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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Neverwinter Nights 2

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Game Name : Neverwinter Nights 2
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2006-12-14 05:25:29
Views : 4544

Character influence
Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Type DebugMode 1 (case-sensitive) to enable cheat mode. Use the following commands to affect your party members' influence. You must know their designation, thus the x and y. The following are the designations to ensure that they are 100% loyal to you. You should first select your character. In place of x and y, place the following numbers and your influence towards them will be 100. Note: Influence is plot critical towards Chapter 3.

(1,150) Khelgar
(2,150) Neeshka
(3,150) Elanee
(4,150) Qara
(5,150) Sand
(6,150) Grobnar
(7,150) Casavir
(8,150) Bishop
(9,150) Shandra Jerro
(10,150) Construct
(11,150) Zhjaeve
(12,150) Ammon Jerro
(13,150) Bevil (if you invite him along to fight with you in Chapter 3)

Infinite XP Bug
In chapter two, after you go through the "trial" and defeat Lorne, you can return to West Harbor to complete the quest "What Happened to Lorne" (you have to have gotten the quest in Chapter One before leaving West Harbor). Talk to Lorne's mother to complete the quest, and you'll get 500 XP. She'll say she needs to be left alone. Now talk to her again. She'll give the intro to the "quest completed" dialog, and give you 500 XP again. Rinse and repeat.

Cheat Mode
While playing, hit ~ to bring up the console. Then type in "DebugMode 1" without the quotes. You may then use the following codes.

Note: that all codes are Case sensitive.
Note2: If you want to edit a specific character, you need to "Right Click" them before entering the codes.

irolltwenties20 in every statistic.
rs kr_influenceA simple influence editor, in the form of a dialogue.
givefeat <2-500>Add indicated feat to selected character
rs ga_time_advance(Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Milliseconds)Advance in time
resetlevelsDelevel you if your experience points is near to 0.
dm_givegold <number> (Right click on a character first to give gold to that player)Gain indicated amount of gold
givespell #Gives a spell identified by it's id number to the character.
givexp #Gives the desired amount of XP to your character.
dm_godGodmode. Unsure if it actually works, but it does not return an error message.
commandsList all commands.
Set Appearance #Makes your character have the appearance of the # in the res ref table of the 2da appearance file...*Note this is just appearance*
rs kr_roster_editOpens a debug dialogue with an option to open the party roster to switch party members in and out at any time (use with caution).
rs ga_influence (x,y)Raises influence level for that companion.
rs ga_party_limit(6)Raises the amount of party members you may have at once to 6. Default is 3 in Act 1 and 4 in Acts 2 and 3.
unpolymorphReturns your controlled character to normal.
SetCHA #Set charisma to given number.
SetCON #Set constitution to given number.
SetDEX #Set dexterity to given number.
SetSTR #Set strength to given number.
SetWIS #Set wisdom to given number.
giveitem <item code>Spawn indicated item
rs ga_alignment(-1,1)to move one point towards Chaos
rs ga_alignment(-1,0)to move one point towards evil
rs ga_alignment(1,0)to move one point towards good
rs ga_alignment(1,1)to move one point towards Law
polymorph #Turns your controlled character into a different creature.

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