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Game Name : Adventure 550
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2005-02-01 04:54:24
Views : 15902

Well, like the sign says: Welcome to the land of ADVENTURE 550, the
expanded version of Original Adventure.
Here you are standing at the end of the road in a strange valley outside a
building. Go in the building and get the lamp, say PLUGH and then PLOVER
and voila! You're in the Plover Room wherein lies an enormous emerald!
Leave it for now and go northeast and turn your lamp on. Congratulations
for bringing light into the Dark Room! Pick up the Pyramid and go south
then turn your lamp off, say PLOVER and PLUGH again and poof! You're back
in the building. Drop the Pyramid, pick up the keys and go outside. Go
south until you come to the grate, unlock it and go down. Go west and pick
up the cage, then go west again and turn your lamp on. Get the rod and
write down the magic word you see here. Go west, then west again. There's a
cheerful little bird sitting here singing! It's afraid of the rod, so drop
the rod and get the bird. Then pick up the rod again and go west to the pitroom.
Go down the stairs and then south. There's a huge gold Nugget here! Even
though the legend on the wall says "You won't get it up the stairs!", we're
going to trick 'em! So pick it up and go north then west. You've come to a
fissure that's too wide to jump. But don't despair, just wave your rod.
Aha! It must be a magic wand because there's now a crystal bridge spanning
the fissure. Go west across the bridge and pick up those Diamonds! (This
place is lousy with treasure, isn't it?) Go east back across the bridge,
east again and go down the stairs. There's a fierce snake here baring the
way! Free the bird. The cheerful little bird is a real trooper and runs the
snake off in a flurry of feathers. Having now served its purpose, the bird
and the cage can be left here.
Now's a good time to tell you about the dwarf and the axe. Somewhere along
the way, a little dwarf's going to curse at you, throw an axe and run
away.Get the axe and keep it with you until your lamp runs out of power.
This axe will save you from the dwarf and his friends.
Now we're off to collect some more treasure. Go south and get the Jewelry
you see here, then go north and west and get the coins. About now, you're
pretty well loaded down, so we going to go and dump our treasures. Go east
and north, then north again to the Y2 room. At random times, you'll hear a
hollow voice say "Plugh". This is another magic word and should be written
down. Turn your lamp off and say PLUGH. You're back in the building again.
Drop the Nugget, Diamonds, Coins and Jewelry, say PLUGH again and turn your
lamp back on.
Now, go south and get the silver bars, south again and northeast. Pick up
the jewel-encrusted Helmet and go south. Now go northwest and then east.
There's a little mushroom growing on the wall. This mushroom is magical in
nature. Whenever you eat it, your muscles bulge to huge proportions and you
become much stronger. Even though you've eaten the mushroom, from time to
time on a purely random basis, the mushroom will grow back. It's a good
idea to check this room every so often to see if the mushroom's back. If it
is, just pick it and carry it with you. If you run into a situation where
you can't carry anything more, eat the mushroom and you should be able to
carry three or four more items.
Okay, eat the mushroom and go south, then go north. There's a little vial
of oil here. Pick it up, but whatever you do, don't drop it anywhere
because it's highly explosive! Now go north and south then up the stairs.
Go east and my, my! There's a softly humming sword plunged deep into a rock
here! Get the sword (you're strong enough since you've eaten the mushroom,
right?) and go west, back down the stairs and then go southeast, north and
north again. No treasures here, but there is a magic word (even though it
doesn't look like it!). The word is MELENKURION. Write it down on your list
and go south three times. Then go north twice back to Y2. Turn your lamp
off (got to conserve energy, don't we?) and PLUGH yourself back to the
building. Drop the Helmet and Silver Bars, get the bottle and food, PLUGH
back to Y2, turn your lamp back on, and go south. Now we're going to delve
deeper into the bowels of this cave. So, chin up and look lively!
Down through the hole we go (watch your head!) and drop the rod. There are
several rooms in the lower levels of the cave that you can go to directly
just by saying its name. The BEDQUILT room is one of them. So say BEDQUILT
and there you are.
Now, we're going to another of these rooms, so say SLAB. You're now in the
Slab Room. Go south. This is the Two-Pit Room, named thusly because there
are two pits here. There is also a hole 25 feet above your head that you
can't possibly reach...yet! Go down into the pit. There's a tiny little
plant here murmuring "water...water". Pour the water from the bottle onto
the plant. It spurts into furious growth for a few seconds and is now
bellowing for more water (greedy, isn't it?).
