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You are viewing Cheat Codes for BeyBlade Super Tournament Battle

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Game Name : BeyBlade Super Tournament Battle
System : Game Cube
Date Added : 2005-01-27 23:57:09
Views : 18423

Play as Daichi
Defeat Daichi in tournament mode. Win the tournament to unlock him as a playable character.

Easiest bladers
Once you unlock all the characters, the easiest bladers are Kenny, King, Kane, and Miriam.

Extra opening sequence
When the game first loads, allow it to idel at the "New Game/Continue" screen. If you wait for about two and a half minutes, a revamped version of the V-Force opening will appear.

Get Dual Dragoon bit beast
Beat the national championship once and talk to DJ in the lobby,
and he'll give you the Dual Dragoon bit chip.

Play as Joseph
Play Four Player Battle Royal with as Ozuma and the CPU as Dunga, Mariam, and Daichi 300 times. Then, play tournament mode 20 times. On the 20th time, you will fight him in the finals.

Play as Salima
Unlock Queen, Gordo, Joseph, Zeo, andJim. Then, defeat her in the preliminaries.

Play as DJ
Defeat DJ in tournament mode without using any continues. Win the tournament to unlock him as a playable character.

Easy wins
Do not always go for a crash out, as you will end up spending more money fixing your Beyblade than you will earn (or barely come out ahead from the cash standpoint). The best way to defeat your opponent is to force them next to an opening by coming up behind them, or in front of them if you are in opposite spins, then launching your Bit Beast attack.

Play as Jim
unlock Gordo, Queen, Joseph, and Zeo. Then, defeat him in the Preliminaries.

Play as King
Defeat King in tournament mode. Win the tournament to unlock him as a playable character.

Unlock Daichi
In order to unlock the little guy Daichi, you have to defeat him
in Tournament Mode. When you defeat Daichi and win the tournament
(he'll randomly appear), he will join your roster.

Cause opponent to miss
As your opponent starts their Bit Beast attack, keep tapping [A]. If done correctly, this will cause their attack to miss

Use the DJ
In order to use the DJ (that's right, the announcer!) you have to
defeat DJ in the tournament. I believe you cannot have any "Try
agains" in order to get this character. If you're using DJ, Kenny
or Tyson will be the announcer.

Play as Queen
Unlock King, Zeo, and Gordo. Then, win tournament mode 300 times. You should face her in the semi-finals. She is at level 1675 and has 999 HP. Instead of having Gabriel, she has Ariel.

Play as Ozuma and others
To battle or play as Ozuma, Dunga, Marium, Goki, Kane, Max, Ray, Kai, Tyson, and Kenny, play free battle. You can also be yourself but you cannot battle yourself.

Select commentator
Select any mode except tournament, then press [L] or [R] at the player selection screen to select DJ, Kenny, or Tyson as the commentator.

Play as Gordo
Unlock Daichi then play free battle 1,000 times. Then, go to tournament mode. You should fight him on the second round. He is at level 250 and has 700 HP. He will still have Orthrus.

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