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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Mega Man Legends 2

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Game Name : Mega Man Legends 2
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2005-08-11 05:19:45
Views : 13105

Picnic Lunch:
Talk to Roll on the Flutter and pay the 4,000 Zenny to fix the kitchen and other areas Data burned in the fire at the beginning as soon as possible. Not only can you get the Broken Motor after it is fixed, but you also can talk to Roll and she will say "There's something I want..." She will ask for a new refrigerator. Buy it for her, then exit the Flutter and re-enter. Go to the second floor and to the kitchen area. Check the refrigerator and you will get a Picnic Lunch, which refreshes all of your life gauge. After you use it, you can return and get another. This way you can always have a secondary Canteen available. Use the Picnic Lunch first, so you do not have to use the expensive Canteen. Remember to use it only after down to nothing.

Black Megaman:
Find a pig near the home of Shu and her brothers on Carbania Island. Keep on kicking the pig and Megaman will get darker, then the pig with a couple of kicks/throws later. Note: If you do this you will not be able to take the Mayor's Quiz on Manda Island.

Drill Arm in combat:
Use your Drill Arm on Bosses, such as the three jellyfish or Bola and Claymore. A fully powered up drill can destroy them in seconds, and works against any enemy that you can reach at point blank range. It also destroys tough normal enemies with one hit, and uses little to no power. It is also incredibly cheap to upgrade.

10% off weapon upgrades:
Buy all gifts for from gift shops. Give them to her. She will say that she bought a new tool set.

Easy money:
Simply find an empty can and kick it into the nearest trash can.

Hard and easy modes:
After completing the game in normal mode, both hard and easy modes will be unlocked. In easy mode, you do not need to bother updating your digging license; your first license will allow you to go into all ruins. Additionally, the lady at the Digger's Guild will not let you take the test. Also, Zenny found when destroying Reaverbots are worth more, while shop prices are less and Bosses are easier.

Megaman television show:
In the snowy town, go into the bar and stand by the table furthest from the television. Jump to see the first episode of Megaman on the television screen.

Energy level:
Do not panic when you have about three hits left on your life bar. No matter how low you are, until your energy bar is flashing red, you are good to go. As long as you have even less than half an energy "click" left in your life gauge you still have two hits, and not one. This should prove helpful during long levels and Bosses

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