Well, let's appease its demand. Go up and west back to the Slab Room. Look
up...there's a hole in the ceiling so go up. You're in a strange
north/south canyon. Go north and north again to the underground reservoir
and fill your bottle with water. Then go south, south again and back down
to the Slab Room. Go south and down into the pit and pour more water on the
plant. Shooom! It's now 25 feet tall and reaches all the way up to that
pesky hole you couldn't reach before! But don't climb it yet. Go up and
east then down into this new pit. There are oily pools everywhere! Fill
your bottle with oil, go up, west, down and now climb the beanstalk.
There's a tunnel here, so go west. A giant has unwisely left a nest of
Golden Eggs here! Also, note the legend on the wall..."FEE, FIE, FOE, FOO
[sic]" (foo?). Anyway, leave the eggs, write these words down and go north.
You've come to an old, rusty door. Weren't you clever to bring some oil!
Oil the door and drop the bottle, food, and keys. Now, go back south then
go east. There was a cave-in here, but you just manage to squeeze through
the debris by going north...only to confront a very angry, hungry looking
ogre! Throw the sword at the ogre. The sword flies through the air singing
something Wagnerian in nature, as if it knows what it must do...and neatly
slices the ogre to ribbons! But the battle was too much for it and your
contralto companion now lies in a puddle of metal. But, cooling rapidly,
you notice that it has become a Ring wrought from the finest Mithril! Get
the Ring and go north.
You've entered the Sorceror's Lair. Upon one wall is carved "NOSIDE SAMOHT".
It looks vaguely familiar, doesn't it? Write these two words down and go
east. You're standing on the brink of a strange, bottomless pit with paths
leading east, west and north. First, we're going to go east. The path stops
here but you notice a crack heading northeast then follow the path
southeast. There's a path leading farther south here, but it's covered with
slime that seems to know you're here! It looks like it would devour you if
you tried to go south now! Throw the little vial at the slime. Look! The
slime shrivels up, turns black and finally disappears!
The way is now clear for you to continue, so go south, then south again.
You've entered a small, shelved room. Upon one of the shelves is an open
casket filled with rare Black Opals! Get the opals and go back north twice,
then west and southwest back to the path. Now, go north and west. Again,
the path ends, but you can enter the southeast crack. You enter it and find
yourself in the Ice Room. Go east down the ice slide.
Brrrrr! Are your teeth chattering? They should be because you've entered
the Ice Caverns and there's only two ways you can go...south and northwest.
The slide you came down is unclimable, so it's off into the Ice Mazes. The
southern path is a dead-end, so go northwest and don't lose your way! Now,
go west, south, west, north, northwest, west twice and south twice. You've
come to a niche wherein an intricate Crystal Sculpture of a Pig rests! Get
the sculpture and go north twice. Now go northwest, west, south, northwest
twice, west twice and northwest. Believe it or not, you've spelled out a
magic word with all this meandering! But more importantly, you have entered
a room with a sign floating in midair which states, rather unpretentiously,
"this way out". The magic word you spelled out in the Ice Maze is "THURB".
Say THURB and also write it down on your list of magic words. Poof! You're
back at the top of the slide that started all this. So go northwest and
north. You're now standing on the brink of the pit again. Go north, west,
and south until you get back to the Giant's Room. But don't touch the eggs
yet. (Patience, patience!)
It's time to dump our treasures now, so go south and down the beanstalk,
then go up and west to the Slab Room. Now go back up through the
hole...we're going to take a shortcut, and I hope we don't run into
anything nasty on the way! Go south (gulp!), sorry about this...there's a
fierce, green dragon baring further progress! It's also lying on a rather
handsome looking Persian carpet! Kill the dragon! What? With my bare
hands??? Yes! Why not? Well, I'll be darned, you did it! Get the rug (leave
the teeth for now) and go east, then east again. You're back in the Hall of
the Mountain King! Go north twice to the Y2 Room, turn your lamp off and
PLUGH yourself back to the building. Drop the Opals, Sculpture, and Rug.
By now, you may have heard some rustling noises in the darkness behind you.
That noise is the Pirate following you around, just waiting for you to pick
up a treasure he can steal! Let him! But as soon as he does, get back to
the Hall of the Mountain King. From here, we'll go into his maze and wind
our way through the rooms and locate not only the treasure he's stolen, but
his Treasure Chest as well!
Ready? Okay...from the Hall of the Mt. King, go west three times, then east
and south into the hole. You are now in a Maze of Twisty Little Passages
All Alike. So follow me closely and don't get lost! Go east, south three
times, north and east. You should be on the brink of a pit. Now go north,
east and northwest. You have located the Pirate's Den! Take his Chest and
any treasures he's taken from you and go southeast, west and south back to
the Brink of the Pit. Go down into the pit and go east twice. Turn your
lamp off and say XYZZY and you're back in the building! Drop your treasures
and the Chest. You can't open the chest, so don't bother with it. Now PLUGH
yourself back to Y2 and turn your lamp back on.
