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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Lord of the Rings, The : The Return of the King

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Game Name : Lord of the Rings, The : The Return of the King
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2005-10-03 14:44:26
Views : 15907

Multi-player mode: Double kill:
In co-operative multi-player mode, if one player you starts to do a Bane (Orc, Warrior, or Sauron's Bane), attack the enemy that the other player is using the Bane on to get two kills. Note: The other player will get a Perfect while you will get either a Fair, Good, or Excellent.

Dom Monaghan interview:
Successfully complete the game.

Palantir of Sauron level:
Successfully complete the game by finishing the Crack Of Doom level with a Gandalf, Sam, and either Gimili, Legolas, or Aragorn at level 10.

South Gate: Easy experience:
Complete all the tasks until you have the gate open. Do not go through the gate. Just fight all the creatures you can as they keep respawning. Try to use combos to get into Perfect mode then most of the enemies are worth 300 experience points. When you cannot fight anymore, leave. Some small creatures give out red health potions, allowing you to fight for a long period of time.

As soon as you step on the drawbridge, you are ambushed by Orcs and a Troll. Quickly run from the Troll and shoot the catapults. Once this is done, do not go up on top of the gate. Kill all the surrounding Orcs. Travel down as far as you can from the catapults (not towards the gate). Once you have gone as far as you can, turn and run left. When you cannot go left anymore, there should be an area where Orcs are appearing. Keep killing them with arrows before they reach you, and they will eventually stop. Then travel to the right until you see another area where they are appear from. Destroy them all here until they stop. Then, travel to the right some more and do the same thing. In all, there should be four different Orc spawning locations. When they stop coming from all of these, they will no longer appear.

Unlock Four-Hit Combo For Aragorn
Pause the game and enter 8, 7, 6, 9.

Purchasing upgrades:
When you have the option to purchase new skills, make sure you get the skill that allows you longer life, then purchase skills for the entire team starting at level 2 and working up to level 8 first.

Play as Faramir:
Successfully complete the game.

Cirith Ungol:
As Sam, wait for someone to knock over another Orc then run up and quickly kill him. Eliminate them one by one and eventually get up to the Boss. An easy way to kill him is to keep throwing pikes at him. Make sure time does not run out while fighting the Orcs.

Andy Serkis interview:
Successfully complete the game.

Cheat mode:
Press Esc to pause game play during a level, then hold Left Shift + Left Ctrl + Left Alt and enter one of the following codes on the Keypad : A metallic sound will confirm correct code entry.

