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You are viewing Cheat Codes for Pokemon Yellow

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Game Name : Pokemon Yellow
System : GameBoy Color
Date Added : 2005-02-09 09:02:11
Views : 16711

Kadabra is found on Route 8 near Lavender Town.

Surf in Route 6.
Information in this section was contributed by Lizard_King.

Items in Viridian Forest:
When you walk into Viridian Forest, you will see a tree with someone in front of it. Go to the left side of the tree to find an Antidote.

Catch Pokemon easily:
When facing a Pokemon (except for special ones, such as Mewtwo) throw a Pokeball of any kind at the it. As soon as the Pokeball pops open hold B until it wobbles for the second time. For Pokemon such as Mewtwo, reduce half their HP, then do the trick.

Get the Thunder Badge on the S.S. St. Anne, then go to Vermilion City to find Squirtle.
Complete the battles at the Vermilion City gym. Go outside and talk to the woman to receive a Squirtle.

Remain in secret room:
Note: This trick requires a link cable. Link to another Game Boy and begin the game in the Pokemon Center. Go the secret room and remove the link cable. You and your friend can still play in the secret room.

Even odds on slots:
There is a man wearing glasses that resembles the man at the entrance of the Gyms. Talk to him, then go to the slot machine just above him. Start with 50 coins and eventually you will hit three jackpots in a row. Your odds will be 50% as good. If you run out of coins, just repeat those steps.

Go to Cerulean City and go west until you reach a trail. Find your way through the trail until you cannot go any further. Go north and use SURF on any one of your Pokemon. Follow the water passage and you will be at the Power Plant. Search your way through the Power Plant and you will have the chance to catch Zapdos.

Tangela can also be found outside of the Safari Zone. Go to Pallet Town, go down to the water and Surf down. There should be a grassy area on the land to your right. You can catch LV 30 Pidgeottos, Raticates and Tangelas there.

Missingo warning:
Do not use missingno, because it will not work. You can turn your Game Boy off and back on to make it work again.

Check Ghost Pokemon without the Silph Scope:
You can see the Pokemon Ghosts in Pokemon Tower without the Silph Scope. When you are in battle choose PKM menu as if you were going to change Pokemon. Instead, just check the stats of any Pokemon in the party and go back to the battle. You will see the Pokemon that is there. Note: It is impossible to catch them, but it will be registered by your Pokedex.

Old Man:
After getting the Pokedex, leave Viridian City . The old man will try to catch Rattata but unlike in the Red/Blue version, it will breaks free.
The old man does eventually catch Rattata. After about three or four times talking with him, he throws the PokeBall and catches it.

Immovable truck:
The truck that was next to S.S.Anne in the Red and Blue versions is here in the Yellow version, but still can not be moved.

Dodrio is found in the grassy area on the Bike Road. Note: It will take a long time to find it there.

Missing Pokemon:
The following Pokemon cannot be caught in the game and must be traded: Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Ekans, Arbok, Meowth, Persain, Koffing, Weezing, Jynx, Electabuzz, and Magmar.

Printing Pokemon:
Your Pokemon can be printed at the Pokemon Club in Vermilion City.

Wild Pikachu:
Go on one side of Viridian City and enter the grass. If you do not find a Pikachu the first time you see a Pokemon, go to the other side. If you do not catch it, go to the other side again, and it will probably appear there as the first Pokemon you see.

There is a Pokemon Mansion in Celadon City . It is two doors down from the Pokemon Center. Find the backdoor to the mansion by entering the small space between the Pokemon Center and the bushes. Walk though that space and you will see another space above. Walk though that space and go to the right. Another space will appear. That is the back door. Walk though the back door and go up to the last floor. Enter the little hut and you will find a pokeball with Evee inside.

Go to the bottom of Fuchsia City, where you head off to Seafoam Island, and use the Super Rod. Use sleep attacks because it is difficult to catch.

