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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Command And Conquer : Generals

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Game Name : Command And Conquer : Generals
System : Macintosh
Date Added : 2007-03-10 11:19:45
Views : 24670

Chinese: Bigger nuclear explosion
First, build a Nuclear Missile. Then, upgrade the Mine Cluster (must gain three star generals first). When the Nuclear Missile is ready, drop the Mine Custer at the enemy base. After that, launch the Nuclear Missiles to where you dropped the mine.

Americans: Easy final mission
At the start of the game, use your promotions to get an A-10 airstrike, fuel air bombs, and start building Aurora bombers after have the Strategy Center. After that, capture the Chinese base. Build a War Factory and other things. Make about five Overlords, one with a Propaganda Tower and the rest with Gatling Cannons. Make another drop of zone. Then, start making Inferno Cannons. Leave two Overlords at your Chinese base. Then havve the rest of your forces attack the GLA. Also when you have enough money, build a Nuclear Missile and two Particle Cannon Uplinks. Use them on the GLA and victory is yours.

Flying man
Destroy one of the GLA's assault trucks (Technicals) and the rebel in the back will go flying. Note: Sometimes the rebel can get hit when falling if there area lot of Technicals, however this is rare.

Player ranks
Get the following point total to advance to the corresponding rank. Note: They are earned in increments of three points for each victory.

Corporal: 5
Sergeant: 10
Lieutenant: 20
Captain: 50
Major: 100
Colonel: 200
Brigadier General: 500
General: 1,000
Commander in Chief: 2,000

Multiple Commanche Rocket Pod attack
When you have upgraded the Commanche's Rocket Pods, go to the area you wish to attack. Select the Rocket Pod ability. After you initiated the Rocket Pod attack, quickly switch to the Commanche's normal attack (machine guns and Hellfires). This is useful when destroying a battalion of tanks in close formation.

GLA: Two armies for the price of one
Use Jarrem Kell to kill the driver of an USA or China Construction Dozer. Then, send a soldier or Jarrem inside the dozer. You will be able to construct all the installations of that army.

Americans: Helicopter pilots always eject
If you are playing as the Americans and a ranked (veteran, elite, or heroic) helicopter gets shot down, you can force the pilot to eject. Quickly use the green drag-box to attempt to select the helicopter as it is falling out of the sky. You will not actually select the crashing aircraft, but the pilot should eject every time.

Americans or Chinese: Effective base
First, build two Construction Dozers (one for Power Plant and one for Barracks). When they are done, build two Supply Depots and send those two Construction Dozers to the area that you are defending. When you have enough money and power, build a Bunker and a Gattling Gun next to it. When done with that, build moer Gattling Guns and about three or four more Bunkers. Fill the Bunkers with Rocket Soldiers. When they attack, the Rocket Soldiers will tear the vehicle apart and the Gattling Gun will kill the men. When they attack by air, both the Rocket Soldiers and Gattling Guns will defend your base.

Chinese: Quick win
First get a Radar, then quickly get a Dozer to build a Supply Depot. Quickly build a Factory and start pumping some APsS (Troop Crawler) and send them to the enemy base. Have at least two APCs. Then, swam them with your infantry.

Allied artillery
Use the Strategy Center's Bombardment. It will be same as the Artillery. Note: If you shoot very close to the Strategy Center, it cannot fire.

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