be done without charging during an Onimusha. Also, block Issen works during an Onimusha and takes out all enemies.

Bishamon sword
Successfully complete the game with the "Onimusha" rank. Alternately, get the Bishamon sword in the Phantom Realm in Honnouji when Sam goes to the past. To find it, go to the save location at the foot of the stairs to the temple, then look to your upper left to find the hanging man. Approach him to be sent to the Phantom Realm. Collect eight Red Orbs to unlock the chest that contains the Bishamon sword.

Unlimited Genma Souls
Note: This trick only works for Samanosuke. Once you obtain the Ten-Point Slash Training Scroll, play under the beginner difficulty setting multiple times. Each time you finish, you should come away with one bar, or close to it. Do this until you have the desired amount of souls, or until you max all your equipment.

Use less magic during magic attacks
This trick requires the gauntlet for Sam/Jacques to be at least level 2. Charge up the gauntlet to at least two and unleash a magic attack. With the purple vest on Ako you can do about five magic attacks in a row instead of four.

Ultimate mode
Successfully complete the Oni shooting mini game. The game will start with Sam having the Bishamon sword; Jacques having his best Oni Musou; unlimited arrows, bullets, unlimited Oni power, thirty Medicines, and ten Talismans.

Easy Red Souls
Ako's Red Haori is required this trick. When you get to the port town of Sakai and the demons come out to play, equip Ako's Red Haori. Start killing demons with Issen or Block Issen. Clearing each area of demons should give at least three quarters of a full soul bar. The port area is most lucrative (one full bar every time because of the fish demons). The Issen is not necessary, but it is most effective. You can upgrade all of you present weapons to full with this trick, since one level 2 weapon/equip requires about ten bars to level up to maximum.

More Unlockables
Onimusha 3: Demon Siege unlockables.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Easy ModeGet "Game Over" twice.
Hard ModeComplete the game on normal mode.
Heihachi Buraiden Mini GameFinish the game.
Issen ModeComplete game on hard mode.
Jacques' costumeComplete the game on normal difficulty
Michelle's CostumeComplete the game with Onimusha ranking.
Oni ModeComplete Issen mode.
Panda CostumeComplete Secret Training mode.
Panda CostumeComplete the game with a 's' rank.
Puzzle Mini GameComplete all puzzles in the normal game.
Secret Training ModeComplete normal training mode, and complete the game.
Shooting Mini GameComplete the game on Normal difficulty.
Ultimate ModeComplete the shooting mini game.
Unlock the Three Swords of Onimusha.Complete all of the phantim realms, finish the game, and start new game.

Defeating Guard Dog
Note: This was done under the normal difficulty setting. First, stock up on magic for all your weapons. Then, stock up on all the Purple Souls. At the beginning, jump behind him after he attacks. Then, just waste the magic on him. Use every weapons magic until you do not have any more. After that, use regular attacks. Watch out for the ice attack. Most of the time the thunder magic from him is off target. After a few regular attacks, transform into the Onimusha and attack him hard. However, do not use the mega attack yet. After a few attacks, just before your magic runs out use the mega magic attack on him. If he is not defeated, then just attack him a few more times.

Game Unlockables
There are certain titles that can be attained for exceptional performance during the game. These titles will appear under the grade you earn.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
BraveryFinish the game without ever saving.
CriticalUse Criticals to kill 40% of your enemies.
DefenseTake less than 5,120 damage.
ExplorerFind the 23 Tengu treasure chests.
OffenseKill 3,000 or more enemies.
SpeedFinish the game in 5:00 or less.

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