Defeating Gary's Eevee evolutions:
When battling Gary's Eevee evolutions, use the following strategies.
Eevee: Have a Geodude that knows Dig. Normal move are not effective against Rock Pokemon and ground is very effective against normal.
Vaporeon: Use Pikachu, or Bulbasaur.
Flareon: Use Squirtle or Geodude. Water is very effective against fire, and ground is also very effective.
Jolteon: Use Graveler that knows Dig. That is very effective.
Jesse and James locations:
To find these team rocket members, go to these locations:
Mt. Moon (before you exit)
Celadon game corner (before you face Giovanni)
Pokemon tower, Lavender Town (before you rescue Mr. Fuji)
Sliph Co. (before facing Giovanni again, and before you get a Master Ball)
No escape:
During the Pokemon League at the last trainer before Gary, try to leave the room. Two large doors will appear in front of you.
This will also happen when you fight the trainer before Brock in the Pokemon League. However, if you defeat him, you can walk out of the room and back to the ghost trainer. The voice will keep you from going any further than that.

Avoiding battles:
If you do not want fight all the gym leaders or people who want a fight while wandering in the cities, just avoid them by walking past while they are looking away.

Winning team recommendation:
First Pokemon: Alakazam (Psychic, Recover, Reflect, Thunder Wave)
Second Pokemon: Jolteon. (Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Double Kick, Reflect)
Third Pokemon: Flareon (Flamethrower, Body Slam, Double Edge, Smog)
Fourth Pokemon: Jynx (Psychic, Ice Beam, Lovely Kiss, Bubblebeam)
Fifth Pokemon: Vaporeon (Surf, Acid Armor, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump or Aurora Beam)
Sixth Pokemon: Exeggutor (Toxic, Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Psychic)
Note: Exeggutor's leech attacks if used together can sap all of their energy all in one try if used properly.
Catch Pokemon without weakening them:
Save a lot of money (around $10,600) and buy all the Pokeballs. You should have 99 -- as long as you have at least 85 you can still use this without having to buy more. When you encounter a Pokemon, start throwing Pokeballs. If on the first try, it says you missed the Pokemon, do not try it again -- weaken it or use a better ball. If the Pokemon breaks out of the ball, keep throwing Pokeballs. After a while the Pokemon either gets tired of breaking out or finds a ball it likes and will not bust out. You can use this trick with a Great Ball or Ultra Ball, but it will be more expensive.

Lickitung can be found in the Unknown Dungeon.

Clefairy can be found in at Mt. Moon

Fish in the Safari Zone to catch Dragonair.

Effective Pokemon matching:
Information in this section was contributed by cdnolan. Normal vs. Nothing
Fire vs. Plant, Bug, Plant-Poison, Plant-Psychic, Bug-Flying, Bug-Plant, Bug-Poison, Ice-Psychic, Ice-Flying.
Water vs. Ground, Fire, Rock-Flying, Rock-Ground, Poison-Ground.
Ice vs. Plant, Ground, Dragon, Normal-Flying, Fire-Flying, Plant-Poison, Plant-Psychic, Rock-Flying, Rock-Ground, Bug-Flying, Poison-Flying, Electric-Flying, Dragon-Flying
Plant vs. Ground, Water, Rock-Ground, Rock-Water, Water-Ice, Water-Fighting, Water-Psychic
Electric vs. Water, Normal-Flying, Fire-Flying, Water-Flying, Rock-Flying, Rock-Water, Bug-Flying, Poison-Flying, Water-Ice, Water-Flying, Water-Poison, Water-Psychic, Ice-Flying
Rock vs. Fire, Bug, Normal-Flying, Fire-Flying, Water-Flying, Rock-Flying, Bug-Flying, Bug-Plant, Bug-Poison, Poison-Flying, Water-Ice, Ice-Psychic, Ice-Flying, Electric-Flying, Dragon-Flying
Ground vs. Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock-Ground, Poison-Ground, Ghost-Poison
Fighting vs. Normal, Rock-Ground, Rock-Water, Water-Ice
Bug vs. Plant, Psychic, Plant-Psychic
Poison vs. Plant, Bug, Plant-Psychic, Bug-Flying, Bug-Plant
Flying vs. Plant, Fighting, Bug, Plant-Poison, Plant-Psychic, Bug-Flying, Bug-Plant, Bug-Poison, Water-Fighting
Psychic vs. Fighting, Poison, Plant-Poison, Poison-Ground, Poison-Flying, Ghost-Poison, Water-Fighting, Water-Poison
Ghost vs. Psychic, Plant-Psychic, Water-Psychic, Ice-Psychic

