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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Monster Truck Madness 1

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Game Name : Monster Truck Madness 1
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2005-04-30 01:20:50
Views : 11888

Glitch: Ride over nothing (demo version):
Ride all the way to the tall mountains in the Stunt Quarry and get on top. Keep going around without hitting the invisible wall that blasts you. As you get to the corner at the top of the mountain keep pressing [Tab] every time it blasts you. Note: You must be precise when repeatedly pressing [Tab] immediately after it blasts you. If done correctly, the screen will turn white and you can still ride.

Big head mode:
Enter big heads at the main menu.

New Honda bike:
Enter HONDAISACE as a name.

Super speed:
Note: This trick requires a Microsoft Sidewinder 3d Pro controller. Set the throttle to control the acceleration. Then, while playing any event or mode, move the throttle to around 3/4 Full and watch your speed. It will rapidly increase and go over 100. Be careful, as your turning speed is decreased the faster you race.

Hint: Nosedive Wheelie:
Get over 85 mph, and ride towards a small jumping ramp with a clear landing space. Before landing lean forward into the handlebars until your bike is completely vertical. Hold [Brake] to pull off a Nosedive Wheelie.

Super air:
Find the large hill that slopes straight up at the end of any track, except for the supercross tracks. Start back at an ample distance and race at full speed up the hill. If needed, press [Tab] while riding up for more power. Once at the top, your bike will catch an incredible amount of air.

Hint: Blast off a mountain:
Ride to the very edge of the screen until you see a big mountain. Try to ride up the mountain. If you make it three-quarters of the way up, press [Tab] to warp to the top. If you land on top, keep driving (do not drive off the mountain) and you will be blasted far off screen.
If you get on top of the mountain in any of the races, keep going until you get blown off. Once you hear the cannon shot, keeping pressing [Tab] until you can only see the sky. When you turn around to get off the mountain, you will get blown off just like normal.

Extra boost:
Press [Tab] when riding up a hill.

Extra stunt points:
Repeatedly press [Print Screen] when jumping for extra points.

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