Now south and back down into the hole and get the rod. Say BEDQUILT then
SLAB. Go south and down into the pit. Now climb the beanstalk and go west
back to the Giant's Room. Not yet...leave the eggs. Go north then north
again through the door. You've discovered a beautiful cavern with a
waterfall ending in a whirlpool. But better yet, you've found a Jeweled
Trident! Get the Trident and go back south three times and back down the
beanstalk. Go up, west and north back to Bedquilt. Now go east to Complex
Junction and go north. There's an enormous clam laying here! Open the clam.
Goodness! A huge lusterous pearl rolls out and downhill. It was an oyster
all along! Okay, go down twice to the cul-de-sac and get the pearl, then go
up twice back to the oyster room.
Now go up and east. The passage looks kind of damp here...and well it
should for it's actually a patch of quicksand! But, it seems to me you're
pretty good at building bridges with that wand of yours. So wave the rod.
Even though nothing obvious happens, in reality, a bridge has been built
across the quicksand, so go east, north, then north and southwest. Turn
your lamp off for this area is lit by the light of three (three?) moons! Go
down the stairs to the beach. Look! There's a dinghy with a bag of pieces
of eights here! Get the bag and go back up the stairs, go west and turn
your lamp back on. Now go northwest and east. Then go south. Well, Davey
Jones' Locker! There's a finely carved spyglass here! Get the spyglass and
go north, west then south. Hmmm, that path looks damp again! Well, no
matter, just wave the rod and go west over the patch. Go west then down
back to the Oyster Room, then south back to Complex Junction. Well, let's
go deposit some more treasures, so go up, east, up and north to Y2. Lights
off! PLUGH back to the building and drop all your treasures (except the
ring). PLUGH and turn the lights back on. Go south and down through the
hole. Pop back to BEDQUILT, then to the Slab room and south and down into
the pit. Climb the beanstalk and go west into the Giant's Room. Go north
twice through the door and drop the ring and the rod, but keep the lamp.
Time to take a dip, so go down (into the Whirlpool???). It's a good thing
you dropped everything because you manage to hold onto the lamp. The
current's so strong you'd have dropped everything else! You find yourself
deposited on the opposite shore of the reservoir. You see a huge gong
hanging on the wall and claw tracks leading into the lake. Go north and
northeast. You've found Ralph Witt's main treasure room! And look! Hanging
loose over the balcony is a string of Indian Turquoise Beads! Get the beads
and go west and south back to the lake shore. Now what? How do you plan on
crossing this lake? You could wait for Jacques Cousteau or...say! What
about the gong? Hit the gong and look! There's a huge tortoise here with
"I'm Darwin - Ride Me!" written on its back. Well, when in Rome...ride on
the turtle's back and wonder of wonders, he glides into the water and takes
you back to the southern shore of the reservoir and disappears back into
the depths of the lake.
Go back south three times and get the dragon's teeth, then go east twice
and north twice to Y2...lights off and PLUGH. Drop the beads and PLUGH back
to Y2, lights on, south and down into the hole. Go to Bedquilt, then Slab,
then south and down. Climb the beanstalk, west and get the Eggs (finally!).
Now go north and get the food and keys, then go north, get the rod and the
ring and go west. Now go down the slide to the Low Room. From here go
southwest, then up.
You've come to a deep chasm and a rickety bridge crossing it. Also you have
encountered a troll who demands that you throw him a treasure before you
cross. Throw him the Eggs (they're retrievable). He scurries away clutching
the eggs, leaving the bridge unattended. Cross the bridge and go northeast,
east and drop the keys and the food. Go northeast and east. You've found
some very rare Spices! Get the spices and go west and north. Turn your lamp
off because you've found a breathtaking view...the area is dimly light by
the fires of a monstrous underground volcano and you can see across the
volcano a valley. It's bridge building time again, so wave your rod and
drop it. A bridge spans the volcano from rim to rim. Make sure you have
your ring with you and cross the bridge. Now go north to the wall.
A huge, bull-like figure gazes down at you with a distinctly amused look on
its face. It seems to be daring you to discover the means of entrance to
its land. Believe it or not, you know the name of the tool to use...right!
It's your old friend, MELENKURION! So say MELENKURION and magically three
great crevices appears at the base of the statue!
Go northeast and turn your lamp back on; then go north and northwest.