Metapod can be found in the Viridian Forest.

Slowbro can be found at Sea Foam Islands, Route 13, and Route 12.

Fake Faint:
Get a Pokemon that is confused during battle and has Substitute. Use Substitute and wait for the game to say it hurt itself . The game will say enemy Pokemon Substitute took damage, enemy's Substitute broke, and the Pokemon will fall and come back up.

Using the link cable to build your starting team:
If you do not want to lose any Pokemon you really like and want to restart a game, trade the Pokemon from one game to another. To do this, go to a Pokemon Center and trade. Trade the desired Pokemon for a bad Pokemon from the other game. Repeat as many times as necessary, then restart your game. Get your Pokemon back from the other Pokemon game. You can do this to construct an almost invincible team.

Hidden rare candy:
Go to the house in Cerulean City where the man tells you about the badges. Go outside through the back door and use the Item Finder. Alternately, walk around his back yard and repeatedly press A until you find it.
Use the Item Finder in the grass on the Bike Path.

Ineffective poisons:
If one of your strong Pokemon gets poisoned during a battle, just keep using a move that can cause an instant K.O.. If you keep knocking out the opponent's Pokemon one after another, the poison will not work. Also, instead of pressing and holding the D-pad, tap it to take small steps.

Shortcut to Cinnabar Island:
After getting SURF, go to Pallet Town. Surf down the river at the bottom. After a few attacks by other trainers you will arrive at Cinnabar Island.

Get Evee and give it the Thunder Stone.

Choose Gary's Eevee's evolutions:
You can choose Gary's Eevee's evolution by how you do in battles with Gary's Eevee. To get Vaporeon simply lose the first battle with Gary in Oak's Lab after you deliver Oak's Parcel. Then, win the battle near Viridian City on the route to the Pokemon League. To get Flareon, win the match with Gary at Oak's lab, then lose any of the other matches, except for any of them past Silph Co. To get Jolteon, win all of the matches.

Charmander can be found at Route 24 N.W.

Fish with the Good Rod in Route 6.
Information in this section was contributed by Lizard_King.

Go to the grassy area before you enter Victory Road Cave. If you see a Manky, do not make it faint and run each time one is encountered. This makes them mad and evolve.

Get Evee and give it the Water Stone.

Easy Coins in Game Corner:
Go to the Game Corner, with all the slot machines. Walk around the room, continually pressing A. Sometimes you will pick up some coins off the ground - a message will appear. You can get over 200 coins this way.

Catch Pokemon easily:
When you throw a Poke Ball, Great Ball, or Ultra Ball, hold B when the ball just starts to explode. An Ultra Ball is recommended.
Get into a battle with a wild Pokemon. Use any ball (except for a Master Ball) immediately as an attack. As soon as the ball appears, hold B + Up. This requires extremely precise timing.

Magneton can be found at the power plant near Lavender Town.