Result - Code:
Toggle Level 2 Skills Merry - 5977
Toggle Level 2 Skills Aragorn - 5646
Toggle Level 2 Skills Sam - 5456
Toggle Level 2 Skills Gandalf - 9646
Toggle Level 2 Skills Pippin - 9498
Toggle Level 2 Skills Legolas - 7757
Toggle Level 2 Skills Gimli - 8577
Toggle Level 2 Skills Frodo - 6895
Toggle Level 2 Skills Faramir - 4749
Toggle Level 4 Skills Legolas - 9944
Toggle Level 4 Skills Aragorn - 9757
Toggle Level 4 Skills Merry - 7459
Toggle Level 4 Skills Sam - 8974
Toggle Level 4 Skills Gimli - 6798
Toggle Level 4 Skills Frodo - 6859
Toggle Level 4 Skills Gandalf - 6874
Toggle Level 4 Skills Pippin - 4999
Toggle Level 4 Skills Faramir - 4477
Restore Missiles (once only) Gimli - 5554
Restore Missiles (once only) Merry - 7556
Restore Missiles (once only) Pippin - 8597
Restore Missiles (once only) Gandalf - 6947
Restore Missiles (once only) Aragorn - 6776
Restore Missiles (once only) Faramir - 6844
Restore Missiles (once only) Legolas - 6669
Restore Missiles (once only) Frodo - 6665
Restore Missiles (once only) Sam - 4454
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Gandalf - 9469
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Aragorn - 7958
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Frodo - 7967
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Faramir - 7686
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Legolas - 7665
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Sam - 7457
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Gimli - 8757
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Pippin - 8875
Toggle 3 Hit Combo Merry - 6486
Unlock Secret Character (once only) Frodo - 6555
Toggle co-op experience share Any - 9444
Toggle co-op health share Any - 6877
Toggle Level 6 Skills Pippin - 5656
Toggle Level 6 Skills Aragorn - 5677
Toggle Level 6 Skills Legolas - 9589
Toggle Level 6 Skills Merry - 9976
Toggle Level 6 Skills Sam - 9988
Toggle Level 6 Skills Frodo - 9946
Toggle Level 6 Skills Gimli - 9697
Toggle Level 6 Skills Gandalf - 6648
Toggle Level 6 Skills Faramir - 6495
Toggle Level 8 Skills Frodo - 5599
Toggle Level 8 Skills Sam - 5566
Toggle Level 8 Skills Faramir - 5999
Toggle Level 8 Skills Gandalf - 5799
Toggle Level 8 Skills Merry - 9647
Toggle Level 8 Skills Legolas - 7889
Toggle Level 8 Skills Pippin - 7885
Toggle Level 8 Skills Aragorn - 8768
Toggle Level 8 Skills Gimli - 4597
Toggle 4 Hit Combo Frodo - 9795
Toggle 4 Hit Combo Gandalf - 9685
Toggle 4 Hit Combo Merry - 7477
Toggle 4 Hit Combo Sam - 8966
Toggle 4 Hit Combo Aragorn - 8769
Toggle 4 Hit Combo Gimli - 6784
Toggle 4 Hit Combo Legolas - 4567
Toggle 4 Hit Combo Faramir - 4784
Toggle 4 Hit Combo Pippin - 4495
Unlock all Actor Interviews (once only) n/a - 4748
Unlock Secret Character (once only) Frodo - 5774
Unlock Secret Character (once only) Pippin - 6579
Unlock Secret Character (once only) Merry - 4994
Unlock Secret Character (once only) Faramir - 4466
Toggle Special Abilities Gimli - 5745
Toggle Special Abilities Aragorn - 9566
Toggle Special Abilities Pippin - 7456
Toggle Special Abilities Sam - 8545
Toggle Special Abilities Gandalf - 8965
Toggle Special Abilities Faramir - 8758
Toggle Special Abilities Merry - 8655
Toggle Special Abilities Legolas - 6545
Toggle Special Abilities Frodo - 6494
Infinite co-op respawns Any - 5785
All upgrades (must have completed game) Any - 8967
Always Devasting (must have completed game) Any - 6869
Infinite Missiles (must have completed game) Any - 7795
Invulnerable (must have completed game) Any - 7578
Perfect Mode (must have completed game) Any - 5964
Enemy Debug Mode (must have completed game) Any - 9587
Restore Health (must have completed game) Any - 7755
+1000 experience points (once only) Gimli - 5564
+1000 experience points (once only) Gandalf - 5689
+1000 experience points (once only) Merry - 9974
+1000 experience points (once only) Frodo - 9689
+1000 experience points (once only) Faramir - 7687
+1000 experience points (once only) Aragorn - 8764
+1000 experience points (once only) Sam - 6494
+1000 experience points (once only) Pippin - 6474
+1000 experience points (once only) Legolas - 4684

Play as Pippen:
Successfully complete the game.

Link moves:
Learn how to "Link Move" (any special move that requires you to parry first then followed by the combo move). It will immediately place you in Perfect mode.

Walls Of Minas Tirith: Siege towers:
Destroy the first siege tower with the catapult near the middle of the wall. It requires two hits to topple. For the second tower that rolls over to the far right, you can just use your projectiles to take it out. Keep firing at it in order to bring it down.

Win the King Of The Dead:
When fighting the King Of The Dead, always approach him when you see the green/yellow/red bar above him (depending on how much damage you inflict on him) and parry first. In the beginning he will attack three times (usually with a green bar above him), four times (usually with a yellow bar above him), and five times (usually when a red bar is above him). Timing is also a factor. As a rule, you want him to have a yellow or red damage bar above him by the time he summons "Winds Of The Mountain".

David Menham interview:
Successfully complete the game.

Billy Boyd interview:
Successfully complete the game.

Play as Merry:
Successfully complete the game.

Palantir of Saruman level:
Successfully complete the game by finishing the Crack Of Doom level.

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