There's a beautiful Jade Bracelet is lying here. Get the Jade and go east.
Uh oh...all of a sudden out of seemingly empty space appear a horde of
nasty little gooseberry goblins with sharp nasty teeth. They're screaming
and yelling at you in a most threatening manner. It seems somewhere in the
back of your mind that you recall something about an army growing from
dragon's teeth! Throw the teeth and before you appears an army of skeletons
who frighten the goblins away, turn and salute you then disappear before
you can thank them. Go northeast and get the flask. Don't open it yet,
though! Now go south twice and northwest back to the main entrance.
Go northwest into the Fog Room. You're warned that to go farther into the
Fog could be disasterous, but you're not going to let a little fog stop you,
are you? Of course not! So go north and...oh my, lost in the fog. I'm sure
you've heard it before, but the worse thing to do when you're in a fog is
to have a light lit, so turn your lamp off. Look! There in the distance...a
barely visible light can be seen. Since the direction is purely random,
you'll have to head for it yourself.
When you reach the light you find yourself in a room with a dark passage
leading down. So go down and turn your lamp back on. Lo and behold! You've
found the Ruby Yacht of Omar Khayyam! Get the yacht and go north. You're in
the Pentagram room. Put the flask on the Pentagram and open it. All of a
sudden an 12-foot tall djinn appears before you. But luckily, you have him
trapped within the confines of the Pentagram. He offers to give you some
help if you'll only release him from the Pentagram. Do so and he gives you
a history lesson about Ralph Witt and his hatred of the order of the
alphabet because his last name (Witt) places him at the bottom of things.
Now go north and up. The djinn appears again and gives you a magic word:
PHUGGG. Then the djinn disappears again never to appear again. But don't
worry, you've gotten everything from him that you need. Now, go up the
chimney, then south and down. Voila! You're back at the beginning of the
Fog Room. (Whew! Aren't you glad you didn't have to find your way back
through that pea-soup?) Go south.
Somewhere about now you should be getting "lamp getting dim" messages. Keep
on going until your lamp runs completely out of power. Don't panic, though,
just drop the lamp and say NOSIDE SAMOHT (remember him?) and before you
know it, a blue aura appears around your lamp and it suddenly is recharged!
Pick it up and keep going.
Go north three times being careful not to step on the sleeping Basilisk. Go
down the spiral stairs twice then go north. You've found another Y2 Room.
Don't do anything silly like trying PLUGH or PLOVER here because it's
extremely dangerous trying to get down from a platform suspended 2000 feet
above a raging volcano! You are about to enter a series of Enchanted
Caverns. Once you enter them, you must go through the entire maze before
you can exit them. So pay close attention to the directions that follow:
Go west, south, southwest, northwest, south, down, west, northwest, north,
south, north and east. Turn your lamp off because you've entered a highly
polished Royal Audience Hall and light emanates from an unseen source. Go
east again to the throne and pay your respects to the remains of an unusual
being. Sitting on the throne is the skeleton of the ruler of this strange
land. In its hand is a beautiful Sapphire Sceptre! As you take the sceptre,
the ghost of the skeleton seems to pervade the hall. It gazes at you and
warns you to remember a magic word then disappears. Write down this magic
word. In order to complete the game successfully, you'd have to play this
portion five times; but in order to save you time, the possible magic words
are: KLAETU, KNERL, BLERBI, SNOEZE and ZORTON. Whichever word the ghost
says to you, remember it; but write all the words down on your list ofwords.
Time to leave, so go west then west again and turn your lamp back on. Now
go southwest, east, southeast, northeast, east, southeast, down, south and
north. At last...you've come back to the Y2 Room. Go south and down to the
Storage room and get the plate you see here. Then go up the stairs three
times then north to the Peelgrunt Room. A massive safe takes up an entire
wall, but it
doesn't have a dial, keyhole, handle or any means to open it. It must be a
magic safe! Aha! The magic word the skeleton said to you! Say the word and
the safe creeks open (it was quite rusty). Enter the safe. Suspended in
mid-air is a luminous crown! Drop all the treasures here, exit the safe and
close the door. (Don't drop the plate, though!) Then head back south
towards our sleeping friend. Unfortunately, the Basilisk isn't such a heavy
sleeper after all and wakes with a roar. Luckily you're carrying the plate,
and catching sight of itself in the mirror-like finish on the plate, it
turns itself into a stone statue! Whew! That could've been you! Drop the
plate and go back south to the entrance.