Name origins:
The first part of the name of the three mystical Pokemon birds, Arcticuno, Zapdos, and Moltres originate from arctic, zap, and mole. The last parts, uno, dos, and tres are Spanish for one, two, and three.
Abra was originally called Hocus.
Arbok is "kobra" (derived from cobra), spelled backwards.
Aerodactyl was originally called Ptera.
Arcanine was originally called Blaze.
Charmander is derived from char(coal) and (sala)mander.
Charmeleon is derived from char(coal) and (cham)eleon.
Charizard is derived from char(coal) and (l)izard.
Dewgong is derived from the Filipino word "Dugong" which means "Manatee".
Ditto is a synonym for "same". It was originally called Metamon.
Dratini was originally called Dragoon.
Ekans is "snake" spelled backwards.
Eevee is a written pronunciation of the first two letters of "Evolution".
Gastly was originally called Ghos or Gost.
Growlithe was originally called Flamie.
Gyrados is Japanese for "tsunami".
Hitmonlee and Hitmonchans name start with "hit", meaning their attacks are mainly fighting. The "mon" in both of their names is probably derived from "monster". The "lee" in Hitmonlee's name is from Bruce Lee, who was famous for kicking. The "chan" in Hitmonchan's name is for Jackie Chan, who is famous for his "piston punching".
Kabuto means "helmet" in Japanese. Kabuto was originally called Att.
Kadabra was originally called Pocus.
Koffing and Weezing were originally called LA and NY as in Los Angeles and New York.
Machamp was originally called Ju-Doh.
Machoke was originally called Kung-Foo.
Machop was originally called Kara-Tee.
Omastar was originally called Kargo.
Omanyte is derived from a fossil which is called "Omanyte".
Onix is derived from a precious stone, named onyx.
Porygon is "Polygon" spelled wrong.
Rai (as in Raichu) means "thunder" in Japanese.
Raticate is derived from the word "(e)radicate".
Scyther was originally called Stryke. Scyther's name is derived from its arms, which are shaped like scythes. A scythe is a long blade attached to the end of a stick (what the Grim Reaper always carries around).
Tauros originates from the Spanish word "Toro".
Tentacool and Tentacruel are derived from the word "Tentacle".
Vulpix is strikingly similar to the Latin word "vulpes", which means "fox".

This trick requires a link cable and the Red or Blue version of the game. Go to a Pokecenter and trade Pikachu to the Red or Blue version. Use the Thunderstone on Pikachu in the Red or Blue version to evolve it to Raichu. Then, trade it back to the Yellow Version.

Level 100 Pokemon:
This trick requires a link cable and the Red/Blue version. Go to a Pokecenter and trade one of your Pokemon to the Red/Blue version. Make sure you have 99 of any item in Red/Blue version. Make that Pokemon in Red/blue version to level 100 and trade it back to the Yellow version. Note: This trick requires a lot time, but is worth it.

Fish in back of the house where you get the Super Rod in Fuchisia City. Note: This will take awhile.
Catch a Magikarp and go to Cerulean City. Find the Daycare and talk to the man. Answer "Yes" and wait until magikarp is at level 19. Give it a rare candy and it will evolve into Gyarados - it will also learn Bite.

Trade a Meowth from the blue version of the game as soon as you catch it to a new yellow version game. Meowth will soon acquire the Payday attack. Although Meowth will be hard to control, you will be able to make a large amount of money from the Payday move when he does listen. Use this move on wild Pokemon because you will not be able to control Meowth until you get the Cascade badge.

After Viridian City, travel west to reach routes 22 and 23 to go to Victory Road. On the first level, use Strength to push the rock and activate a switch. Find a ladder and go up to the second level. Move the rock that is blocking your way onto another switch. Find the next ladder to go up to the third level. Push the boulder on this floor onto the switch on your left, then go back down to the second floor. You will find Moltres at that location.

Get a Cubone. Go to the entrance of the underground path from Cerulean City. A person there will trade you your Cubone for a Machoke. When you receive the Machoke, since it was traded it will evolve into Machamp.

Easy experience:
Place the Pokemon that you want to level up at the top of your list. Fight the Elite Four, then switch to the Pokemon you want to win with, and bring it out. Keep repeating this with every trainer and Pokemon.

