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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Legend Of Zelda, The : The Minish Cap

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Game Name : Legend Of Zelda, The : The Minish Cap
System : GameBoy Advance
Date Added : 2006-11-26 01:02:28
Views : 17367

Get The Mirror Shield
First you must have the game beaten, and have finished the Goron Quest. Go to the sixth and Final Goron and fuse kinstones with him, the giant Goron will now appear on the top of Veil Falls. Go there and let the Giant Goron eat the Shield, come back to the Goron later, and he will give you the Mirror Shield!

Book falls early
When returning the library books and you go to the scholar's house, talk to him then leave. Go back in and talk to him. He will say a book had fallen, but you have not made it fall yet.

Funny dialogue
When you can get into the school for the first time, walk into the classroom (the door on the right). Talk to the teacher. She will say something about kids on their recess and it making them healthy. Walk out and talk to a kid with purple hair. One of them will say he is about to upchuck.

Sound test
To get the sound test , get all 136 figurines.Show the guy outside the cafe. He'll unlock Treasure Hut.(House with robot on top).

Strange wall in links house
Right to do this glitch you have to go to smiths room in links house. Then start tapping along the bottom wall with your sword until you here a bomb wall sound. After you hear it put a bomb down next to the wall that made the bomb wall sound letting it explode. Doing this will cause the wall stop making the strange sound walk out the room then walk back in the room to start up the glicth again.

Magic Boomerang
In order to get the Magic Boomerang, first fuse with the Tingle Siblings, which reside in South Hyrule Field, Lake Hylia, Royal Valley and Lon Lon Ranch. They will each open up a tree in North Hyrule Field. There, you may find various things and a switch. Hit all four switches to open up the middle ladder. Inside is the Magic Boomerang.

Get The Light Arrows
If you have already beaten the game you can not get the Light Arrows. First you need to go to Hyrule Town, and go to the North West part of town, and you will see a house with a yellow roof. Go into it and Fuse Kinstones with the man. It will unlock a teleport to the Castle in the Cloud Tops. In the castle you will find an Old man Plagued by an evil spirit, use the gust jar to suck it up. When you come back to the Cloud Tops later in the game, go to the old man to get the Light Arrows!

Magic Boomerang
In order to get the Magic Boomerang, first fuse with the Tingle Siblings, which reside in South Hyrule Field, Lake Hylia, Royal Valley and Lon Lon Ranch. They will each open up a tree in North Hyrule Field. There, you may find various things and a switch. Hit all four switches to open up the middle ladder. Inside is the Magic Boomerang.

Continue game
Successfully complete the game and allow the credits to end. Save the game when prompted. Your cleared saved game file will be denoted by a triangle. When this file is loaded, you can continue playing, and defeat Vaati again if desired.

Wallet Upgrades
There are three wallet upgrades, and here are their locations:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Wallet 1Buy at Stockwell's for 80 rupees.
Wallet 2Kinfuse with Mayor Hagen then go and find the Wallet in Lon Lon Ranch.
Wallet 3After infusing your blade with two elements, jump up a ledge in Eastern Hills with the cane of Pacci to find a fairy that gives you the Wallet.

The Three Goddess' charms
Go to the Inn and go where the three girls are. Go up to Farore and fuse kinstones with her. It should show the guy named "Gorman" going up to the locked house, saying he wants to rent it out. Go talk to him, and decide witch Goddess you want to give you a charm. Whatever one, go talk to her, and she goes to live in the house. Go talk to her in there, and she gives you a charm for your empty bottle.

Easy Rupees
Dig right to the left of the door to Link's house to discover 20 Rupees. Enter Link's house, then go back out. The 20 Rupees will be there again. Do this as many times as desired.

Get Fairies
If you see a normal solitary tree, run into it and a fairy will come out.

Swordsman newsletter
When you fuse kinstones with the postman running everywhere in Hyrule Town, a girl will go into the post office next to the stamping guy. You can buy the swordsman newsletter for a huge price. Each issue contains tips to get around the secret areas of hyrule.

Bomb Bag Upgrades
There are three Bomb Bag upgrades (two in the European version), and here are their locations

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Bomb Bag 1On Crenel Wall, bomb the cracked wall, then throw a bomb in the fountain. Answer "neither" to the fairy's question.
Bomb Bag 2 (Not in European Version)After buying the boomerang, buy the bomb bag for 600 rupees at Stockwell's.
Bomb Bag 3Kinfuse with Belari in the Minish Woods, then find the Bomb Bag in Wind Ruins.

Sound test
Load a cleared saved game file. There are now six more figurines to collect. Collect all 136 figurines to get the Carlov Medal. Go to the man sitting next to Mama's Cafe and show him the medal. You can now enter a house that has a robot on the top of it. It contains the sound test, 600 rupees and a Heart piece.

Catch 2 fairies in one bottle!!
First go to the tree with a door in it around South Hyrule Field with an empty bottle equipped to one of your buttons and enter the tree. Go down the stairs and you will be in a room with three fairies flying around the room. Stand in the center of the room and wait for two fairies to get within catching range and press the bottle button once and before the fairy capture text appears quickly press the button again. If done correctly, you should have caught two fairies in one bottle.

Unlimited Rupees
First get mole mitts then go to the door of your house. On the left side of the door, dig to get 20 rupees. Go in your house and come back out to repeat the step. The 20 rupees will always be there.

Unlock Open Locked Hyrule House
Collect original 130 figurines

There are many character cameos; at least one from nearly all the previous games. However, there are also cameos from the Mario series, such as the spiked beetle. Also, the bombs-like creatures you find in dungeons are reminiscent of the spiked beetles that a Likatu tosses out in the Mario games and Bomb-Ombs from that place. Also in the Wind Dungeon, you will meet an enemy which you need to use the Cane of Paci to get hi, off his protective cloud. That is a Lakitu.

Dark Nut Killing
An easy way to kill a dark nut is to use the Dash Attack. If you use it, you will run right "through" him, and he will be confused for a while. Then, do it the other way to deal 2 hits on him!

Power beam upgrade
Note: This is only after lamp. Go into Hyrule Castle's grounds. At the bottom right-hand corner are bushes. Cut them down to reach a ladder. Go down, light the lamps, and the man will teach you how to fire beams from your sword (only at full hearts).

Unlock Carlov
Medal Collect all 136 figurines

Gofer Mitts
You can find the Gofer Mitts in the Fortress of the Winds. It is between two skulls. Between the two skulls, place a bomb. The skulls are at the place where you poke the eye with an arrow.

Bottle Locations
These are the locations and ways to get the bottles.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Eaastern HillsFinish the Goron sidequest.
Hyrule TownShrinkand enter the shop from mamas cafe. Grow, take the bottle, and the guy will tell you to feed his dog. Go to lake hylia, and feed the dog in hous
Trilby HighlandsBuy it from the Deku in the cave in Trilby Highlands.
Your houseFuse kinsyones with master smith. Go to Eastern Hills, and get the bottle in the chest.

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