Turn your lamp off since you have plenty of light to see where you're going
and go back south across the bridge and south again. Turn your lamp back on
and go south, pick up the keys and the food, go southeast and south. You're
outside a room with a sign over the door that reads "CAUTION! BEAR IN
ROOM!" Say BARREN and you're inside the room with a ferocious looking bear
chained to the wall with a golden chain. Good thing you have something to
give the bear, so feed it the food and it becomes quite tame! Unlock the
chain and get it a the bear and drop the keys. Exit the room and go up,
north, west and west.
You've returned to the bridge and the Troll is nowhere in sight. As soon as
you try to cross the bridge, though, the Troll steps out from underneath
the bridge and the greedy little beggar demands yet another treasure as a
toll! Free the bear. The bear goes lumbering toward the Troll, who lets out
a frightened yell and makes tracks for who knows where! The bear ambles
back towards you, but leave it here. If you try to take it across the
bridge, it's entirely possible you'd both perish! Wave goodbye to the bear
and cross the bridge.
Time to retrieve your eggs from the troll. Type each of the words you saw
on the Giant's Room Wall separately (i.e. FEE...then FIE...then FOE, etc.)
After you've typed in FOO, you should receive the message "DONE!". If you
didn't, then try it again. Go southwest, down and southeast. You're in the
Oriental Room and a delicate Ming Vase is sitting here! Leave it just now
and go north then west. You've come to an alcove with a tight squeeze into
a tunnel heading east.
In order to get into the tunnel, you'll have to drop everything (yes,
everything!) you're carrying. Do so and go east. At last! The first
treasure you saw in the game! An enormous Emerald is here! Get the emerald
and go west and pick up everything you dropped. Now go northwest and south
and get the Vase, then go southeast and east. There's a velvet pillow
laying here. Get it and go west three times and down into the pit. One last
time up the beanstalk, west and get the Eggs. Then south and down. Go up
and west then up and south, east, east and north twice to Y2 (the real one,
this time!). Turn your lamp off and PLUGH back to the building. Drop the
pillow first BEFORE you drop the vase! If you drop the vase first, it
smashes into a thousand delicate pieces all over the ground and is
worthless! Now drop the rest of your treasures including the ring this time,
PLUGH and turn your lamp back on. Go south twice then down.
Imagine that! There's a safe here that's a complete double for the one you
found in the Peelgrunt Room! Use the same magic word on this safe as you
did on the other and enter the safe. Here are all the treasures you placed
in the other safe. Hmmm...this must be the exact same safe! Obviously, it
had two entrances all along! Get the treasures, exit the safe and close it.
Go up the stairs and north back to Y2. Lights out and PLUGH back to the
building and drop this load of treasures. Right now all you should be
carrying is the lamp. So PLUGH, lights on, go south and down. Go to
Bedquilt and keep going down until you arrive at the Witt's Construction
area. You'll see several Spelunker Magazines laying here. You can't read
them, but you must deliver them! Get the magazines and go east to Witt's
End. Drop the magazines and keep going east until you get outside.
Now's the tricky part. You must wander around until you receive the "CAVE
CLOSING - PLEASE EXIT!" message. Start making your way back to Y2. If
you've retrieved all the treasures you shouldn't be able to get there.
Eventually, you will be deposited in a sealed cylindrical room in a puff of
orange smoke. You will be completely empty-handed. There will be no obvious
exits. The only way out is via magic. Remember that list of magic words
you've been writing down all this time? Now they become extremely important
and useful!
When you opened the flask in the pentagram room, the djinn told you two
things. The first was the magic word PHUGGG; the second was a brief history
lesson regarding Ralph Witt and his desire to reverse the alphabet...hmmm!
Is there something to this? Yes, indeedy! All those magic words you've
accumulated should now be typed in in reverse alphabetical order! Start
with ZORTON and work your way down to BLERBI. You should have 16 magic
words in all. The complete list and order is:
If you mess up the order of the words, you must start at ZORTON again.
When you have successfully typed the words in, you should be -Poofed-! back
to the end of a road in a strange valley outside a building. Look familiar?
If you go into the building and try PLUGH, it doesn't seem to work here!
That's strange...it all looks the same...or does it?!? Go south down the
road toward the grate. But this time, when you get to the slit where the
water is entering, instead of a 2-inch slit, you see a 2-foot slit! Go down
the slit.You are sucked down, down, down into the very depths of the earth in
complete darkness! Just when you think you're going to die from lack of
oxygen, you find yourself in a brightly lit treasure room. Look, it's all
the things you've seen during your adventure: But instead of monsters and
threatening creatures, you find smiling gooseberry goblins, the troll and
basilisk are smiling at you benignly, friendly dwarves wave you in!
Congratulations! Hope you had a "grate" time solving this adventure

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