Get Evee and give it the Fire Stone.

Pokemon level variations:
Wild Pokemon of the same level are weaker than the same kind of Pokemon of the same level that you raised yourself. You can also select the moves that the Pokemon you learned (and forgotten) at an earlier level while wild Pokemon come "as is" with whatever moves are selected by the CPU.
Having your Pokemon raised by the babysitter on Route 9 will cause the Pokemon to be weaker and have lower stats than it would be if you raised it through battles.
Using Rare Candy to raise your Pokemon will cause the Pokemon to be weaker and have lower stats than it would be if you raised it through battles.
All Pokemon with emulators:
To get almost all 150 Pokemon when playing the game on an emulator and the Pokemon ROMs, start a game using the Pokemon Yellow game. Keep playing until you have all the Pokemon you can get from the Yellow version. Make sure you have a Pokemon with the FLY ability. Save the game. Rename the saved game file (e.g. Yellow.sav) to a file that can be used by a Red or Blue game (e.g. Red.sav or Blue.sav). Open the corresponding Pokemon game. When you start playing the game, the screen will be distorted. However, you can still use the menu. Press Start, choose the Pokemon with FLY, and FLY to another city. When you arrive, the screen will return to normal and you can continue playing. Note: If you change games while you are in Pallet Town, you will not be able to get to the menu before Professor Oak calls you out to invite you to his lab (he walks aimlessly and the game crashes).

Farfetch'd is found on Routes 12 and 13.

Defeating Brock:
Catch a Caterpie in Viridian Forest. Advance it to level 7 and he will evolve into a Metapod. Advance it to level 11 and it will evolve into a Butterfree. Butterfree can beat JR. Trainer and Geodude. Butterfree will have to be at least level 13 before it can beat Brock. Note: Use your Pikachu's tail whip to lower their defense.
If you look in the tall grass west of Viridian CIty a lot, it is possible to find a Mankey. Since fighting types beat rock types, Mankey is the best Pokemon for the job. You need to raise it to a high level though, because it does not learn a fighting type attack for a while.
Catch a Pidgey and train it up to level 18. You should have an easier time defeating Brock.

Hidden Max Potion:
Go to Silph Co. and go to where the nurse is located. Go to where the bed (the nearest to the left) is found, and press A.

To get Mewtwo without a Master Ball, use a high level ice Pokemon (level 60s or 70s). Freeze Mewtwo with Ice Beam, then get it very low on HP. Throw a couple Ultra Balls to capture it.

Arcticuno, Zapdos, and Moltres:
When you have reached the mystical bird (Arcticuno, Zapdos, and Moltres), save the game before going into battle. This will allow you to restart if you knock them out or run away.

