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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Painkiller : Battle out of Hell

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Game Name : Painkiller : Battle out of Hell
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2005-02-07 02:36:14
Views : 6920

Cheat mode:
Press ~ to display the console window during game play under the insomnia or daydream difficulty setting. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

All weapons - pkweapons
Extra gold - pkgold
Full ammunition - pkammo
Full ammunition and health p- kpower
Toggle disappearing bodies - pkkeepbodies
Toggle disappearing decals - pkkeepdecals
Toggle demon morph - pkdemon
Toggle weak enemies - pkweakenemies
Toggle excessive gibs - pkalwaysgib
Toggle God mode - pkgod
Toggle haste - pkhaste
Toggle weapon modifier mode - pkweaponmodifier
Toggle weapon specular - weaponspecular <0 or 1>
Change crosshair - crosshair <1-32>
Change player name - name
Set field of view (zoom) - fov <0-255>
Set HUD size - hudsize <0-3>
Set mouse sensitivity - msensitivity <0-200>
Set multi-player frag limit - fraglimit
Set multi-player time limit - timelimit
Show position in level - pos
Toggle smooth mouse - msmooth <0 or 1>
Toggle weapon rendering - showweapon <0 or 1>
Change maximum UDP packet size, as multi-player admin - maxpacketsize <20-1400>
Change setting for actions send per ms, as multi-player admin - actionsendperiod
Change team in multi-player mode - team <1 or 2>
Changes settings for my player synchro, as multi-player admin - updateparams_myplayer
Changes settings for physics items synchro, as multi-player admin - updateparams_physicsitems
Changes settings for player synchro, as multi-player admin - updateparams_players
Changes settings for projectiles synchro, as multi-player admin - updateparams_projectiles
Exit game to desktop - exit
Load map in multi-player mode - map
Quit game to desktop - quit
Show channel packet stats, as multi-player admin - netstats
Tell everyone that you are not ready in multi-player mode - notready
Tell everyone that you want to break match in multi-player mode - break
Toggle camera interpolation for multi-player clients - camerainterpolation <0 or 1>
Toggle player movement prediction - playerprediction <0 or 1>
Toggle running speedmeter - speedmeter <0 or 1>
Benchmarking test in single player - benchmark C5L1
FPS display in single player - showfps <0 or 1>
Kick player from server, as multi-player admin - kick
Kick and ban player from server, as multi-player admin - bankick
Set max number of players on server, as multi-player admin - maxplayers
Set max number of spectators on server, as multi-player admin - maxspectators
Toggle power-up dropping after map change, as multi-player admin - powerupdrop <0 or 1>
Toggle power-ups, as multi-player admin - powerups <0 or 1>
Toggle weapons stay if collected, as multi-player admin - weaponsstay <0 or 1>
Toggle damage to teammates, as multi-player admin - teamdamage <0 or 1>
Toggle bunny hopping, as multi-player admin - allowbunnyhopping <0 or 1>
Toggle bright player skins, as multi-player admin - allowbrightskins <0 or 1>
Toggle forward rocket jump, as multi-player admin - allowforwardrj <0 or 1>
Change game mode on server, as multi-player admin - gamemode
Reload current map, as multi-player admin - reloadmap
Toggle spectator mode for multi-player clients - spectator <0 or 1>
Startsvoting for multi-player clients; for example callvote maxplayers 2 - callvote
Agree or not agree to callvote for multi-player clients - vote
Play indicated movie file for multi-player clients - demoplay
Record indicated movie file for multi-player clients - demorecord
Stop playback of current demo for multi-player clients - demostop
Player commits suicide for multi-player clients - kill
Connect to specified server for multi-player clients - connect >
disables/enables client prediction in multi-player mode - prediction <0 or 1>
Latency in milliseconds, can be negative, in multi-player mode - pushlatency
Set number of milliseconds to pass between sending your action packets to server in multi-player mode - actionsendperiod
Show network info from the start of the connection in multi-player mode - netstats overall
Show help for the command in multi-player mode - netstats help
Unknown - pkcards
Unknown - join
Unknown - rot
Unknown - ready
Unknown - demo
Unknown - stresstest
Unknown - server

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