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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Age Of Empires 2 : The Conquerors

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Game Name : Age Of Empires 2 : The Conquerors
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2006-01-09 21:23:53
Views : 17804

Photon King
Go to the map editor. Click on units, then under Heroes, chose King. Place him somewhere on the map. Press 0. Go back to units and place a deer on the map. Run the scenario and have the king attack the deer. When he attacks, he will become a photon man like in AOE one, but he has a crown.

Take time to study the new civilizations and their technologies through the tech tree in the game. You can garrison units inside siege rams, which helps protect them against missile weapons. This is very handy when you're trying to storm enemy walls. Definitely use the farm queue; it'll cut down on your micromanagement of farmers. Just be careful; 75 pieces of wood get used every time you queue a farm.

Easy win:
For easy victory over the CPU under any difficulty setting, place eight to twelve villagers into three control groups. Then, have two control groups working on gold and one working on stone until all of the stone piles and gold piles are gone. Next, build at least two of every building and upgrade everything as fast as possible. If done quick enough you should be able to either swarm your enemy or surround him with castles.

Cheat Mode
Press ENTER and type the following codes:

Code - Result :

cheese steak jimmy's - 1000 food
robin hood - 1000 gold
rock on - 1000 Stone
lumberjack - 1000 Wood
woof woof - Birds Become Super Dogs
how do you turn this on - Cobra Car
natural wonders - Control Animals
black death - Defeat Everyone
wimpywimpywimpy - Destroy Yourself
aegis - Fast Build
furious the monkey boy - Furious the Monkey
resign - Instant Loss
i r winner - Instant Win
marco - No Fog of War
polo - remove fog
to smithereens - Saboteur Unit
i love the monkey head - VDML
"Marco", then "Polo" - You can see your enemy vision line
torpedo# (# is which empire you want to destroy.) - Destroy Individual Enemy Empire

Get Stuff Quickier
Tired of typing in a code over and over again? Well do this and you won't have to. Push enter to bring up the bar. Type in the code that u want. ( Like lumberjck, rock on, and ect.) Highlight the phrase and then press and hold down the Ctrl button and then press c. Push Enter and press it again. Then press and hold Ctrl and then press v. You should see the last code you type in the last time. Do this instead of typing it all over again.
(send by:Matthew Vongsavanh)

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