Look at Pikachu and press the A button for it to talk and do different things in various locations.
Go to any cliff and jump down but let Pikachu stay on the top layer. Wait about five seconds until he starts to bounce around and walk in place. Then, jump down and walk in a straight line. Pikachu will slide in place behind you. This does will not cause any problems with the game. The game will return to normal after you turn in another direction.
Use the following trick to put Pikachu to sleep, so it will no longer follow you. Go to the Pewter City Pokemon center with Pikjachu following you. Talk to Jigglypuff so Pikachu falls asleep. If you then try to deposit Pikachu, go into the Trade Center or Coliseum, or try to heal your Pokemon they will not work. If you save the game and turn it back on, it still will not follow you. The only way to wake it up it to go outside or to talk to it.
When you get enough badges, go to the P.L. H.Q. Go far enough until you reach an island that is in the middle of the lake you are surfing across. Use your rod and fish until getting into a battle. Talk to Pikachu afterwards and he will have a bucket on his head.
The Pikachu that you get from Professor Oak will not evolve. The message "Pikachu is refusing" will appear every time that you try to give it the Thunderstone.
To see Pikachu with a bucket on his head, encounter a water Pokemon with a rod. Afterwards, immediately speak to Pikachu. He should have a bucket on his head.
To see Pikachu with a confused look, go to Bill's house. Pikachu will look at the fake Pokemon and will be confused.
To see Pikachu do a peace sign, simply capture a Pokemon, then immediately speak to Pikachu.
To see Pikachu with a surprised face, go to the Pewter City Pokecenter. Talk to the Jigglypuff to make it sing. Then, use the "Poke Flute" to wake up Pikachu. After the snoring, Pikachu will awaken surprised.
To see Pikachu with a surprised look, go to Bill's house to change him back to human from his previous form.
To see Pikachu with a scared face, go to Lavender Town. go into Pokemon Tower, and talk to Pikachu.
To see Pikachu with a very scared face, Go to the Pokeclub in Vermilion City. To make him scared again, just stand in front of the door as possible, but do not enter. Then, go in and out of the door about thirty to forty times. Pikachu will soon have the face that it makes when he gets scared and runs. To see Pikachu dance, go to Fuchia City, hop over the fence and do not take one more step. Wait awhile and Pikachu will start to dance.
To see Pikachu with an angry face, get another Pikachu during game play (or through a GameShark or Game Genie code). Talk to Pikachu to see an angry face.
To see Pikachu with sparks around him, use the Thundershock attack many times.
To see Pikachu with hearts around it, win a lot of battles. Alternately, go to the Pokemon Club in Vermilion City. He will run up to Clefairy. Talk to him and he will have hearts around his face.
When you are in the Ghost Tower and your Pikachu, faints go to the purified protected zone (resembles a group of small squares on the floor). After your Pokemon gets healed, Pikachu will be a ghost and will walk on the tomb stones.
Go to the PokeClub in Vermilion City. Keep entering and exiting rapidly. Soon, Pikachu will look at Clefairy. Then, talk to the man and he will ask you if you want a picture of your Pokemon printed. When, the screen of your Pokemon appears, Pikachu's picture will not be there. When you select Pikachu's name, it will say that there is no response. Note: You must have already gotten the bike first.

Unknown Dungeon:
The Unknown Dungeon is completely different from the Red/Blue versions, however Mewtwo is still located there.

Graveler can be found at Victory Road

Surf in Route 6.

Keep old Pokemon or create duplicates:
Note: This code requires Pokemon Stadium and the Transfer Pak. Before you restart your game, put the Pokemon you want to keep into boxes on Bill's PC. Then, transfer your game onto the Nintendo 64 and go to Professor Oak's Lab. Once there, use the computer to transfer the boxes from your game onto the Nintendo 64 boxes. This will cause all the Pokemon you want to be saved to be placed on the Nintendo 64 instead of your Game Boy Color game. Then restart your game, and once you save, go back to Professor Oak's Lab in Pokemon Stadium. Transfer all the boxes from the Nintendo 64 to your Game Boy and save. This will add all those Pokemon into your Pokedex, and you will be able to use them in your game -- although they will most likely not listen to you until you get Misty's badge.

You may encounter Ponyta and may also get a Rare Candy with an Item Finder in the grassy area at the Bicycle Road.

Magnemite can be found in grass before the rock tunnel entrance.

Kingler can be found at the Sea Foam Islands.

Go to the top of Mt. Moon and use the Item Finder. The Moonstone can be found in a small slit.

Saving money:
Super potions cost 700 and revive by 50. However, in the Celedon City Department Store, lemonade costs 350 and revives by 80. Note: This is on the fifth floor, at the vending machines.
When you reach Celedon City, go to the rooftop of the Department Store and buy 20 Lemonades. Sell all your Super Potions. If desired, buy 20 Fresh Waters. This will save money, as Lemonade costs 350 (half the price of Super Potions) and restores 80 HP. Fresh Water costs 200 and restores 50 HP. Soda pop costs either 250 or 300 and restores 60 HP.

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